On a cosmic scale, if I may use the term, it was just a millisecond ago that anyone dare question religious beliefs, even if so many of them were the very personification of evil. I don’t use that word lightly.

In the past two thousand years countless have questioned and died-or  lived-with the lies they were forced to believe in order to survive.  All of them murdered for their insights, their knowledge of a truth that defied religious dogma, their courage to stand up to them. Burned at the stake, imprisoned and tortured they were humanity’s  true martyrs.

Well- guess what?- they’re back and they may be  in your backyard. So, are you going to cave or are you going to stand up to them?

Let’s talk The Fellowship Foundation. It exists. It’s real and  it feeds on greed, the minds of innocent children and  gullible men and women. it does not take their money, it take their great and grand human spirit and reduces it to ashes.

This disgusting powerful cult quite literally took everything a wise, benevolent itinerate, barefoot jewish Rabbi taught  and turned his message upside down.

Abraham Veride, the patriarch of the Fellowship Foundation-“The Family”- had a vision. Jesus (?) came to him in a dream and told him Christianity had got it all wrong. True believers must suck up to the rich and the powerful, even the most murderous dictators who ever came over the Pike, and convert them. This spectre told the religious dreamer once converted they would feed the multitudes.

Greed, an accumulation of wealth and power, would save the day.  Capitalism was god’s very own economic structure, in fact they call it god’s economy and, according to them, poverty is a punishment from god. Members of this cult are god’s evangalists on earth. Here to convert sinners. That’s you and me.

They sell sin and guilt and fear like peanuts and popcorn at a circus. They are homophobes. Patriarchal to the core. Misogynists. They ‘stand when women walk in the room’ but if she dare think….

….think? That’s the last thing in the world they want her to do. If she dares to think what they don’t want her to think there’s hell to pay and they  do  believe in hell.

They are so riddled with lies they’ve crossed the border into insanity. One cannot think that black is white or two and two equals five and remain sane. One simply cannot believe what they believe and remain sane. They do possess an inferior  primitive brain and a primitive and inferior religion.

The Fellowship Foundation patterns its structure  on the social structure of Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler. They are Hitler’s brown shirts come back to set the world straight. Fascists carrying a cross and wrapped in America’s  proud flag. Beloved of  war profiteers and those who were probably not to bright to begin with, they prey on humanity.

They are rabidly opposed to separation of church and state. The want America to become a theocracy worshipping their god. Of course. Interpreting their book their way.

They sucker the innocent, the dim witted, the confused and gullible into their trap with stories so simple-minded they boggle the mind.

Let us hope there are none of their breed in your backyard,  but when the truth comes out my bouquet of roses will be van after van after van of roses delivered at the door.


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  1. I think some of you might like to check out the Garden Island Forum letter discussion site. Scroll down. Read up and down. Fascinating. I sure touched a chord. Peace and love.


  2. Well, Bettejo, being here on the mainland I do not have knowledge of all the local issues on the homeland of my soul. but certainly it is a pervasive perversion of the message of the barefoot Jewish rabbi.

    And as I have said many times, the origins of those who turn his message on its head can be traced to that renegade “apostle” Paul, to whom the modern conservative “Christians” (in name only) owe their origins.

    Like Paul, they are anti-woman, anti-poor, pro-slavery, and steeped in the kind of critical judgmentalism Jesus condemned. In fact, everything that Jesus condemned has been gathered together as the foundation of their movement.

    It is the same conservative religious mentality on which the minority extremist sects of Islam, the ones who demand the wearing of burqas, chadors, niqabs, hijabs and abayas and forbids women the freedom even to drive a car.

    If the conservative “C Street” “Family” could get away with that here, they would do so in a heartbeat.



    • I think, Dave, what I did was accidently fall into the link. “The Family”, it’s sometimes called the Christian Mafia, is a very secretive, clandestine cult that makes a ‘fetish’ of invisibility. Very powerful. Very sick. Gordon Oswald and I have been ‘fighting’ for years in the paper. He calls me confused.

      I think he’s the guy with the really hateful message in the discussion group today. I do mock him. He is a true believe. A fundamentalist to the core. Believes pandas sprang full blown. I mock him, I’ll admit. I make him look lie a food. To anyone with an ounce of intelligence he sounds like a low grade moron who can type. Wasn’t surprised to find the link, but I just don’t see how in the world they can make it disappear.

      As I said earlier I know two of the men who belong to the cult–maybe more–but two I know of- and I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.One is a very crooked snake oil peddler, the other is a very scary lawyer. They sure hate me but I think there are enough good guys on line-like Chuck-who see what’s going on. It’s a learning process.

      But I did ask the question, Dave, how is that one who is of religious bent can hear voices and see people who are not there who tell them to do things and that’s okay? But if one of us were to hear voices etc. etc. etc. we’d end up in the loony. Okay, many of them…Joseph Smith..are really con men but they get away with it because it’s god. That’s crazy.

