This can be filed in the ‘how in the hell did I get here’ folder, but interesting, I think, because, surely, we are the living product of our past.

I graduated from Tamalpais Union High School in June 1947, at sixteen, and started to college in the fall as a pre med major. Hated it. I wanted to act,  I wanted to write, but my father wanted me to be a doctor and those were the days when father knew best. The first time someone handed me a frog to chop  there was  mayhem in the class.

But I did love Math, so I took a Freshman class in accelerated Math, four years of High School Math rolled up in one. Don’t think I missed a problem all year and was Dr. Llewellyn’s pet.  I could do no wrong, I was the littlest, the youngest, the only girl, all the rest of the class were young men returning to school on the GI.

Whenever one of those guys would go to the board to solve a problem and couldn’t, Dr. Llewellyn would say, “Well let’s see if little Bettejo can solve it,” and ‘little Bettejo’ would. By the end of the year all those darling young guys hated me. So, in my sophomore year I said, “This is stupid, ” and changed my major. Drinkin’, smokin’ and boys became the order of the day.

At the same time I took Psych 101. Dr. Pencharz. She had the most terrible voice, wore a red wig and  didn’t like me any better than I liked her. The kids in this class were serious students. Big guys, girls and boys, and for some reason or other Pencharz decided to make me the goat. The class, at her direction, would play tricks on me. The entire class would agree on something obviously stupid, and noisily, jointly, nastily attempt  to prove me wrong in my correct observation. I never caved. I stood my ground and faced that bunch.

I did not get good grades in this class – I’d almost always been an A student- so at the end of the year when Pencharz assigned  a term paper that would be valued at a third of our grade average, I reveled.  Pencharz knew herself well enough to know that if she didn’t like you she couldn’t grade you fairly so we numbered, instead of signed, our papers.

When the papers were returned, mine didn’t. I went to the desk and said, “Dr. Pencharz, I didn’t get my paper back.” “Did you do one?” she croaked.  I nodded.  “What was your number?” I told her.

With that she reached into a lower drawer and pulled from a crisp manila folder what was probably the only A+ paper she’d ever given anyone in her entire life. “Who did it for you?” She said and snatched the paper from the folder and handed me a crumpled mess.

Do you think this might explain my actions on-line?

All Americans, not just women, are facing a force they had better learn is real and fierce and dedicated. Powerful and rich. They’ll stop at nothing. They’ll stoop lower than a sunken hulk in the deepest sea; but, trust me, we’ll defeat them. The truth will out, it always does. Stand your ground and face the bullies.


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  1. Very nice, Bettejo. This is a fine piece of writing and it does say much about how some of the attackers who cannot discuss serious issues engage in abuse and harrassment.

    As you have noted in the past, compare the quality of those who appreciate your talents and those who are made to feel inadequate by them.



    • Thank you so much for being there, Dave. that dreadful Fellowship batch on line are beyond beyond. Check them out in wikipedia. you could write a beautiful book about these guys. Modern day nuts. What’s interesting, when you look back on history is , how often religious nuts get in the way. think of Rasputin.

      I’m thinking of doing a really funny sequel to School days. Another adventure. The Sophomore year. You know, though, when I think of Pencharz and those awful days when an entire class in college, with the professor’s support , ragged, ridiculed and made miserable the smartest girl in the roomI and wonder how I survived that class. Guess it was balanced with Dr. Llewelyn’s math class. That A+ paper made it all worth while. EMERALD’S in today at her finest. the things they are saying about her posts are absurd. I’m stuck with the fact ‘they’ are literally insane. Lobe’ya ME


  2. Bettejo –

    Another fun romp that is also filled with warmth and soul.
    Love your stuff!

    Humor, warmth, irony, insight, thought-provoking … you always come thru with a home run!


    • Did you read what PETE wrote? “I blogged Bettejo stinks up our blog….” Checked it out and I did pop up on the first page, third and sixth place. then it disappeared. This guy really hates me. I think he may very well be a Fellowship Foundation geek. I have never posted to any other ‘blog’. I post at the discussion site, facebook and write my column . Often one liners. Speak to those I wish to speak to. Often they speak back.

      And this guy calls me a liar. Well, I said it, the lies they tell about me are what they are. Someone came in and left a very nasty ‘search’ . something about ‘cousin pussy’. Sick.

      Just love to hear from you. I can’t even begin to express what a wonderful thing it was that you guys showed up in my life.


      • Bettejo –

        Looks like we were both posting TGI responses at approx the same time.

        These stalkers are pathological.

        If that is what their magic sky god turns them into, I’m much happier with Pan, Thor, Zeus and, hey, of course we can keep Bacchus around here, though I like the vintage Merlot from Jeez-us myself…


      • An absolutely amazing world. At 1:00AM yesterday, RGGR, left a post in which he said I should be shot. I reported it to the Editors and monitors and it disappeared. In an instant. What to make of this? I will refer to this in my column.


