First of all I’m going to say this: my character is beyond reproach and the person or persons who continually accuse me of being paranoid should look in the mirror.

For those of you who would care to verify my good name on Kauai, please call, Michael Radcliff ; Gerald McKenna;  Don Wilson.These are honored and admirable men who I’ve had the great pleasure to know, befriend and do business with. Obviously they can’t tell you personal stuff about me, but they will confirm they know me and they hold my character in high esteem.

Please be polite in your queries. These are busy professional people,  don’t be rude and pesty. Hopefully  this sad affaire will be over soon.

If you’ve read my ABOUT page you know a little about me. There’s more. I’ve lived on Kauai for over forty years. My husband was the Engineering Department Head of McBryde sugar. We loved every minute of the time we spent here. I am, and always have been, a political activist, a dyed in the wool outspoken Democrat, a great admirerer of President Obama, a Peacenik, an animal lover and  a devout non believer. I’m not in the atheist bracket, I’m more a secular humanist and inclined to think I simply do not know if there is a god or not. What I do know is: I don’t need one. Nor religion, either. I consider myself lucky to be in this position. I realize my stand makes many people uncomfortable and I’m sorry about that, but I do not live a lie. My search is for truth. My goal, my life’s work, is to reason my way through. And, what helps me, is Dr. McKenna’s evaluation that I’m, and I quote him, “…delightful and engaging, ” and the definition of engaging is fascinating. I’d like to think so.

I am not in the least bit interested in converting anyone. If you’re a believer, so be it. I hope it works for you. it would never work for me and I’m committed to exposing the great religious sickness that is eating at the soul of my beloved country. I will leave a reading list for those who care to peek into my journey. I don’t ask them to join me. I simply ask them to allow me to go my way. What I know is: we are all human beings on this planet making our way to whatever it is that lies, or does not lie, at the end of the journey.

If you read THE GIFT  and THE GIFT PART TWO, you are aware that I accidentally stumbled into a cesspool of such vile and vicious, hateful, unAmerican, unchristian (note the small c) cult  gnawing at the heart of reason.

I found a connection between a ‘long’ letter writer to our forum, Bill Ganz, the Travani Team, the House on C Street, the Fellowship Foundation, “The Family” , the christian mafia and its presence on Kauai. I think this truth accounts for much of the lies directed at me.

I will leave a list of books and articles to peruse, and videos to watch, on this sad but scary subject if you care to follow along.


2 Responses

  1. My Dear Bettejo —
    I have read and reviewed the terrible but incredibly revealing exchange that occurred last Sunday (ironically, Father’s Day).

    I was deeply troubled by the extent of the vitriol that was revealed by “Richard” (RGGJR, rak0729, and a bunch of cartoon characters). Everyone had long seen the extent of the vicious campaign of harassment against you, but certainly no one could have envisioned the extent of this crazed stalker’s obsession.

    A troubling aspect for me, as Emerald mentioned in a subsequent post, was that this person even had the intent, however delusional, of being able to ingratiate your friends using a “worm” false identity of “Chuck.”

    Since I also have a page, I have come to understand how the site works.
    As administrator, YOU and you alone have access to some special information that could further identify this phony poser “Chuck” by going to your “Manage Comments” menu.

    When someone posts on your site, after you “moderate” and approve the post, it is displayed publicly. The content post and the screen name chosen are displayed.
    What are not displayed publicly, are the e-mail address and the IP (Internet Protocol address).

    In the case of an identity phony such as “Chuck,” the e-mail is likely a phony.
    But the IP address cannot be faked; it is generated automatically by the Internet.

    Using that address, an attorney can subpoena the forensic data necessary to narrow that down to a single, specific computer.

    I applaud you and Emerald for standing up to this vicious stalker bully.

    The good news is that he has accidentally left a forensic footprint that contains the information by which he can be specifically and individually identified.

    Your real friends are behind you in this.

    On this summer solstice, the solar-powered sun gods smile on you!



    • Dave, I’ve been nursing Ari, but I think he’s on the mend. Am going to try and write another Ari, me and vitamin C column. Try to cheer myself and others up. Weather has been dreary. So rainy. Great heavy squalls. Huge tree branches coming don. hell keeping the barn clean. Nobody wants to leave it.

      I do have really good people working on this. The best. This person’ identity is really no secret. We know who he is and how to get him. Why in the world do you think this awful, stupid, hate is focused on me? And EMERALD? i almost did what she did, by the way, have the guy put on a restraining order but he has so many camp followers I’d probably end up on their list. I think the Garden island is involved, too. Anyway, good things are happening behind my back. My reverse paranoia is popping up. I love you guys so much.

      Having fun with some nitwits on line this morning. Just pitiful types but fun. Kind’a. Dull. Tea bagging old hens. Some loons who went after Judge Laureta and made very slurish racist disgusting shameful commenst. But I do, occasionally, like to play the cat with the poisoned pen.

      Peace and love me


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