I have a  gift. In the beginning it seems like anything but, but in the end it always turns out to be.

It’s  a fun confession, I think. Please take a moment to scan my columns.

I assume most of you live on Kauai and hope you are avid Garden Island newspaper readers, who,  like me, fell into the discussion group. I’ve been a contributor for just about a year. It was an interesting event in my life, which is- to say the least- lengthy. Eighty years makes me a spry old cookie.

So what has this to do with the gift?  I’ll use an old cliché and then elaborate: when I fall in a bucket of shit, which is often, I always come out smelling like a rose.

In this instance, I fell in a cesspool and had to hold my nose and fight and swim and struggle to survive.

As you might guess, knowing me, it had something to do with religion; which, as a devout non-believer, is a subject that fascinates me but one which I would eat dirt before I’d have anything to do with on a reality level. Coming in with Ed Silvoso was the first bucket. I sailed through that with colors flying making a lot of enemies on the way. That’s the rose part.

One is often judged by the enemies one makes and, the enemies I made on this line show up as  blue ribbons in my tack room,  A’s on  term papers and a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses so large it’d choke my beloved horse, Aristotle.

A few days ago I fell into a cesspool  called the Fellowship Foundation. it happened when I found and read an article called ‘Imperial Jesus: ‘Family’  author  Jeff Sharlet on the secret history of the other Christian right’ by Steve Perry. It was an interview with  journalist and Harper’s editor Jeff Sharlet  who wrote, “The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the heart of  American Power.”

What I learned about this powerful christian cult- what it teaches, preaches and peddles-was like watching a cancerous growth devour the face of a beloved child. Horrified, but daring to learn more, I googled Fellowship Foundation and was led to the den of these religious vampires.

Their blog is amazing. Obviously expensive, professionally done, and  cutely benevolent. Sermons with elephants and clips of Young Frankenstein,  they are an insult to human intelligence. Worse, what I’d stumbled upon was a  secretive and  clandestine christian cult  here on Kauai. They make Ed Silvoso look like the Easter Bunny. I shared my knowledge with the discussion group and, although I expected to stir up a storm, found myself at the center of a solar flare of such immense malignancy, cupidity, dishonesty, intolerance and hate I almost went into a tail spin. All of it culminating in a post, by a  poster, threatening to ‘shoot me’ and the ‘exposure’ of a member of this awfulness,  who often sends long and lengthy letter to the Forum.

The Second Part will relate what I’ve learned about the foundation and how you can follow in my foot steps.


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  1. You can find for yourself Imperial Jesus: ‘Family author Jeff Sharlet on he secret history of the other Christian right by Steve Perry by looking for it in google.

    You can read reviews of “The Family” by jeff Sharlet also in search. he has no been sued for libel so you may assume he’s on the money.

    You can also find The C Street House by Emily Belz and Edward Pitts.

    At the end of my next column i will tell you how i accidently found the connection and help you find your own. Have a lot of work to do. If you have any questions please leave a note here. Love Bettejo


  2. Hi Bettejo –

    I am very familiar with “The Family” and “C Street” and much of the scandal involving right-wing religious hypocrites who wield unprecedented power at the highest levels of our national government, preaching “morality” and “family values” while living secret lifestyles of debauchery with multiple mistresses and affairs with staffers and making a mockery of marriage vows they would deny to others who wish to make them with far greater sincerity.

    While I don’t doubt that these would-be religious tyrants have their tentacles (and likely their testicles) reaching into all corners of this great nation, I do not have knowledge of the specific ties to Kauai.

    Glad we are on the same team!

    We are known by our friends as well as our enemies.

    I would certainy take much greater pride in friendships with
    D Morel
    Scott Goold
    Dave “3D” Danizier
    Doug “Word Wiz” DDWiz
    B Peyton
    and BETTEJO

    who are intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and compassionate, than the gang of thuggish brutes and bullies and stalkers on the other side!



    • Emerald google Fellowship Foundation on Kauai. Scroll down. You’ll recognize this batch of boys in Poipu. Then google Fellowship Ffoundation and Gordon Oswald, you’ve read his stuff, and you’ll find Trivani Headquarters Bill Ganz and Gordon Oswald. The mass hysteria my claim there is a connection is clue enough for me. That horrid Pete Anston was frothing at the mouth.

      Anyway, it was enough for me. I’m finishing my The Gift Part Two today and offering this information to anyone who wants to check it out. Everyone must decide for himself. I happen to know a couple of members of this loony bin and, believe me, they are both men you’d never invite to dinner. Or be seen dining with. I’ve had encounters with some of their simple-minded evangalists-too much- one spoke at a Rotary meeting-I walked out. Made a dramatic exit, by the way, and complained to the President. Rotary is supposed to be secular. Ended up having to fight for my life.

