How did god-the COSMIC PSYCHOPATH- get in the picture, anyway?

Early man, in his explanation of the mysteries about which he was surrounded, invented an invisible  ‘something’ that sent lightning bolts crashing, floods flooding, fires firing.  He feared it- and he certainly got that right- so he invented rituals to appease it. He gave it a name, often a face, and bowed down to its power.  As time passed he invented others who had power: over the hunt, over the hearth–and  soon he had a whole mysterious Family  who  had power over everything.

Eventually they became known as gods and goddesses.

As man became more sophisticated so did his gods. The Egyptians gods were incredible beings and, usually, the mightiest human in the clan became one. Powerful humans were always the favorites of the heavenly royals. Cleopatra was Isis, remember? And Roman generals were spawns of the gods. Julius Ceaser was related to Venus. There were  many gods and goddesses who lived invisibly- sometimes visibly-among them. Remember Leda and the Swan? The swan was Jupiter in disguise. As a little girl I often wondered how that worked. Why a swan?   Looked rather clumsy to me, but Michelangelo presented it so well.

All over the world there were invisible Families who belonged to certain tribes. They were very human in their antics. Loved sex and wine and food and parties and  beautiful women. They were often beautiful, powerful women. There were also gods of war, hauled out in the killing season, almost all of them men, though there were exceptions.  There were gods of death and gods of a mythical underworld and the daughter of a goddess who was kidnapped-but that’s another story.

Then came a tribe of Mid Eastern people who invented a god of their own. Pretty fierce old guy. Not at all easy to get along with. He had many rigid rules and regulations and, of course, Ten Commandments scribed  in rocks and kept safe from human eyes in an Ark of the Something or Other.  This god was a pain in the neck to the powerful Romans but, in those days, one came to an agreement with another guys’ god. In fact, if one were a traveler and found a god or goddess one liked, he’d bring him or her home to sit by his fire, protect his house and kids and women. These gods and goddesses heavens’ royalty, were useful to earth royalty who built great temples to them and sold them and their favors to the people. This profitable business of selling favors from the gods, next to prostitution, is probably the oldest profession in the world. In fact, Some religions and prostitution sometimes went hand in hand.

Then, again in the Mid East-the cradle of civilization-came a spawn of the one god cult who favored the poor over the powerful. He was a people’s god and, since people always outnumber the powerful, he was a great pain in the neck to the powers that be.  For his audacity he was nailed to a cross- a terrible Roman death-and  the cross became their standard. In a few hundred years there were so many of them Romans made of them a profitable spectator sport and fed them to the lions.

Then came Constantine, a Roman general with a battle to  win, who saw a cross in the sky the night before battle and promised, if he won, he’d convert. He won.

Here comes the COSMIC PSYCHOPATH part…

Part II.


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  1. Aloha Bettejo!

    What a wonderful new addition!

    I’m sure you knew as you were preparing this that I would have to be the first “fan”!

    The Abrahamic middle-eastern invisible sky god grew and multiplied, and his seed branched out into the most warlike of all faith-based violent gangs, the Jews, the “Christians” (who abandoned their “messiah” in all but name and lip service after his death and took up after a renegade “apostle” who claimed to be reformed from his earlier days as a persecutor and killer of their kind, but merely found a more effective approach to destroying from within) and the Muslims.

    No other faiths on earth, not the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Taoists, the Wiccans or any of the others, have perpetrated so much mayhem, violence and war-borne pestilence upon the earth.

    There are many powers in the universe — the sun, the wind, the tides of the seas, the volcanoes, the tectonic movements of the earth — that dwarf the power of our puny human species and inspire reverential, worshipful deification and awestruck amazement. But it is only the invisible sky god of no specific power (but who claims to be all powerful, or omnipotent), who calls himself a deity of love and peace but instills in his subjects a fierce violence of provincial tribalism.

    I have written more about these descendants of the Abrahamic invisible sky god and his “renegade.”



    • No surprise that this is right in 3D’s wheelhouse!


  2. Uh, Bettejo, you have MY email address showing under Dave’s message.
    I don’t care; I’ve already posted it in the TGI forum … but Dave may not care to receive responses meant for me.


  3. Bettejo,

    Great blog, looking forward to part 2, btw my blog, ‘dakinetalk’ is looking for guest bloggers, I have almost all guest bloggers now.

    Go to my house if you haven’t stopped by lately at;

    I would be honored to have you as a guest blogger… Aloha, Kimo


    • Hi Kimo —

      Haven’t forgotten you — got tied up on a big project.
      Looking forward to putting together some selected tidbits cherry-picked from a site that is otherwise perhaps more serious than the spirit of your upbeat (but thoughtful) site.



      • All guys, back to the psycho loose on isn’t he that’s the bug, it’s the huts he incites. Seem to be a lot of them on Kauai. Glad you liked this. I hope tomorrow goes well. Love’ya bettejo


      • You delve, in some ways, much deeper than I. Certainly you are about a thousand times more…don’t like to use the word, but it fits here…intellectual. KIMO…any of you… I’d love you to be a guest columnist, i just don’t think I’m good enough to be one of yours but I’ll work on it. Any of you who have blogs may use any of mine. Just give me a by-line. I’d e honored to have you as my guest.. I think we kind’a cleaned up the TGI LTE discussion site, don’t you? I think we have something going here. Love’ya ME.


      • Bettejo –

        Some of your blogs on this site are definitely better than others, and I’m sure you could pick out one or two classics to send to Kimo! Or maybe Kimo could pick one (or more)!

        All have merit, but some of them (including this one) are just plain classics!


  4. I agree with Davis!


  5. Enjoy your sail. Wish I were there. If you read my recent post you know that someone-more likely a couple of them-tore down my fence. This is a felony. Fortuntely we caught it in time. Had Ari attempted to dross the mess they made he could have broken a leg or got out in the street and got hit by a car.

    it isn’t so much the nut stalker but they he incites which is a bother. It’s been very quiet on line for the past few days. Without the psycho’s many crazy icon personalities things almost appear civil. I’m sure he’ll pop up again somewhere. Me? I’d personally like to see him behind bars or in an asylum.
    ‘Til then I’m well protected. Handling the situation well, I think.

    Drop in and say hello.

    Emerald reads this. Hope to have COSMIC PSYCHOPATH ready soon. Harder than I thought. Will probably take three columns to bring the column up to snuff.

    Love’ya bettejo


    • Hi Bettejo –

      Darn tootin’ Emerald reads this!

      Would love to see three columns!
      This is a good topic even for non religious folks.

      Dave (3D) and DDWiz are on Facebook (I’m not).
      Is Kimo’s blog on Facebook only?
      Or can non-FB people read it, too?
      If so, for the rest of us, hope Kimo and you will post a link to your blog on Kimo’s site, or any other blog on Kimos’s site.

      I like Kimo lots, except for the plastic bag thingy.


  6. Aloha Emerald and everyone,

    My blog is everyday, it’s called dakinetalk and can be accessed at it’s a blog about nothing and everything. I recently started having guest bloggers and it has been very successful. Read a few entries and feel free to submit a guest blog too. Aloha Kimo


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