You are one of my favorite actresses. Hawaii raised, just like Barrack Obama. I’ve collected every film you ever made. Bought it at Borders. My favorite is one you made with Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton, FIRST WIVES CLUB.

I just received a film, probably the last I will ever buy at Borders, IRON JAWED ANGELS and I’ll discuss this with you and anyone else reading my column, later. It’s a powerful film, just as you are a powerful woman who loves Kauai as much as I, and many others do. I simply cannot picture myself standing in a line to buy all the music, books and DVD’s Border’s will be selling in their death throes, their agonies their going out of business capitalistic collapse festivities.

What I suggest is: all of us who mourn these days- that day- picket this stupid economic event, and play with great joy the Alice Paul role and those of others who fought and suffered  on the home front  to keep and make this country great.  In protest of an economic collapse which we did not create and  from which we do not benefit,  we’ll stand together, books lovers all. Young, old, male, female, gay, straight, intellectual or religious bright.  Leave Borders with tons of books, music and  DVD’s to toss in the trash and burn, or ship at great expense  to other Borders in other towns to sell at discount prices.

No one should benefit from this.

A while ago the Editors of the Garden Island Newspaper chastised all of us for not buying more books, music, DVD’s at Borders; for using it as a public library. May I say to them: when one cannot pay the rent, put food on the table, care for the sick and elderly, see a way open for future promise, books, music and films are the first to go. Kids cannot eat books. Neither can grandma or grandpa. Books and music and culture-the strength of a great nation- do not offer shelter from the rain. They feed the mind., and, according to many in this messed up country, the mind is the last thing one would want to feed.  Keep them weak. Keep them stupid. Keep them hungry. We don’t burn books and culture in American, we just make them impossible for minds, young and old, to possess.

A promise, BETTE MIDLER: I, and many others -I’ll put my money on it – will be on the front lines, joined by the workers, to embarrass and harass they  who would take advantage of this awful situation; fill  book shelves with knowledge and culture for their kids, leaving the people hungry.

Help us pay the rent, hire those who know how to run a book store run a book store. We’ll do the heavy lifting. Clean up. Sell, for free, behind counters. Help to make enough money-give us a year- to put this great source of learning for ourselves and our kids back in business.

This is a people’s war and we’re all people; it’s a mixed economy, or should be. Let’s make it work on Kauai.


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  1. Thank you for another informative web site. Where else may I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect approach? I have a project that I’m just now running on, and I have been on the look out for such info.


    • Stay in touch. My book, The SCAM, should e on the market soon. Will aso have a web. Be sure you check out our local newspaper, the Garden island. Look for the opinion page and the discussion site. You’ll learn lots about Kauai. You can also find me on Facebook.

      You can also look for Bettejo Dux


    • Check out today’s column. If you’re a reader or a writer you might enjoy it. It’s about writing The SCAM. You’ll love the bok. Watch for my Website. Love’ya Bettejo


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