All of us, I’m sure, could wax poetic and forever on the natural beauty of  Kauai. The sound of it. In my neck of the woods, the song birds are so joyous, it’s a pleasure  to wake up to their voices, to take a moment off and listen to their chorus throughout the day.  The scent of it. So powerful. I have a night-blooming jasmine and a fragrant sanseveria that’ll knock your socks off  with their sensuous essence. One can almost touch the night air, it’s so soft and palpable. In my country, at night, with no street lights and the sound of silence humming, it could be Hawaii a hundred years ago. Anyone can walk down the  road, pluck a Turk’s Head hibiscus and suck the sweet nectar to his heart’s content.  You can pick a guava growing by the side of the road. Eat it. All of us can walk our golden beaches, dip our toes in the surf, ride it, splash in it, lay on our backs a few feet off shore and float with faces smiling at the sun. We can cherish the music of waves lapping or crashing. We can hike the hills, ride bikes and horses in the mountains. We live in beauty and I think all of us hope, somehow, we can preserve it. I think all of us know to do this will cost money, thought and time, but I think most of us are willing to spend both time and money in the effort.

But more than that, we are so special in our social structure. We have such a great diversity of races and religions and, for years, we’ve lived with each other in peace and tranquility. Let’s hope we stay that way.  Stroll in any mall, or down any street, or along any beach and take great pleasure in all the different skin colors. Every shade of black and white and brown and yellow. Hair? My goodness have you ever seen such a variety? Red, gold, white, gray, black, brown. There is no hair color or skin color existing in the world you can’t find around here somewhere. We are one wonderful place in the world where, for the most part, different skin coloring makes no difference. In so many ways, we are what we hope the rest of the world will become.

Sure, we have problems. Everybody does, but I think, especially here on Kauai. we’re facing them, focusing on creating a better and brighter future. Attempting to try new ways, to envision ideas to make it  work for all of us. We’re generating power with solar farms. W’re trying to understand over crowding, to avoid it, to limit and transfigure suburban sprawl. We’re creating gardens. Growing food. Hopefully we have leaders who will dare to look at other places in the world to see what they’ve done, listen to the voices that respect the land. We’re creating a habitat for all humanity. In so many ways we are are humanities finest. We’re the blue state, the best state in the Union and we can become a beacon of sanity and reason to the rest of the country. The world.


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