I’m exhausted. it’s been a long day.

The house looked beautiful. So many of you sent stuff. Flowers, vans full. Crackers and cheese. So much Mozzarella I’m feeding it to the kids.  Wine glasses sparkled, called in a caterer. The bar was set up serve it yourself style but Bacchus offered to bartend.

Hestia and I are sitting here by the fire,  she just loves the Tuscan Firepit I bought for the occasion. She arrived early to help  and has asked if she could stay awhile.

All my guests showed up in modern-day attire. Some casual. Some quite formal. The women look simply gorgeous in French and Italian designer gowns but when Pele and the Hawaiian entourage showed up in the skinny you can believe the gowns got pitched.  Venus was absolutely stunning and when she loaned her magic girdle to my beautiful cousin, Bobby, Zeus did his swan trick and made a pass. They looked really cute together and we waved goodbye as they wandered off.

Pan was rather shy but we could hear him piping.

“You’re all so human…,” I sighed and took another sip of wine.

“…and you’re all so god like,” Hestia giggled. “Just took you awhile to catch on.”

The religious contingencies tended to arrive in bunches but once settled in-munching, drinking, introducing themselves and mingling-the party took off. Fifteen minutes before  count down a neighbor showed up with a large flat-bed truck and those of us who choose to take the trumpet ride clambered aboard. She had a boom box, I had the stop watch. I sat in the back with the trumpeters and voyeurs. Wasn’t surprised to see Hermes and Loki and Eros there. When the  stop watch went off and the trumpets blared, an ear blistering crescendo, the asses started flapping and the three mischief makers got busy with their bows.

“Got one ,” Eros giggled.

“Hope it doesn’t  fall out of the sky,” Loki said.

“it’d take a Roman catapult to knock that thing down.” Hermes answered.

“Should’ve happened  years ago,” I sniffed.

“Wouldn’t matter,” my male companion commented. “These guys didn’t breed for beauty. They just breed. Like rabbits.”

“You’re insulting rabbits. Rabbits have darling bottoms.”

“Well there’s sure a flock of’em,” I said, taking another swig of irish. “Hope we got’em all.”

“Make another pass. Just in case.”

On the way home we played some different tunes and when we got back the guest of honor had already arrived. He looked really dapper. Good looking guy. He smiled his way through the crowd and made for the bar. “They called me a wineo. Might’s well be hanged for a wolf as a sheep.”

When he met up with Caesar Augustus a lively conversation followed. “They made me a god, too. Hated to think of some guy praying that I  heal his gout,” Augustus said.

By the fire, I sighed. “We’re gonna find a lot of bodies under the tables tomorrow.”

“Great party. We’ll make coffee, good stuff, and send’em home…”

“…then the real clean up begins…”

She slept in the water-bed. I slept in the loft.

Jesus and Augustus were still deep in mutual commiseration.


20 Responses

  1. Wonderful party. Nice Merlot. Good boquet.

    What a piece of work, these humans. … In apprehension, how like gods. Watch out for the shy ones. Sometimes they surprise you.



    • I’ve left a bottle of Merlot under a tree for Pan. Still haven’t heard from Zeus and my cousin Roberta Burbank. Still pretty much out in the cold in Facebook. Will have my ‘teacher’ come in once a week. If I can afford it.. Was so flattered to be told KAUAIPHIL and I thjink alike. Am checking out the christian Fellow ship guys down the road a piece. Terrible people. Tangled up with Ugandan David Bahati wo has mandated the death penalty and other draconian punishments for gays. I think I was very close on the money when I said these guys are related to ed silvoso. Love’ya ME


      • Actually, Zeus and Roberta met on the way in, were rather taken with each other, and they were last seen scampering off the trail up Mt. Olympus. Don’t worry, though, I think they’re going to enjoy your party plenty in their own way.

        Jesus was a cool dude. Lots of fun at the party. Don’t let the commiseration act fool you. The guy loves a good wine, and has even been known to whip out his own stash for weddings, seders and other social events.

        I think he has his eye on that Magdalene lady and some of the anti feminists are out to try to give her a bad name.

        Sure, he has his thoughtful side, but when it counts, he can really let loose. Like I said, watch out for the shy ones.



      • I agree. But Venus did give her the girdle when she went buff. i still like the idea he-our hero, Jesus-ran off with mary Magdelane. I like to think of him as the Jesuit guy, the guy of the cloth without the cloth as Carl Sagan put it-in Contact. It makes him more human. Oh, hey, bra, the feminists would love Mary Magdelaine. We don’t do the ‘she was a bad girl’ trip. It would be the vacant minded chattels who would do that. I’m running down these horrid Christian Fellowship guys- ‘The Family’. Am up early, it’s raining, and have a lot of chores to do before I go out to breakfast. Wish you were here.

        If you go to Facebook, check out my son’s site-Bill Dux. You can pick up the picture of Kim that went with my column Kimmie the cork. Wish I’d hurry up and learn how to transfer pictures and my column to that page. Love’ya ME.


    • Dave. can you please send this to the discussion group? Check it out. I’ll explain later. Fellowship Foundation connection on Kauai phone 742-9396 Address 2731 Ala Kinoki, Koloa. ‘they’ can’t deny this. Love ya ME


      • Dear Bettejo —

        I am puzzled. I entered the search terms “Fellowship Foundation” and “Ala Kinoki” in Google and got no results.

