It’s always a good subject. Sex sells. It’s also a handy-dandy way to control people. If you can control someone’s sex life you’ve really got that someone by the short hairs. That’s one of those very obvious elephants in the parlor things that all the rank and file religious fundamentalist can’t see, won’t see, and scream bloody murder and froth at the mouth about when someone else dares see it for them.

“There it is,”  the someone else who sees the beast points it out.

“No. No. A thousand times no. It’s in the bible. Writ by god by god. Put it there to save our souls, get us safely off to heaven and out of hell, protect our children…” and who knows what all else.

However, if you looks the word ‘sex’ up in the Bible it doesn’t even appear. But Ravish does. Seven times (7x’s). And when perusing such sites one finds stuff like this, “Everyone that is found shall be thrust through and all and every one that is joined unto to them shall fall by the sword. Their children shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes, their houses shall be spoiled; and their wives ravished.” That’s an order. Neat, huh? You won’t find any of that in Corliss Lamont’s Philosophy of Humanism or Hugh Heffner’s Century of  Sex. In Heff’s book, though,  you’ll see a lot of  nude babes. Hunks, too.

Once when I asked a stern-eyed young evangelist to explain this horror to me he responded, “Well they were all bad and you certainly wouldn’t want them to breed. To continue living. And anyhow it’s in the book. God said.”

“But you don’t do that anymore?”

“Of course not.”

“Well that’s good ’cause it sounds like genocide to me,” I shook my head. “Then again Hitler was a Christian. Do you think maybe he was just following god’s orders?”

The stern-eyed evangelist eyes went blank, he swallowed, thumped his book  and said in deep evangelical tones, “God is love…”

But I digress. Sex. it’s sinful. Until you pay a priest, a rabbi, somebody or other, to pour water on your head or something then it’s sort of anything goes as long as the end result is babies. Nobody seems to know where that notion came from either and we can back track for a moment  to  the ‘ravish all the wives’ command.  Guess if they get pregnant from the ravishment their kids would only be half bad? Ah so! That explains it. No wonder gentlemen and lady Christians are so het up about nudity and sex, which is all over the Garden island Forum today. They’re scared to death that without word from god about sex being a sin and nudity with it that bad half of themselves might take over?

Remember  Helen my witness friend? She confided in me once as to how lucky she was to have a large walk in closet where she dressed and undressed without her husband seeing her. She then got that stern-eyed lady witness look and said,”But I used to catch him peeking.”

Oh, no god in heaven, thank you Corliss. Thank you Heff.


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