If you are a religious type woman who is submissive to her husband and always most humble, this is not for you. It’s not a tea party. If you’re sassy and feisty come on in. Just lock the door behind you and watch your back.

I like men, right next to a long list of animals- horses, macaws, cats, dogs, roosters and other living stuff on this planet- I like them best of all. I think we are products of our past, don’t you? Guess I was fortunate.  I had a wonderful small loving family-I was an only child- adored my father and that’s where it all began…

I was fortunate in that I did not have a religious up bringing. None of the heaven and hell and damnation stuff, none of the sin stuff or god stuff got poured into my hungry little mind. I was taught to behave. Be polite. Not to lie. To respect my elders, my teachers. I loved school. My father told me I was as good as any boy and he put me on a flea-bitten grey horse, my first horse, Finlandia who stood sixty four inches at the withers; I stood about thirty six inches top to toe. That may be part of it  as well. Once you learn to deal with these big animals, bullies get a kind’a cutting down to size. “Bully me,” was my motto, “and maybe I’m a hundred pounds wringing wet but I know how to use a curb.” Later, as all who read me know, I learned to wield a poisoned pen. My daddy liked my sharp tongue. In fact, he kind’a fostered a ‘talk back attitude’. We loved to argue at my house, in my married house we did, too.

On a recent  infamous Kauai post I suggested that-hold your breath- “…maybe there are guys who identify with dumb as a rock, alcohalic, macho loons like George Bush,” and-holy moly- a macho loon pitched a fit. Of course, as it always turns out with the right wing propaganda machine, the lie was it was I who went berzerk. This would really be hilarious, if it weren’t so annoying. The next macho fit came about  when a fellow-a kind nice guy if a bit over the religious top -quoted Voltaire at me and I quoted back, ” “Ecrasez l’infame!” (crush the infamous thing-Christianity) and thus began another fight.

Now listen closely-sassy, fiesties- just a few hundred years ago I’d have been burned at the stake. In my grandmother’s day, I’d have been tossed in the loony and things haven’t changed that much. Any uppity, arrogant woman who dares talk back is a…I’ll let you insert assorted adjectives.

Still with me?  The male chorus  in the MEN’S ROOM, many self proclaimed Jesus jumpers who wear right wing Republican banners round their blubber, are still singing in the discordant choir.

Think: you seldom see this on the political left.  Women on the left are admired for their sharp tongues, their wit, their intelligence, their poisoned pens. Women on the left write their own books. They don’t need religious right wing money, ghost writers and editors to strut their stuff. The women right wing looners would never enter a men’s room. Exccpt to scrub the toilet.

Please young sassy and feisty, watch Iron Jawed Angels. Know we’re not yet out of the woods. Talk back. Join the party and it ain’t tea, baby.

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  1. Well it does get interesting. Sometimes I wake up with a column already written, I just take dictation. Sometimes i really have to dig for it. The ones i just have to take dictation to are always the best. Then I get to red pencil. Editors love red pencils. I love to edit. It’s like polishing the house rather than doing the dirty clean up work. I’ll be back. Thank you so much for the kinds replies. I’ll try not to let you down. If you read the Forum letters you can respond to them by e-mail. Tell them you read me and love me. tee hee Love’ya Bettejo


  2. Chuck, if you go to the Garden Island Forum today, read the letters, Tuesday, April 4, then go to discussion site-you can post comments there, too-scroll around. You’ll see me in a betwixt and between. Gorgeous day here. That poor little mule across the street is really blasting the silence of the day. Love’ya Bettejo


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