A major differences between a believer and a non believer is  we find joy in every moment. We do not find joy in a mythical being or after life  that may or may not happen.

What is difficult for minds like ours to understand is how ‘they’ can ‘believe’ something so strongly ‘they’ are willing to kill someone who dares not ‘believe’ as they believe. That, should it turn out what they ‘believe’ is not true, it would destroy them. That ‘they’ will, to protect their belief  -whatever that is-actually tell stories so incredible they look feeble-minded.

Rude? I think not.

I asked, politely, on another line, how can an intelligent person, in the 21st Century,  possibly believe Pandas sprang full-blown four thousand- six thousand whatever-years ago?  How can he/she make such a statement without feeling a fool?

Rude? I think not.

One way is to gather in bunches, believing the same absurdity, and, by some odd miracle, the numbers will make it true.

If everyone but thee and me believed the moon was made of green cheese, the moon would still not be made of green cheese.

There are so many variables attached to their stories that even those who profess to believe can have a vicious murderous go around with people of the same faith who worship next door. Thesesenseless murders have been going on for centuries. isn’t it time they stopped?

Would it not be best to put all the cards on the table? Not one of us cares if they believe in the Great God Gander. If they build sky scraping temples, with fleeced funds from the intellectually impaired, to whatever horror they dream up in nightmare corners of their minds.

The killing machine- christian, muslim, or jew-is riddled with them. The ancient murderous gods they worship are  pathological and they send countless innocents out to main  and murder in their name.

Rude? I think not.

As a devout non believer- atheist, agnostic, humanist-call me what you will, I love this planet. I love life. I love human kind.  At no time, ever, will I bow my head, submit, humble myself to these modern-day Neanderthals. I hope you won’t either.

I think the order of the day should be-with love and peace in our hearts-make them at least admit who and what they are. There are occasions when I wish they would all go out and kill each other.  Kill to their heart’s content.

I’m quite certain the reptilian mid brainers on the discussion line, will cut me off, but remember, when they do, they can do it to you, too. It’s the curse Ed Silvoso left behind.

If so I will plead my case, and when I’m back-the censorship only lasts ten days-any time I appear and answer a letter, a new column is up and ready.

I find great joy playing with my animals. Walking in the sun and under the trees. Smelling the flowers. Listening to the birds. Feeling the soft wind on my face. Sipping an iced Chardonnay. Wish you were here.


7 Responses

  1. Joy is the origin, the result and the essence of universal compassionate love and childlike embrace of the JOY of life.

    So glad to hear the kids — Bill and Kimmie — are off to a good start. Can’t see Emerald’s comment you are replying to (hasn’t been “moderated”), but “bad girl” (or boy) by the standards of Pauline Puritanism is to celebrate the wild, joyful abandon of Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tse, or the nature worshippers of the Wiccans, Leprechauns, Vikings and more.


    • i love joyful abandon. Those little kids are just too too adorable. When i walk around here I look like what’s his face who talks to the animals. It’s a parade. Everybody, even the chickens, cats and the macaw, are interested in these guys and they’re everywhere. They are house goats. Already broke my St. Francis. I’ll piece him back together. Discussion line back on track All messed up. Promise never to call them RMBs again. Until next time. Love you ME


      • My perception of The Garden Island discussion is that there are a few very vitriolic souls who get frustrated when they can’t respond to points (notably by yourself or Emerald, but I’ve had a few myself in the past, before they kind of gave up on trying to tangle with me), and then lash out with the most vicious name calling I have ever seen in public message boards (surprised it is allowed).

        Then, if one of you has the nerve to barely (even humorously) respond in some manner of defense, they try to turn their accusations back on you. Amazing!

        I am assuming the book has not arrived yet, or you might have mentioned receiving it. I put it in the mail (first class) Tuesday afternoon (not sure I made it in time for the last pickup) but at the latest it went out in the first pickup Wednesday. Not sure the travel time on a small book-sized package from California to Kauai.



      • Dave, I haven’t been to the post office. Too busy picking up kids. tee hee What the RBM’s-that’s reptilian mid brainers-do to me is all get to together and punch the abuse button. Then I get censored. They say I’m SPAM.

        If you could see the scene here: I have two kids sleeping at my feet, a cat perched on a stack of books, the big black dog asleep on the floor and a thrush just flew down and started singing. This place is just too much.

        had a beautiful day. Wish you were here. Love you both ME


      • Having an absolute ball today. Finally got allah the creep in the act. I think I tossed him a hot potato. Love you ME


      • At the moment I’m thinking of Luther and Gutenberg. Without this ‘new’ technology he could not have posted his Protestant Reformation concept on the court house doors. A terrible man, I think. Part of the story. Recent (?) history.

        Still trying to chase down the heretics.

        Peace and love Bettejo


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