So what do they have to do with the responses in the Forum discussion groups to ROLF BEIBER’S letter about Kauai skies? First of all, they are all men responders and they all jump on the same bandwagon. They have, today- and always- the same sound bite approach to an answer. “Tin hats. Tin hats'” It’s so utterly stupid, old, boring and obvious anyone with half a brain in his or her head should pitch a full on Irish fit.

Today the slingers and the frothers and the tin haters-ala Lewis Carroll- are the most evident. I guess, because it’s Sunday, the thumpers are keeping their distance.  No doubt studying and, of course, interpreting their ridiculous book of myths and legends preparing their  sound bite response to anyone who dares to disagree with that herd mentality. They use the same words. You guys need a really good Roget’s.

So far, no one has come up with the whacko, witch, zombie, communist, socialist label to pin on ROLF BEIBER, or toss at him like beer bottles from your Hog. I mean is the tin hat thing the best you can do? As many of you know I have a sharp tongue and a poisoned pen, which I use on appropriate occasions. Ask me, I’ll see if I can’t dream up some newer slurs.

All of you use ridicule, character assassination and the power of your mindless numbers to put anyone down who disagree with you. Who asks another question. What dares to ask another question. Demand another answer.  Even suggest there is another answer.

But I intend to delve deeper into the frother, slinger, thumper, mad tin hater bucket of  you know what.  You are the ones-always the ones- who, together, sing the corpse vampiric-and insist that  this country is or should be a theocratic capitalistic republic. You all whistle your silly ditty to the same toneless tune without asking for a minute what it means.  I’ll tell you this: a theocratic, capitalistic republic is as different from a secular, socialistic democracy as day is from night. As up is from down. As right is from left….

Theocracy in America? Christian, of course. A Christian theocracy. What else? They have the true answers or at least their truthful interpretations. Gays must be exterminated. Wade vs Roe must go. No planned parenthood. No public schools. No sex education. Ideas only crazy whackoos, witch whatevers could dream up. And you snap and snarl and snip at each other like hungry vampires  on a blood rampage. Where do you come from? The fifteenth century?

You are the most contentious, mindless brown shirted, murderous fascists I’ve ever encountered.  You’d do well, all of you, in a skin-headed goose stepping parade.

When we get to the democracy thing- a social term-I want to scream. “We’re a Republic,” you say with forked tongue,  “we aren’t a democracy.” And then, frothing from the other side of your face, you scream, “But we’re…well not us…but our brave troops…are dying to spread democracy to the rest of the world.” That’s insanity, you know. You simply can’t have it both ways.  That’s by definition paranoid schizophrenia. You can’t know that black is white, that up is down and two plus two equals five and remain sane.  If your brain is the size of a coconut your amygdala is the size of a pineapple. Please note, that gland keeps enlarging every time we have a confrontation. You are Neanderthals. And, unfortunately, you do have Nukes; and whatever in the hell those crazy high flying toys are. You are proud citizens of a lumbering, bellicose, dim-witted giant of a failed fascist state.  Ruled by big brass killers in the Pentagon. Preached at by televangelist with big bucks. Run by  super rich oil men who profit and prosper from the capitalistic economic system of wars and misery….

…and who dare to call decent honest questing men like ROLF BEIBER  a tin hat wearer. I don’t think so. My money’s on it fitting your head.


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