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June 30, 2011

How did god-the COSMIC PSYCHOPATH- get in the picture, anyway?

Early man, in his explanation of the mysteries about which he was surrounded, invented an invisible  ‘something’ that sent lightning bolts crashing, floods flooding, fires firing.  He feared it- and he certainly got that right- so he invented rituals to appease it. He gave it a name, often a face, and bowed down to its power.  As time passed he invented others who had power: over the hunt, over the hearth–and  soon he had a whole mysterious Family  who  had power over everything.

Eventually they became known as gods and goddesses.

As man became more sophisticated so did his gods. The Egyptians gods were incredible beings and, usually, the mightiest human in the clan became one. Powerful humans were always the favorites of the heavenly royals. Cleopatra was Isis, remember? And Roman generals were spawns of the gods. Julius Ceaser was related to Venus. There were  many gods and goddesses who lived invisibly- sometimes visibly-among them. Remember Leda and the Swan? The swan was Jupiter in disguise. As a little girl I often wondered how that worked. Why a swan?   Looked rather clumsy to me, but Michelangelo presented it so well.

All over the world there were invisible Families who belonged to certain tribes. They were very human in their antics. Loved sex and wine and food and parties and  beautiful women. They were often beautiful, powerful women. There were also gods of war, hauled out in the killing season, almost all of them men, though there were exceptions.  There were gods of death and gods of a mythical underworld and the daughter of a goddess who was kidnapped-but that’s another story.

Then came a tribe of Mid Eastern people who invented a god of their own. Pretty fierce old guy. Not at all easy to get along with. He had many rigid rules and regulations and, of course, Ten Commandments scribed  in rocks and kept safe from human eyes in an Ark of the Something or Other.  This god was a pain in the neck to the powerful Romans but, in those days, one came to an agreement with another guys’ god. In fact, if one were a traveler and found a god or goddess one liked, he’d bring him or her home to sit by his fire, protect his house and kids and women. These gods and goddesses heavens’ royalty, were useful to earth royalty who built great temples to them and sold them and their favors to the people. This profitable business of selling favors from the gods, next to prostitution, is probably the oldest profession in the world. In fact, Some religions and prostitution sometimes went hand in hand.

Then, again in the Mid East-the cradle of civilization-came a spawn of the one god cult who favored the poor over the powerful. He was a people’s god and, since people always outnumber the powerful, he was a great pain in the neck to the powers that be.  For his audacity he was nailed to a cross- a terrible Roman death-and  the cross became their standard. In a few hundred years there were so many of them Romans made of them a profitable spectator sport and fed them to the lions.

Then came Constantine, a Roman general with a battle to  win, who saw a cross in the sky the night before battle and promised, if he won, he’d convert. He won.

Here comes the COSMIC PSYCHOPATH part…

Part II.


June 26, 2011

…you asked all the wrong a questions

Being local has nothing to do with ownership of land or taxes or visitor or permanent status. Nothing to do with how we speak or what we like, or what we eat.

It has everything to do with heart. it’s Hobey Goodale’s heart. it’s Bobby Pfeiffer’s heart. It’s Francis Frazier’s heart. It’s my granddaughter, Cassandra’s heart and her father, the son of a famous beach boy’s. He probably paled around with Doris Duke. Ever hear the story about how Doris brought a Queen’s Surf of  beach boys to a croquet party at La Pietra? Priceless.

It’s Duke Kahanamoku and Nadine. Peaches and Don and the Omanskys and the Hilton and the old Moana.

It’s the story of Margaret Clark who works at NTBG and Chipper Wichman and my son who works there. too. it’s John Allerton’s story. it’s your story darling JOSE and your daughter Millie’s and her husband, Duke Wellington’s. it’s Janus Samu’s story. It’s JoAnn and John’s….

…and the kids. the darling kids-home grown or exotic-brown and golden, red and sunburned, shod and barefoot, walking, swimming, paddling, surfing, searching the sky for rainbows.  Counting the birds. It’s their story.  Who see another kid his size and don’t care how much money his mommy has in her purse, his daddy has in wallet, how big a car they drive.

It’s the visitors who come  to Kauai and go home to write letters about loving the glorious expanse of green and gray. Dancing, singing,  white caps on the sea. Laughing rain clouds playing hide and seek. The sparkling blue and sassy sea. White sand. Black rocks trimmed with moss. Soaring peaks and vallies deep. The soft and sweet of the morning air. The rooster’s crow. The cats. The dogs. They who can hardly wait to come back. Who save money to come back.

These are locals.

They are local who become color blind to race. Deaf to colorful language. The strangers who came to Kim’s going away party at Kukuiula harbor  who ate, drank, danced, sang and cried with us and fit right in.

All of us who used to meet at Tahiti Nui when Louise was alive. VIP’s from around the world, and hippies on the beaches, who, for free, ate  Thanksgiving dinner-the works-after Iniki.  The way the local came together after the disaster.

What do we all-does all this- have to do with being local? Everything.  A great wonderous love for the land. Us locals are a microcosm of all human being on earth. A melting pot to end all melting pots.

We smell local. Look local. Hear with local ears. See with local eyes. Love with a local love so great it soars the soul.

Locals are not those who see dollar signs on every empty lot or field. Who see suburban sprawl puke up and down every lonely stretch of cane.  Who see more highways cutting across the great, mysterious center of the island.

We, who are locals, are the future of this planet and we know it.

June 15, 2011

First of all I’m going to say this: my character is beyond reproach and the person or persons who continually accuse me of being paranoid should look in the mirror.