      Oh, well, tomorrow will be another beautiful day on Kauai. No matter what the weather is doing. the ids are doing fine. they don’t like the rain. thank you for being there.

      John Nash ended up in an asylum. Aren’t people who ‘hear’ voice usually diagnosed psychotic? Love’ya ME


  3. Ah yes, Bettejo, the haters preach in the name of he who told us to love our neighbor as ourselves and to also love the stranger and even the enemy. As you said, they take the message of the barefoot Jewish rabbi and turn it on its head.

    I have had some interesting interactions with Studier, Mark BB and Pete Antonson, and they now seem to be in retreat mode. Hope I didn’t discourage them (OK, that wasn’t a truthful statement…)

    I’ll have to keep my eye out for this Gordon Oswals fellow.

    I have a lot of information on evolution, from the supposed transitional fossil links (that they say don’t exist — but I can cite hundreds) to clearly established DNA tested relationships among species, to much more specific scientific documentation that their Sunday School teachers (like mine) never told them about. More importantly, unlike most with a science background, I can also hit them where it hurts on their own theology. They try to argue science with real scientists, but there is ZERO confirmation in science of the Genesis myth. More important, the Genesis myth can’t even keep its own story straight. The first and second chapters of Genesis (which most scholars today believe were written hundreds of years apart and cobbled together much later) tell completely different stories, and they are mutually incompatible as they describe contradictory sequences for creation.

    The point is that if these wackos are going to claim that pandas sprang full blown, they are going to have to apply as much scientific rigor to their own myth as they demand of real scientists (and which those real scientists routinely deliver, whether or not the “package” is ever signed for).

    As for Joseph Smith, yes, the guy is a complete charlatan (and, no, psychosis is not diagnosed if the delusion is claimed for reigious reasons).
    Hope you’ve seen my page on the Mormons — lots of specific detail on Joseph Smith.
    If you haven’t made it to the WordPress page on Smith, at least you have it in that book that found its way to you across the seas.



    • I think someone is trying to give my blog a virus. Is there a way I can stop it? what I see when I save is a page of jumbled letters and I think that’s how it starts. love’ya me


    • I think I got it all squared away. Love’ya ME


    • Same statement: I was talking to studier about the collapse of the universe. Fred Hoyle/Einstein/Carl Sagan- big bang expand. Red shirt shift back, implode. Studier seems to think his god would destroy the entire universe because he’s mad at some ants on a ball of mud. That’s us on planet earth. I asked Emerald, isn’t that pretty much over the top? Love ya ME


  4. Hey Bettejo and Dave –

    OK, definitely over my little Pixie head here, but to the extent that I got what you’re both saying, sounds brilliant! Reflects my views to the extent I am able to keep up. On the other hand, expanding my horizons into new areas.

    I guess we all have some areas where we are more confident in our knowledge of the subject matter, and other subjects where we are ripe for learning from those who have forged the path! [I’m betting DDWiz can keep up, too – come on out, Wiz, wherever you are – don’t be shy!]

    Many mahaos to both of you!


    • Ha, Emerald —

      I’m here. Love ya, and love Bettejo and her gifts!


      • So happy to hear from you. Love’ya ME


    • Emerald: thinking about studier yesterday. I was talking about the ‘collapse’ of the universe-Fred Hoyle- big bang, expand. Red shift, implode. Studier seems to think his god will destroy the entire universe because he’s mad at some ants on a ball of mud. That’s us on planet earth. isn’t that some kind of an over the top ego? Love you ME


      • Yes, Bettejo, the whole bizarre “angry god” theology is over the top for me, and the more closely they stick to the original angry-god biblicalism, the angrier they seem to be. Studier seems really, really angry. Definitely more like that renegade dude that the Jeez-us guy.


      • Got some fun stuff in today. It was going to be my column but it fit right into the discussion. Also did some sad/fun memory time. I was thinking of what a cosmic god might be like. I mean a god of the universe. Not some silly earth god. A ‘force’. having a difficult time getting through. Solar flares?

        Keep promising to get back but something happens. Studier didn’t even show up. Guess he went to church. tee hee

        Love’ya ME


  5. I’ve red your boo over and over. Turned down pages, written in the margin, kept a log.

    My references are Jeff Sharlet’ “The Family” of course. His interview with Rachel Maddow. Others. I’ll get back to you.

    Debbie is back. Please read her letter. Worry about her.

    I’m going to try and write a happy column today. The kids? The birds?

    Love’ya ME


  6. Joseph Smith: I have several interesting pieces about him. Again, it seems to me, minds that have been taught to believe lies believe lies. They are so hateful.

    EMERALD, you did the library thing much better than I. but I still would like to hear from the librarian.


  7. DAVE, I’m reading “The Family”as I read yours-they go well toether-turning down pages, underlining, writing in the margins. Please find this book, by Jeff Sharlet. You could write another book about this. I’m horrified. Read with your beautiful book, it’s a great balance. Thunderstorms here, I turn my ‘puter off, during. Love’ya Me


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