Ann Druyan and Me

In November, 2003, Ann Druyan, Carl Sagan’s widow, wrote a brilliant piece in the Skeptical Inquirer in which she talked about Science, religion, wonder, awe…and Carl Sagan. This incredible woman with her incredible mind has always been a favorite of mine.

You can still find this wonderful piece in your search engine. On the Ann Druyan page, it’s at the top of the list. I promise you it’s well worth the read. it was written after the death of her beloved husband and so touched my heart I wrote a letter to the magazine dedicated to science and reason.

In the next edition of the magazine Volume 28, No.2. March April/2004, I was astounded to find my letter published in their letters to the Editor  section. Last year, about this time, I sent a copy to The Garden island and it was published there and that’s when I discovered the discussion line.  I would like, as a celebration of my first year on this line, to publish it again. It begins…

After reading Ann Druyan’s article (some thoughts):

At a time of terror, turmoil and terminal greed, the thought of a better tomorrow, for most of us, is as fragile as a reed. But man cannot live without hope and therein, perhaps, lies the key to a brighter future. Not hope in the sense that we need it, ut hope in the sense that we have it. It is that which all of us have in common that will, I believe, see us through. It matters not what race we are, what gender, what nationality, what social or economic status, what faith we have or haven’t, but our common sense of humanity that will prevail. Like the reed of hope, we are, on this planet, fragile flowers battered and bruised and tossed about by the wayward wins of fate. None of us know-neither the prince nor pauper, saint or sinner-what the future holds. Illness, accidents, ill-begotten whims of nature or man, beset us all. Our very next breath may be our last and no one knows.

We live with fear. We live with courage. We live with happiness and sorrow, expectation and failure, flaming success and brilliant anonymity. It is the game of life we play, some of us better than others. An infant in a back alley and a prince in a palace have one thing in common, they both took their first breath, and, in the end, it is the same for them, they breathe their last.

I think, from the depths of my human condition, we need love and peace and truth and justice. The winds of war and madness may blow us off course, set us apart and at each other’s throats, but, in the end, the very essence of what we are-goodness and right, decent and caring-will bring us back together. We will be brothers and sisters on this small planet, ready to move on to a better tomorrow.

Humbly, I submit this, once again,  to all the minds I’ve touched this year. I renew my trust and hope the words of my letter come true.


4 Responses

  1. I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!? kimo


  2. Always pleased to see new material at your “house” and always appreciate your generous bounty of hospitality, always enriched by a cornucopia of treats for thoughtful minds.

    Yes, Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan are two of my favorites. Have quite a few of Sagan’s books, some of which he wrote with Druyan. Also have several video clips from Cosmos that I keep on my iPhone.

    You are correct in anticipating my favorable response.



    • Well, I’m being nasty. but I’m really fed up with the name calling. It’s dumb of me, I know. I can just swallow it and maybe it’ll go away but that just doesn’t seem to be my style. I talk back. My Daddy taught me. Hope you checked out Ann’s article, she really takes a swing at Genesis. Carl was never shy, either. I love CONTACT. Practically know it by heart. Word for word. I also have Cosmos. Love you ME


  3. Hey Bettejo –

    I join you in your admiration for Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan!
    They are the brilliant superstars of rational thought and science vs superstitition!


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