      • Am absolutely having a ball. Come on in, the water’s fine. if you drive by my gates you’ll see the blue bundle. My guess is, there ae a lot of folks on that line running for cover. Love you ME


      • You know, if they actually read my columns, and once on the home page, yesterday’s was School Days, hey can scross down and read several ohers. Only once did I use the word ‘hate’. and that was when i said I ‘hated’ pre med. My columns are light and frothy. funny. sometimes serious. to all of you herre, peace and love, and welcome to the good ride. Peace and love Bettejo


    • There are times, this is one, when I don’t think I could make it without you. Thank you so much for appearing in my life. I hope there are a lot of others who see what you see. Love you. Love you. Love you. ME


    • Oh, my goodness, the end of yesterday’s discussion would keep a shrinks couch filled for the rest of his life. Keep a loony bin full to the brim and flowing over. I am fascinated by the outright hate focused at me. It’s unbelivable, but the number of readers who poured into my column yesterday went off the chart. They accuse me of doing everything they do. That’s typical of the psychotic mind is it not. Thank goodness for our and Dave. ignore their psychotic invective and always consider the source. Who was it said, you get ack at times 3 that which you send? I send thee peace and love peace and love peace and love. Love you so much Bettejo


    • EMERALD, you’re just going to have to come down and help me with my party!!!!. they’re coming in in droves and bunches. this is just too funny. Would you like to be a guest speaker. Maybe I could write about a delightful conversation you and DAVE had at the bar? Five hundred words. We’d just have to figure a way for you to get it to me and for me to transfer. it I’m such a klutz at this. Love you guys, dearly. Peace and love Bettejo


    • EMERALD I know how to do this. I have a conversation between the three of you that I can quote at the bar. No real names, of course.. When I finish it, I’m up to my ears today, I’ll let the three of you read it first. I think you’ like it. Can’t wait to get started. Dialogue is one of my best literate devices. Love you all dearly.

      isn’t that lunatic ‘the gun slinger’ a horror? In the ‘shoot’ her thing he used the argument all rapists use, “She asked for it. She liked it.” This person (?) is very bad news. Very sick. He sure hates us. Well, one is often judged by the enemy one makes. We certainly make the right ones. Hey, didn’t you love my response to PETE about what he put under the tree? He leaves himself wide open. He does have a very black sick heart. He’s the most deadly bore. So predictable he stinks, like the stuff he left under the tree.jLove’ya ME


      • Bettejo –

        Looking forward to the next party!

        Interesting on the TGI blog today.

        I made several posts early in the day, 100% on ISSUES.

        No one ever responded, so I guess, on ISSUES I chose to express, I got the last word!

        What was hilarious was to see blog after blog whining about “drama” by those perpetuating what they whine about, and complaining about a lack of civility in some of the most uncivil terms I have ever seen.

        Really amazig to see their level of double-standard hypocrisy.
        Amazing, but not surprising.


  3. Bettejo I love the way you showed up that professor in your article. It just goes to show that there is always hope that the the downtrodden will succeed. You are a strong lady to take them head on.

    I have been reading the local paper you post in as you suggested. Unique batch of characters in there. Some deranged individuals in there have it out for you but if you handle them just like your old professor you will do just fine.


    • Chuck, than you so much for the note. I really do love to hear from you. So many fascinating things are happening behind scene. i will try, tomorrow, to sort it out. IINTRIGUE. Fun but also very spooky. I don’t play fear, too dumb, I guess, but I do wonder- and so do many others,-if they are really dangerous. They sure hate me, don’t they? Believe me I’m gettIng help from the proper authorities. If I do get ‘shot’ -tee hee-everybody’ll know who did it. At the moment, ‘they’ are in a position where they better hope I don’t. Stay in touch. Bottom line, CHUCK, I sort’a have a sense of ‘reverse paranoia’. I think good things are happening behind my back.Peace and love Bettejo


    • Chuck —

      You don’t know me and I don’t know you.

      But thank you for your support of Bettejo and Emerald, some really special friends on my adopted island “home” (my soul resides on Kalalau; my body lives in California most of the time).

      I also read the local paper of my spiritual home.
      Like you, I am appalled at how some of the brightest, most gentle people are ridiculed and reviled.

      And today (5/28) in particular, no neutral, objective observer would be able to read through the comments of Emerald and Bettejo, and then their detractors, and make any sense out of those who accuse these brilliant ladies of the worst that they project from themselves.

      Look at who Bettejo has for her friends — writers, artists and persons of noteworthy achievements. In contrast, the self conscious detractors wallow in negativity and hypocrisy.


      • Thank you so much, Dave. I don’t really know how I got here and stayed here without you. I hope I can pull my new column together. I’s not easy. My readership has gone over he top, tho. That’s interesting.

        I am up ’cause the ‘kids’ are grumbling and I have to comfort them. My macaw, Duke, is learning to bleat. Holy moly what a racket. He also mews like a cat. My father always told me the only parrot that could mimic another animal was the African Grey. i wish he were alive to listen to Duke. he also sounds exactly like me. Really confuses visitors and the other animals.

        I’m trying to change their diet, slowly, and i takes a bit of doing. They are so adorable and the baddest. I think this is their ‘spiritual’ home. I always kind of feel sorry for animals that don’t find there way here. I think every song bird in existence ives hee. One actually wolf whistles at me.
        well, I love that. the thrush and the cardinals fly around when at the computer . I think they like the sound it makes.

        Don’t you just love Chuck? i can’t let him down.

        Love you, ME


      • Bettejo, as a long-time birdbrain myself, I really enjoyed your comments about the birds (Macaw, African Grey, Cardinals, Thrushes).

        In addition to my web pages for my business, political involvement, and various other subjects, I also have a page just “for the birds.”

        Thank you for sharing your delightful columns with us!


      • Too perfect. I am a birdbrain. Birds seem to like me. You’ll like this story: my parents had a Grey named Bejo, which was a nick name for me. They called her that because she was great talker. My mother said, of me, I was born with my tongue tied in the middle and wagging at both ends. It’s the Mick in me.

        I’m working so hard on my new column and it’s really hard to write. I’m so lucky to have found the three of you. Love you. ME


    • Chuck, looks like the discussion site has been shut down. If so you can post an answer to letters here if you’d like. I’ll get the ball rolling every morning. I think this was the idea all along. Too much good information was being passed on here. Tell everyone. See you tomorrow. Peace and love


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