Anyone who can find this can respond to letters to the forum here. I’ll start the ball rolling. You can scroll down and respond, Peace and love Bettejo  Tuesday evening. Seems we’ve all bee cut off the discussion site. Think this was their best move. All our posts vanished and I’ve a very strong hunch it had nothing to do with rat and thugs. Leave a response and we can talk here. I’ll be here first thing in the morning with a response to a letter.  Hope SCOTT  find us. Love’ya ME


12 Responses

  1. What happened to the TGI blog?


  2. Bettejo –

    Do you know what happened? Why they closed the blog?
    I am not on Facebook … but my friends Kimo, DDWiz and 3D are all on Facebook and you may want to post a blog on your Facebook to alert them that you have a place to continue the dialogue…



    • i doubt it had anything to do with the rat. I think it had to do with the information passed on there. anyway we can respond here. Or at any other site. We’ll figure it out. I think this was their best move.
      However there are many others, readers abroad who are going to wonder why they can’t respond. Tell everybody., I’ll go the Facebook. We’ll figure it out. Love ya’ me


    • Does anyone know how to get in touch with WHEEE? Or PAYBACK? Or BPEY? Love’ya me


  3. Bettejo and Emerald —

    I don’t watch the TGI as closely as some, but saw Bettejo’s note on Facebook.
    What happened?
    I don’t understand what happened to today’s comments.
    Has this happened before?

    Someone must have said something really horrendous!?

    Considering the extreme offense offered by RAK0729, RGGJR and “Pickanniny” (hate to even type it), it is beyond the pale that something could have been worse than that.



    • Tuesday was a very interesting day in the Forum discussion site. We’ve all been 86’d. Try to let as many people as you can know we can respond here. Much activity suddenly. I sure hope WHEEE can find us. By the way, you can still leave messages on Monday discussion. A lot of people who usually respond to the discussion site will be raising hell is my guess. So interesting all our posts disappeared. I think somebody’s ass is in a sling. Love ya’ ME


  4. Lots of guys have checked out the site. so far only you have responded. Hope they catch on they can discuss stuff here. I think I’ll ry to quote some oif my responses yesterday. So interesting. Love’ya Me


  5. I have Facebook friendships with Kimo and DDWiz and saw your notice on their pages.

    I am quite surprised that the comments on TGI were not only closed, but all prior comments were deleted instead of individual comments that were found to be offensive being removed.

    This seems quite unprecedented. Does anyone know what happened?



    • I think I got too close to the fire. Honest. If you go to the Monday discussion, clear at the bottom, you’ll see someone thanked someone for closing the site down. You’ll notice the date. Today. If you guys go in you can tell everybody how to get to me. I can’t. Maybe be descreet. I mean we don’t need the rat.. Isn’t this fun? Love’ya me .


      • Bettejo –

        I posted the link in the Monday discussion.
        As of right now it is showing in the thread.

        If it disappears later, well, at least it is there right now.


      • My readership has grown-is growing-.in leaps and bounds. Now, it seems, I’m a drunk. sigh. All they know how to do is attack character. Classic. I think we scare the tar out of them. I hope you like my new column. Gotta go feed Ari his lunch and take a long swift walk to my neighbors with some fresh eggs. Wish TGI Editors would publish yesterday’s posts. wonder why they won’t. I won’t push it, said what I had to say yesterday in the column. Just have to get the reading list and video list published. Love’ya Me


    • Amazed at the activity on my home page. I’ve been up the lagoon, no new columns but lots of folks are popping in suddenly. Should be interesting. Just be yourself. And, hey, sniffers, maybe you’d like to scroll around. Some prettyy good stuff here, just ask Dave and don’t be shy. CHUCK, give me a hug. Love’ya ME


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