        Love ya to pieces, and definitely give you more credit for both integrity and competence that some of the really ugly attackers in the forum, but I am not sure what I am supposed to find, and I do not have sufficient personal experience with this particular sect or cult to comment knowledgeably about it. I certainly have never hesitated to be very direct in offer my critiques of cults and sects, but first I have to get a sense of confidence that I know what I am talking about. At this point, in this instance, I am at the earliest stages of gathering information.

        If you can guide me to specific information or sites that I can examine from long distance, I will be glad to look into it further.



      • No. Enter Fellowship Foundation connection on Kauai. You must find out about these people. I’m handling it. I will be called many names. I’m okay with it. My fingers are shaky. Read “he Family” by Jeff Sharlet. Or just go to “the Family” Six questions by Jeff Sharlot in Harper’s. This is a horror show that no one wants to believe. You can find a review of “the Family” by jeff Sharlet in search. I hate to be defensive, but I am not making this up. This is not gossip. These are dreadful people. The Fellowship Foundation’s connection to Kauai is there for all to see. What it is, will scare the pants off anyone with good sense.

        As soon as I can find a way to get these pages on Facebook, I will. The voices on the forum have branded me a liar, a gossip, a whacko, should I go on? This is how it’s done. This is how it’s been done for ages. I put myself here and I stand on my own. The truth will out, with or without me, but I like to think I had the courage to take them on, single handed, to be the first to expose them on Kauai. Sorry to be a bother, i understand your position.

        Peace and love Bettejo


      • I just don’t give up. One last try. Check out the Fellowship Foundation. It exists. It is the most powerful christian fundamentalist organization in America. It’s connection to Kauai is obvious when you search Fellowship Foundation connection to Kauai It’s there for all to see. They deny the connection. i would, too, if were they. Peace and love Bettejo


      • …that’s: i would, too, if I were they. This is extraordinarily disturbing. I left a message on line stating “I’ve done everything I can. Now it’s up to you.” Love’ya ME


  2. Hi Bettejo –

    Gods and goddesses are wonderful, and so is the wine (prefer reds, myself), and the occasion Daquiri or Margarita can be “nectar of the gods” – but don’t forget us lesser demigodlets, the pixies!

    Wonderful party and many mahalos for gracious hospitality and good times!


    • I’ve been censored. Was expecting it. You can comment that I’ve gone missing. One is often judged by the enemies they make. I’m pushing some powerful buttons. i post everyday, if I’m not there, you’ll know why. Love’ya.


    • Definitely include the Pixies in the pantheon of the demi-divine.

      And wizards too?

      I agree with my friend 3D (Dave) on the Merlot. I can always find it, searching alphabetically, right between my brother wizard Merlin and the Mermaids.




      • Absolutely too perfect. Love you ME


      • I think I’ve been censored. This has taking a very interesting twist. I can’t talk about it. I’ll talk with you here.

        Love Bettejo


    • I’m sorry I involved you in this. Am fascinated by the going’s on. if you could not reach Fellowship Foundation connection on Kauai please believe me it was there. it disappeared fast. Poof. Vanished. I know you are really interested in economics, you might like to tune into youtube the Family Theocracy in America Exposed. The Fellowship Foundation-the Family, I’m ordering Jeff’s book- is the most powerful fundamentalist evangelical Croup in America. Really worth looking into. I’ve got my neck out, DO NOT defend me on line. Have a new column out. . Love’ya ME


  3. I enjoyed meeting all the gods, goddesses, forest creatures, færies, pixies, wizards and all the rest. Enjoyed the bacchanal. But in the pantheon of the divine, I missed my favorite — Apollo, the sun god, who brings light and life and is the power behind my solar panels! And of course, the almighty who drives the process of photosynthesis from which all life-based energy originates!

    The so-called “primitives” who worship sun gods are, perhaps, far more close to the mark than those who profess allegiance to an invisible old curmudgeon on some invisible throne in the sky yelling at the forest nymphs to get off his celestial lawn. At least Apollo does wield tremendous life-giving and energy-giving power over our lives and planet! And the gentle sunbeams of Apollo are ever so much more pleasant!

    I know he is a busy guy, but he really does make the world go ’round!

    I hope he was not omitted from the guest list; perhaps he was busy chasing the moon goddess into one of their storied eclipse hideaways.



    • Can you check this out and send it to the discussion group? Fellowship Foundation connection on Kauai Phone 742-9396
      Address 2731 Ala Kinoki, Koloa. I must get this message out. will explain later. Love you Bettejo


    • i simply adore you guys. have a great idea, I think.
      Talkede to EMERALD. Must go to town. I’m late already. Love you guys so much. ME


  4. Hi Bettejo –

    I have copied your exampe (and Dave’s) and set up a site!

    Feel free to come and visit my site as well!

    Hugs! ❤ 🙂


    • Please check out the sites I recommended. Read the note I wrote to Chuck. Fun but kind’a scary. I’m so proud to have found such an incredible friend as you and Dave. Love you. ME


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