Bill Clinton left the office of President  with the highest end-of-office rating of any President  since World War II, three points ahead of Reagan. He also left a 350 billion federal deficit surplus and the longest span of relative peace and prosperity America has ever known.

Bush increased the national debt from 5.6 trillion to 10.4 trillion dollars which we inherited and two unpopular and unwinnable wars. George Bush was the least popular president in polling history.

At no time during the Bush administration did Republicans complain of this irresponsible spending. Deficits are good. Borrowing money is good. Buying wars are even better. Wars are good business, very profitable.

Creating jobs, educating kids, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless are bad. Taking care of  people is bad. Health care for those who can’t afford it, caring for the sick, the needy, the elderly are very bad. Repairing the roof when it leaks is a waste of money. Build bombs in the basement, sell them to your neighbors, rile them up so they’re an easy sell.

Fifty four percent of every  tax dollar you send the Fed goes to National defense. The numbers: 30% to human resources, 11% general government, 5% physical resources, 18% past military, 36% current military are there for all to see.  Endless wars. Endless profits. All paid for with your tax dollar.

One percent of the people control 90% of the wealth. Please read The Rich and the Super Rich by Ferdinand Lundberg. There is more truth in yesterday’s truth than in today’s fantastic fiction, but the veil of fantasy fiction is fast fading. We see it everyday with our own eyes.We have incredible resources of truth that cannot be denied.  Thank you Julian Assange and all of you who dare to speak and recognize the truth.

For so many of us who are honest witness to these sad events, the incredible relationship between the American Christian fundamentalists and the killing for profit machine is most disturbing.

We have Franklin Graham’s Rock the Fort event, sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Fort Brag preaching the Christian message to  young recruits. The creation of the army of God is partnering with local churches to come together for one purpose-and that is to glorify god and share the gospel of Jesus on the military bases. “The Rock the Fort outreach is designed to channel new believers into your church, so you can encourage them to further spiritual growth. The future of the church is reaching and discipling the next generation.”

“Rock the fort’ is not an event designed to minister to the needs of soldiers unable to otherwise access religious services: rather it is an event designed to proselytize soldiers and community members into the worship of Jesus Christ.”

The closeness between the Army and the Graham fundamentalist ministry sounds an alarm. How in the world did that penniless, barefoot, peace preaching Jewish rabbi get mixed up in the war for profit mess?

I suggest, the next time you want to discuss the tax dilemma you face, you consider and address some of these sad truths.


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