Woke up with the birds and an incredible love for the American people. We are a feisty lot. Sometimes apathetic, sometimes a bit dimwitted, often slow to respond but don’t get us riled. I think of a leprechaun’s pot of gold and the wonderful guys in yesterdays FORUM.

It all began at 4:27 AM Feb.17  when AiMoKea said, “Wow. just when I thought it couldn’t get any more lame…Rumor has that some here have been frequently hitting the abuse button on Bettejo and she has been 86’d!!!  ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME?Anybody got the huevos to fess up? Who is censoring around here? I want to know!!! Un-be-lieveable!!!! What a bunch of wusses!

AiMoKea, 4:29 PM  The above has been confirmed. Will the biggest wuss please stand up! Pathetic.

ITEREADER, 5:15 pm. I don’t always agree with BJO, but I would NEVER  hit the abuse button on her. Hope you don’t look in this direction AiMoKea. Is that for real?

AiMoKea, 5:26 PM, LTE, I believe you. It is unfortunately true. There have been time where I was totally and completely disgusted and offended by peoples comments, but have NEVER  hit that button either. This is just not right. I’m angry

ITEREADER, 5:33 PM And AimoKea I ‘think’ the block last 10 days, it’s not permanent. Like a suspension from school 😦

WHEEULZ, 5:39 PM…Don’t look in my direction either. Indeed here’s news I think you’ll be interested in. Bettejo and I just got off the phone. We talked for half an hour and spent much of that time laughing. ..and will Not, refer  TO or ABOUT each other in any and all future posts. I will keep the specific contents Confidential. As a result of this conversation and agreement, I invite each and every one of you to go go ye henceforth and visit Bettejo at http://bettejo wordpress.com/

He repeated this three times. Ending with, “Once again, operators are standing by. the address is https://bettejo.wordpress.com

At 5:46 KALAHEO wrote words to a song.

It was Feb. 17, just another Off Topic Day I was babbling while some others had some good things to say Then around sunset when the roosters finished their bug counting Some of us noticed the comment count didn’t seem to be mounting We immediately recognized this to be a bad sorry sign Sure enough one of us got axed off the LTE line.

When AiMoKea asked the question which wuss swung the axe Well, Bettejo never had this much time off ’cause she chats BJO’S  at BETTEJO.WORDPRESS.COM/ for certain And somehow it’s a shame that some wuss closed her curtain Seems like nothin’ ever come to no good with all the new rules Look for her Floppy Blue Hat to find our BJO always lookin’ cool.

p.s. it wasn’t me.

I was back on line at 5:46PM!

At 6:23 WHEELZ popped in again. Okay…LTE, AiMo…and let’s invite Kimo JamesSabe and DMorel to join in. WHAT, I said WHAT, is Bettejo’s blog (er, column, she said she hates the word “blog”) address. ALL-TOGETHER-NOW-ON THREE. One, two….http://bettejo wordpress.com If you don’t get your bu++ to that address right now, you will have to answer to me.

PAYBACK  said  at 8:03 PM Har! Har! You’ll not run the irish off this blog! (or from your neighborhood or country club, deal with it!)

Welcome back Bettejo!

DEBBIE  wrapped it up at 10:18 PM. with this closing statement, refering to the annoymous button pusher, which she wasn’t,  “Thanks to me, and some of the goon squad, the poor soul has been dinged…but please, please, everyone visit this elder on her column at :blah, glah, blah. BJ is not allowed to mention her column any longer on TGI, bu I can recognize her column, and you should, too.”

So what’s this got to do with leprechauns?

Well,  Leprechauns always have a pot of gold buried under a tree and if you catch one he must tell you where the pot is buried. A bully caught one. Got the little critter to show him the tree. The bully tied a yellow ribbon ’round the tree and, after making the leprechaun promise he wouldn’t remove it,  headed home to get a shovel. When he got back, guess what?  Every tree in the forest had a yellow ribbon tied arund it. Thank all my fellow Americans for the yellow ribbons.


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