…it’s the first thing to vanish off the screen of human understanding and endeavor, but, considering that for thousands of years we’ve been taught on many levels  to believe lies, it should come as no surprise. However, it seems to me, we can come up to speed by addressing the multitude of lies spoon fed to us every day.

Most of us, immediately and intuitively, recognize a liar if we listen with our brains in gear. Liars always band together-as if the more liars there are the more truthful their lies become. They threaten, censor, indulge in childish, silly and stupid bouts of name calling and character assassinations. They spout garbage, field distraction and are so pitifully visible, once you catch on to their game, it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. They will lie even when the lies they tell make them look like nitwits. They’ll lie about anything the leader of the pack tells them to lie about. I know we’ve been there, but I also know we’re still there and may be there until the end of time-I indulge in hyperbola-but it is strange how often it seems to happen that  the religious end of time right-wing loons are a part of this. A big part. It’s a dangerous combination.

I’ll go with the military first, a pet target. Please understand I support our troops-in so many ways I despair for them, they, of all of us, have been lied to most and in the worst way. Patriotism and god are partnered. Freedom is tossed in for good measure . Flags and bunting and songs are flown and sung to lure them in. I know we need a strong military, just as we need a police force, but we do not need big brass in the Pentagon running the show. I’m thinking of a military jingle,  “Civilians are mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and feed them shit…”

Civilians! That’s us.  The people. We pay their way. They pay their way when we’re at war. Someone  is trying to kill them…us… and they are trying to kill someone. An enemy must be created. Hungry power players in uniform get more power. Oil men, investors in killing machine industries, get rich and our troops get dead, as religious right-wing fundamentalist, top of the line liars, pray for Armageddon and build bunkers. Others make sure their bottoms are snowy white clean when Rapture is upon them and their underpants are left behind.  Stupid civilians, in the dark, buy duct tape. It’s a deep concern to minds that can think when second and third-rate minds  out number reasoning minds and sanity. These idiot have their fingers on the button.

We can’t let ourselves down. We can’t forget who we are and where we’re going. We must keep reminding ourselves over and over and over our job is to give the game away.


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