      I did resign. not because of that, but I left a member in good standing. Two dreadful members have been ‘stalking’ me on line. Another story.

      Check out the ‘god economy’ another clue…

      Love’ya ME


    • If you go to Kauai Christian Fellowship and check out the media-. videos-listen to How to Lead a Christian Life by Rick. Right off the bat he uses the FF’s word, ‘god’s economy’. Now you’d have to run this down on some reviews of Jeff ‘s book, “the Family” or interviews.

      The elephant and the clip of Young Frankenstien are there, too. if we ever get brave enough to do ‘lunch’ again I’ll loan you a copy. I’ve got two. Hope you’re getting the message here. Did you pick up on Pete’s thing about…’what were you and EMERALD’ up to?

      Paranoia or a new game?

      Love’ya ME



  3. Hi Bettejo –

    I tried Googling the various combinations you suggested, and not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not coming up with anything. Maybe I’m getting senile (naw, couldn’t be, I’m not a RepubliCON)!

    Can you help me and provide a couple of specific websites that you came up with?


    • Try again. Fellowship Foundation on Kauai. it should get you right there. Scroll to 5th down. Black screen shows up. Let me know if it doesn;t. Most incredible things going on. Love you Betejo


    • Try again. Fellowship Foundation and Gordon Oswald. Scroll down to Trivani Headquarters-Bills Ganz & Gordon Oswald. Get back to me. I get there immediately. Fascinating. Keep trying. Me


    • I have no idea how the AOL search works. That’s where I find the stuff. Yesterday I was on he first page, 3rd down. Today I am on the third page under Thee and ME. Do you get getting into AOL on your search? This is just absolutely too fascinating. I have even more to tell you. Please let me hear here. tee hee PHIL and I are having a wonderful time on the discussion line. So incredible how our lies mesh. Love all of you ME


    • You should get Kauai Christian Fellowship/Home.Welcome. Listen to some of their sermons. One guy uses the Fellowship term ‘god’s economics’. A Fellowship term..

      Between grazing the kids and watching Billy Elliot, BBC film-hope you saw it-and trying to keep up with this I’m aging fast. tee hee

      Love you ME


    • Quick recap. When I first goggled Fellowship Foundation on Kauai i was sent immediately to the zoo in Poipu. Then, EMERALD, that link vanished. it has never reappeared. Let’s leave it at that. For now. It got more complicaed. Remember the ‘shoot’ out incident? When I first discovered it, it said it was posted at 1AM. it vanished. No posts showed after sometime around 8PM at which time RGGR made a vague reference to ‘fixing’ it. When it reappeared the time was different. I have copies of that.

      Watching this unfold is exciting, fascinating and I’m just damn glad I’m not paranoid. I hope you jotted the sites I gave you down. Keep trying. Every little once in awhile. Make sure it’s AOL. I won’t print them at the bottom of my column as I’d planned,. Readers may not be able to pick them up and it will look as if I’m lying. Which is their new game.

      Holy moly and ooopsie doopsie.

      Love’ya ME


  4. Sorry, Bettejo, not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have tried in both Google and AOL searches and not finding it. I previously sent you my e-mail address; if you don’t want to include the specifics here, you can e-mail it to me (I also tried to e-mail you but did not hear back, but then you said you were having problems with it…)

    But I understand the issue at the general (national) level of how the “C Street” Christian terrorists are trying to take over the country and use religion as the “opiate of the people” to numb them into voting against their interests to REDISTRIBUTE wealth from the workin’ folks to the few richest elites who ridicule them behind their backs (see the eye-opening exposé “Tempting Faith” by David Kuo, who is a Christian conservative “true believer” who was a top Bush White House insider who writes about the Christian betrayal he encountered there).

    I guess for now I’ll just remain content with understanding the more general aspects of this important (and frigthening) issue.


    • My goodness. I have no idea what’s going on. i certainly will not use those addresses in my column. This is a mystery. When I google those names it pops right up. Crazy. Love’ya ME


    • Felowship and Gerald Oswald disappeared. the other site still pops up. sigh I think bettejo moved. Who does this stuff? Love’ya Me


    • Sigh, it’s Gordon Oswald. It;’s been a loony day around here. He shows up, I’ll give it another whirl Fellowship Foundation and Gordon Oswald. Once in awhile just for fun, check it out. Things pop in and out. It’s the pixies. Love’ya ME


    • Gordon and the foundation show up. How do ‘they’ keep it off your board and send it to me? Oh, well, it’s time to feed the kids. Loe’ya ME


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