We must not lose the child in us

We must not lose the magic

We must never lose the lover, that would be truly tragic.

We are funny loving creatures

All of us together

Skipping through the universe, holding hands forever

Laughing in the face of fate

Knowing that the game is

Always different always new

And always just the same.

We’ve worn a million costumes, we’ve played a million roles

But writing the script of the play we’re in

Is always in our control

So come my darling darlings and play the game with glee

So  the heading of this brave new act

Can be titled thee and me.


8 Responses

  1. Beautiful words … thanks for your thoughts

    Aloha hui hou!


    • Wait’ll you hear the second part. I’m so happy we found each other. Maybe i can lighten up now and have fun with this. I much prefer making people happy. Bettejo


    • SCOTT, the message I let you this morning, The post at 1:00AM just disappeared. This is absolutely amazing. Interesting. Peace and love Bettejo


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