A very strange thing happened on the way to the discussion group this morning, I discovered that I am being censored. I mean cut off at the pant’s pocket. I can’t respond to any discussion group-which in many ways is the soul of The Garden island paper, it’s the people, the ideas, the thoughts of minds open-and shut- on Kauai and how we address our differences. My account has been closed. My voice has been silenced. And, know this, if they can silence mine, they can silence yours.  Interesting, what?

There is quite a noisy and very vocal Johnny One Note faction, some of whom do not even live on Kauai, who object to everything I write, including my name, which, by the way is Bettejo Dux. I am a writer, a former Editor and columnist, one who loves to rock the boat, stir the pot, and tweak tails.  I am far from being a submissive and humble old lady. To say I lean slightly to port is putting it mildly. I am one who thinks freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion are American rights to be defended-and I’m not being melodramatic-with one’s life if that’s what it takes.

What these abusers have done, and it is they who do the abusing, is something any of you could do to them- and I most sincerely do not suggest any of you try it, we are far above such tactics-whenever any of my posts appear they punch the abusive button. Now this certainly puts the Publisher and the Editors of The Garden island Newspaper on the spot, doesn’t it? it’s much easier to deal with one voice-mine in this case- than it is to deal with many. The abusers can, with the ‘power’ of their numbers and their narrow minds, censor anyone- not just me-with whom they disagree. With any thing-any subject- to which they disagree. They can peddle their wares-religious, political and economic -with no dissenting voice to question or disagree. They can talk themselves into believing there are no other voices out there. They could, if they had the  power, make that happen.

I ask you, is this what our country is to become?  Are those of us with other voices, other views, to roll over and play dead? To relinquish our right to speak our minds?  “Either we leave everything open to question and the skeptic wins, or we treat some beliefs as immune to question-and there become dogmatists…” Ths is a quote from Andy Norman in his wonderful article THE UNMAKING OF REASON.

Al Gore addressed it in his book ASSAULT ON REASON. Everyone reading this should take the time to peruse it.

We are a blue state. The best state in the Union. Be thankful. We can become a beacon of reason and truth and intelligence to the rest of our messed up country. Let’s don’t fail to do this.

May the voice of dissent, like clear blue water coursing down a river, overflow  its banks and nourish the land we love.


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