For those of you who would care to verify my good name on Kauai, please call, Michael Radcliff ; Gerald McKenna;  Don Wilson.These are honored and admirable men who I’ve had the great pleasure to know, befriend and do business with. Obviously they can’t tell you personal stuff about me, but they will confirm they know me and they hold my character in high esteem.

Please be polite in your queries. These are busy professional people,  don’t be rude and pesty. Hopefully  this sad affaire will be over soon.

If you’ve read my ABOUT page you know a little about me. There’s more. I’ve lived on Kauai for over forty years. My husband was the Engineering Department Head of McBryde sugar. We loved every minute of the time we spent here. I am, and always have been, a political activist, a dyed in the wool outspoken Democrat, a great admirerer of President Obama, a Peacenik, an animal lover and  a devout non believer. I’m not in the atheist bracket, I’m more a secular humanist and inclined to think I simply do not know if there is a god or not. What I do know is: I don’t need one. Nor religion, either. I consider myself lucky to be in this position. I realize my stand makes many people uncomfortable and I’m sorry about that, but I do not live a lie. My search is for truth. My goal, my life’s work, is to reason my way through. And, what helps me, is Dr. McKenna’s evaluation that I’m, and I quote him, “…delightful and engaging, ” and the definition of engaging is fascinating. I’d like to think so.

I am not in the least bit interested in converting anyone. If you’re a believer, so be it. I hope it works for you. it would never work for me and I’m committed to exposing the great religious sickness that is eating at the soul of my beloved country. I will leave a reading list for those who care to peek into my journey. I don’t ask them to join me. I simply ask them to allow me to go my way. What I know is: we are all human beings on this planet making our way to whatever it is that lies, or does not lie, at the end of the journey.

If you read THE GIFT  and THE GIFT PART TWO, you are aware that I accidentally stumbled into a cesspool of such vile and vicious, hateful, unAmerican, unchristian (note the small c) cult  gnawing at the heart of reason.

I found a connection between a ‘long’ letter writer to our forum, Bill Ganz, the Travani Team, the House on C Street, the Fellowship Foundation, “The Family” , the christian mafia and its presence on Kauai. I think this truth accounts for much of the lies directed at me.

I will leave a list of books and articles to peruse, and videos to watch, on this sad but scary subject if you care to follow along.

June 15, 2011

Anyone who can find this can respond to letters to the forum here. I’ll start the ball rolling. You can scroll down and respond, Peace and love Bettejo  Tuesday evening. Seems we’ve all bee cut off the discussion site. Think this was their best move. All our posts vanished and I’ve a very strong hunch it had nothing to do with rat and thugs. Leave a response and we can talk here. I’ll be here first thing in the morning with a response to a letter.  Hope SCOTT  find us. Love’ya ME

June 2, 2011

On a cosmic scale, if I may use the term, it was just a millisecond ago that anyone dare question religious beliefs, even if so many of them were the very personification of evil. I don’t use that word lightly.

In the past two thousand years countless have questioned and died-or  lived-with the lies they were forced to believe in order to survive.  All of them murdered for their insights, their knowledge of a truth that defied religious dogma, their courage to stand up to them. Burned at the stake, imprisoned and tortured they were humanity’s  true martyrs.

Well- guess what?- they’re back and they may be  in your backyard. So, are you going to cave or are you going to stand up to them?

Let’s talk The Fellowship Foundation. It exists. It’s real and  it feeds on greed, the minds of innocent children and  gullible men and women. it does not take their money, it take their great and grand human spirit and reduces it to ashes.

This disgusting powerful cult quite literally took everything a wise, benevolent itinerate, barefoot jewish Rabbi taught  and turned his message upside down.

Abraham Veride, the patriarch of the Fellowship Foundation-“The Family”- had a vision. Jesus (?) came to him in a dream and told him Christianity had got it all wrong. True believers must suck up to the rich and the powerful, even the most murderous dictators who ever came over the Pike, and convert them. This spectre told the religious dreamer once converted they would feed the multitudes.

Greed, an accumulation of wealth and power, would save the day.  Capitalism was god’s very own economic structure, in fact they call it god’s economy and, according to them, poverty is a punishment from god. Members of this cult are god’s evangalists on earth. Here to convert sinners. That’s you and me.

They sell sin and guilt and fear like peanuts and popcorn at a circus. They are homophobes. Patriarchal to the core. Misogynists. They ‘stand when women walk in the room’ but if she dare think….

….think? That’s the last thing in the world they want her to do. If she dares to think what they don’t want her to think there’s hell to pay and they  do  believe in hell.

They are so riddled with lies they’ve crossed the border into insanity. One cannot think that black is white or two and two equals five and remain sane. One simply cannot believe what they believe and remain sane. They do possess an inferior  primitive brain and a primitive and inferior religion.

The Fellowship Foundation patterns its structure  on the social structure of Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler. They are Hitler’s brown shirts come back to set the world straight. Fascists carrying a cross and wrapped in America’s  proud flag. Beloved of  war profiteers and those who were probably not to bright to begin with, they prey on humanity.

They are rabidly opposed to separation of church and state. The want America to become a theocracy worshipping their god. Of course. Interpreting their book their way.

They sucker the innocent, the dim witted, the confused and gullible into their trap with stories so simple-minded they boggle the mind.

Let us hope there are none of their breed in your backyard,  but when the truth comes out my bouquet of roses will be van after van after van of roses delivered at the door.