…let’s start with economics, often it’s the jargon, a foreign language to most of us. High falutin words.  Page after page of balderdash. Shelf after shelf of words in books on stacks in our brain washing institutes of higher learning. Find your favorite guy, memorize his words, helps if you’ve got total recall, quote them back at your professor and there you are an A+ student who’s going to go out and rule the world; but, in truth, you can’t think your way out of a wet paper sack. The dismal science?  You can say that again. The dismal science. Particularly in America.

So we have these guys-usually-with lots of letters in front of their names, in powerful positions, making things up as they go along. Making things as confusing as they can and-boy, oh boy-do  they know how to do that. Distraction. The card up the sleeve. Arbitrary. Remember Reagan: His decision ‘not to tax windfall profits’. What say you, Ronnie baby? Actually I think that came directly out of the mouth of Nancy’s astrologer.

Sorry but I’m that little old lady who stand in the crowd and says this is all a lot of ARI  do do.

We can quote Marx and we can quote Adams and we can quote Thatcher-wasn’t she a creep, she and Reagan, those were the days-when we could actually take some time off and find out what other successful nations are doing. They’re out there. They are not fiction. They’re making it work. We’ve still got square wheels on our economic truckster and its hip deep in perilously murky water. Now there’s a mixed metaphor if ever there was one and I like it. I’ll let it stand.

We’ve been conditioned by guys like the ‘slinger’-whose mind set is as primitive as a club to bash a head with, and the religious loons, who are just plain looney, and the flag wavers-into believing we are’da’best when, in truth, we are the worst. ‘Lumbering, bellicose, dim-witted giants,’ well, if you can quote at me, I can quote back. And if the brains of the slingers and the thumpers are the size of coconuts, their Amygdalus are the size of grapefruits. Neanderthals with nukes.

I once had the President of the Manila Stock Exchange, Santiago Picornel, say, “Always remember, Bettejo, you never go broke making a profit.” The guy just said it all- all the words in all the books on all the shelve in nine- skipping my name- words.

Drugs. The money the government-that’s us tee hee-would save buying drugs cheap and giving them away would be millions, billions, zillions- and solve the problem.Win the war. How much do you think it costs us, here on Kauai, to fly those noisy helicopters around? To pay those pilots? To buy the fuel and maintain the things? What do the crimes committed by poor sick addicts who don’t have the bucks to buy the stuff they’re hooked on cost us? The cops? The courts?The prisons? The misery? Oh, I forgot, we don’t put a price on that. Just as we don’t put a price on happiness.



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