Isn’t that an awful word?  Many like to ‘believe’…would certainly prefer to ‘believe’…the concept died at the end of the Second World War with Benito Mussolini. Did it? Call it something else and therefore the reality it exists isn’t. It’s so Orwellian it boggles.

I would like to begin by quoting Benito. He said, “We do not have to be the century of socialism, liberalism and democracy.”

Think about that. There is certainly a great frothing at the mouth about the very idea of socialism, although most  frothers don’t even know what it means. It’s an economic term. We KNOW that today-we can measure- the happiest people on earth live in secular, socialistic democracies. A socialistic economic structure is a middle way between communism and capitalism which are also economic terms. Factor in taxes, which exists which ever which way you wander and  about which our very own Benjamin Franklin said,”Our Constitution is in actual operation: everything appears to promise it will last: but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

When you look at the pie chart of Federal spending-taxes- you find these numbers: one says thirty cents out of every tax dollar the government spends goes to the military, the other says forty six cents goes to the military.  Either way we plunk an awful lot of  tax dollars into the killing machine.

If this were your household budget you’d be spending 30 or 46 cents out of every dollar you earn killing rats, and, unfortunately, the stuff you’re using to kill rats isn’t working, it seems to create more rats thereby making it necessary for you to buy more rat poison to kill more and more rats. As the rat population grows the expense to kill them goes up and the rent doesn’t get paid, the kids don’t get fed, old folks who need medical attention don’t, the roof leaks, and  you’re working your butt off buying rat poison. Eventually this economic truth does the domino theory shuffle and lots of other things-books, non-essentials, stuff- falls off the economic map and puts people out of work. People who write books, sell books, and other stuff lose their jobs because you can’t afford to buy these things. Eventually, you end up there, too. So, if communism doesn’t work and socialism is out of the question we’re stuck with an economic structure hitting the skids. Hear those dominos clicking?

…and we haven’t even got to democracy. There are many in this country who remind us, on every occasion, that we are a Republic not a democracy. But many of us find it strange that much of our military budget goes into pushing that which we don’t want or have into foreign countries who don’t have it. But we’re certainly on the Mussolini path. No democracy, no socialism here, by George.

Then there’s the word liberal. Another mouth frother. Liberal is all tied up with secular which is all tied up with religion which is all tied up with fascism, ask Benito. Isn’t  that where we came in?


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