Actually I had another subject in mind to write about today, but for those of you anywhere in the world who read the Forum, up pops MARK BECKSMA and his letter Atheism in action. Please, everyone, be thankful we live in a blue state. Hawaii is the best state in the Union. We CAN become a beacon of reason and sanity in a great nation gone  terribly wrong on this issue of god, no god or many gods and goddesses. No believer in this great nation, or the world for that matter, holds sole rights to god if there is such an entity,  and, I will repeat: none of you KNOW. Believers believe.

What is so annoying is that almost all believers insist man is a rambling wreck, a sinner, a thief, a who-knows-whatever, without your own ‘personal’ god to guide us. Devotees to the three major religions are the worst. You assume all the great qualities of man really belong to  god and man is but an empty vessel. A sinner. Especially if he does not buy into your particular belief system. All believers will believe this about anyone who holds another belief and all of you hold to  this when it applies to those evolved humans who have no belief. Who need no belief.

Let me give you a very human clue about many of us who do not believe: we dwell in that wonderful realm of greatness in mankind- artists, composers, architects, dancer, writers, poets, statesmen, philosophers, scientists, astronomers, explorers, I could go on and on-and take great joy in identifying with these brilliant  men and women. For that, you  label us sinners. And-if we don’t quite fit that definition-we’ve committed no recognizable sin-you reach down into a very sick box of nonsense and claim we are born in sin.

You, not we, are a very sick lot.

Studies today  have shown that the brain of the believer has an enlarged amygdalas and smaller cingulates and these recognizable and  measurable defects are associated with anxiety and emotion. One could argue, today, and probably win the debate, that these minds are less highly evolved than those minds with a different construct.  Scientists have not yet decided whether believers were born with these defect or  they developed or, in this case, didn’t.

Another debate that one could pursue and probably win is that believer’s minds have been taught to believe lies. No reasoning mind in the world today could believe that every word of that book of myths and legends, the Bible, is true.

Believers cannot distinguish truth from falsity and what mankind needs today are minds that seek the truth, face the truth and move on. Grow up.

Faith versus reason? The entire notion of faith rests upon and presupposes the inadequacy of reason but those of us who do not believe prefer to reason our way out of a ‘jam’ than believe some fairy tale entity is going to solve the problem for us. A reasoning man will be without theistic belief, and therefore atheistic.


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