Hi, guys it’s me…

…Bettejo. I finally  did it!  Am I the oldest columnist/blogger on the block or what ?  I hope I can entice some of you to come and pay me a visit me. Some of you know me, or think you do. Some of you love me and what I write and dare to put in writing. Some of you don’t.

And that’s okay. Win a few, lose a few that’s what I always say.

What will I write here? Any damn thing I please.  i can write about my mornings and how my jungle house wakes up or goes to sleep. I can write about the animals who live here with me. Who wake up with me, sleep in their beds as I sleep in mine. Aristotle my beloved old red horse who dreams-horses do dream-in the  bedroom next to mine. Brooks, my big black beautiful canine friend. The three cats, Mama and her two daughters, who knock books off my library shelves and know this house is theirs which the rest of us are allowed to enter . Cats are some of my favorite people. My cats-don’t let them hear me say that-are independent souls who live like cats. Real cats. They climb trees, sleep on the roof when the weather is warm, cast shadows on the skylights, look down on the rest of us curious but interesting creatures, one of whom, me, who is honored to feed them, and curl up on the couches and in the chairs when the winds outside are wet and cold.

I can write about the ultimate joy of waking up  in my water bed theater on this precious  slice of paradise I call home. Kauai. The wonder of this gorgeous island is almost beyond description but I will do my best. I can also write how, often, I think insanity lies just outside my gates.

I can be controversial as all get out. I can and will, sometimes, use my poisoned pen and sharpen my tongue on these pages. That’s what one can do when one is pushing 81 years young. i can write about aging. About younging. I can take off on any subject that piques my interest. Tickles my fancy. I can pick up on news articles, letters to the Editor, Forum discussion buddies. Health, books, films, articles that catch my eye. I love all of you. Some of you better than others. I will sometimes mention names, if I chose to, but promise never to call you names; except dearly beloved or dearly beloved monsters and leave it up to you to pick and chose.  I’ll always give you warning. Sweet or sour. Beware ye then, all ye who enter, what i write is not for timid eyes or closed minds. Come back tomorrow.

But today it’s me and I’m off to the races.  Five hundred words or less.  A quick read. A fun read. A read that rankles. Be my guests and jot a comment.

Peace and love Bettejo


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