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Michele Bachman
July 12, 2011

From the Voice of Reason

The Journal of Americans for Religious Freedom, 2011, N0.2 (115)

Michele Bachmann

A long shot, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman, seen as a sentimental favorite among elements of the Tea Party and Religious Right, which overlap. Her in-your-face demeanor appeals to true believers on the Far right.

Bachman has represented Minnesota’s sixth congressional district (the suburb and exurbs of St. Paul Minnesota and Minneapolis), since winning in 2006. She received a law degree from Coburn Law School at fundamentalist Oral Roberts University in Tulsa in 1976. Once a Democrat who met her husband while working with Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign, she moved to the right and became a Reagan Republican.

She is adamantly opposed to abortion rights and gay rights. In the 110th Congress she opposed a law that would have barred employment discrimination against gays and lesbians. She supported ban on foreign aid that included abortion, the so-called “Mexico City” doctrine.

Bachman ia fan of bogus historian David Barton and has enlisted him to teach on constitutional issues for her Tea Party caucus in congress. Bachman called Batton, a fellow Oral Roberts University graduate, “a treasure for our nation.” She supports his distorted and grossly inaccurate “Christian Nation” interpretation of U.S. history.

She is not alone among Republicans in this regard. Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee have expressed admiration for Batton.

If she runs, Bachman may do well in the first caucus state, Iowa, where she was born in 1956. Bachman appeals to a wide swath of the evangelical world far beyond her member ship in the fundamentalist Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

First of all we might take a look at the Oral Roberts University. They teach a branch of physics based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. ORU  also launched an honors program…Ptolomy and the Geocentric theory of the Universe and the Evangelical Center of Faith-Baseed Reasoning at ORU  also refutes gravity and offers a new “Intelligent Falling” Theory.  But the stickler is the law school from which Michele graduated. Herb Titus, a Christian attorney, who helped found the law school began his career promoting an ideology called Christian Reconstructionism–that is “Christianity is the basis of our law. That lawyers and judges should follow god’s law, and that failure to do that is evidence of a ‘tyrannical’ leftist agenda. Herb also claims that Obama isn’t a ‘real’ American worth-according to the Bible or the constituion-of being President.  this last bit of information come from Mother Jones in an article by Tim Murphy, July 12, 2011.

Furthermore, we must not forget tho close ties Michele has with the Fellowship Foundation, the infamous Christian mafia.

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July 5, 2011

We’re in for a bad time.The struggle to protect freedom is a constant worry to those who love our country.What’s most disturbing is the obvious inclusion of a dark politically religious undertone ‘the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American power’, as Jeff Sharlet wrote in his bestseller ‘The FAMILY’.  it’s time to confront the Christian Mafia and the ‘murky, menacing men’ who run it. More cult than religion it rears its ugly head like some primitive beast risen from the grave to hound and confound. Barbara Ehrenreich insists we read the book but ‘not alone at night’.  Heed her advice.

So powerful and insidious is this family of Nazi  cultists it strains the senses  to acknowledge its existence. But there is no denying Sharlet. He’s a fine writer, a respected journalist, editor, researcher and historian. His elegant ‘passionate, principled, and powerful’ expose  has won praise from thinking people around the world.

Shake your  head.  Hide from the truth. This is the year 2014! Truths like these don’t belong. The Age of Reason can’t have died. We won the Second World War. Twenty million people died to defeat Hitler, and, surely, in the 21st century, mankind has evolved beyond the need of a mythical creature to rule and control us. A creature created with vile purpose by men of little or no worth other than the ability to use tricks of propaganda, learned at the hands of masters- Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels- to bring it to worldwide fruition. Dead men whose design and structure of social control was too psychotic to last, became the foundation of The Fellowship Foundation’s existence.

“I thank heaven for a man like Adolph Hitler, who built a front line of defense against her anti-christ of Communism,” Frank Buchman, a foundation architect and close friend of founder, Norwegian bornNazi sympathizer, Abraham Vereide, says it all. The close ties of this group to the men who run our country goes beyond any sense  the reasoning mind can apprehend.

Infused with the foreign policy of George W. Bush, confused with the teachings of Leo Strauss, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz, bemused with misty musty prayer cover-breakfast meetings, secret cells-and an army of dimwitted evangelists preaching and teaching absurdities baffle the mind.

Some of their beliefs are so foreign to the American dream it’s a wonder they’ve been able to attack, let alone breach, the wall.  Hidden beneath Machiavellian lies it’s a wonder we’ve been able to hold on to any  truths we hold dear. Their mind-set abhors the very idea of separation of church and state. America is to become  their theocracy. No taxes for the rich, and no taxes for the church. Endless wars for god and profit. No use for public schools. America’s children are to be home schooled with books written by them. Darwin out. Creationism in. Kids  brainwashed to believe these lies with cult style tactics in cult style camps. They preach an economy so twisted it has the dismal science of economics standing on its head. Poverty is a punishment of god. Greed is a virtue.  It’s a cult so deeply entrenched in misogyny one can  pity for the simple-minded chattel who fall into its maws. So homophobic one worries about the safety of those with other sexual preferences.

And they’re thick on Kauai.


July 2, 2011

We left the Roman Emperor Constantine- 325 years after the birth of the barefoot rabbi- who won the battle of Milvian Bridge and called the Council of Nicaea, their number is unknown- where they worked out a new religious dogma: a Trinity composed of a heavenly Father, a Son and a Holy Ghost who were by divine sanction, one god.

The son- that poor barefoot rabbi again- was the Son of god because his mother- the little Jewish girl- convinced her husband to be, the old carpenter, that god was the one responsible for her delicate condition, one for which, in those days, according to the monotheistic and irascible Yahweh, she could have been stoned. With Constantine and the council’s imaginatively reconstructed  tale  the rollicking, frolicking Pagan gods and goddesses were replaced by that very difficult one and only god-the Father of the Son with the help of the Holy Ghost- the one with so many rigid rules and regulations cast in stone- a  great  COSMIC PSYCHOPATH was born.

Watch him evolve.

During Constantine’s reign the first religious persecution of Pagans began. Under his son Constanius’ reign, Christians began vandalizing ancient Pagan temples, tombs and monuments and an age of religious tolerance vanished.

It was also decreed that Roman Emperors became Popes, men on earth with a direct line to the Holy Monster they had created and they became pretty holy monster as well. A history of these men is a fascinating study.  A contemporary monster, Pope Pius XII, Hitler’s Pope- just named a saint- is a perfect example of  one of this Holy Terror.

These most powerful men did fine until the collapse of Rome when things got difficult.  A brief moment of CO(S)MIC relief took place in 550-604 when Pope Gregory the Great had  fun writing about miracles, relics, demons, ghosts, angels and guess what?-the end of the world. From 897-1049 many Popes were imprisoned, starved and killed. During these difficult times, for the most part, only Monks in monasteries could read and write and that they did, copying over the years, revising as they went, words from the Book.

During this time, when centuries of history got swept under the rug, things don’t go well for the new church. Christianity took a nose dive  and don’t come up for air until the 12 century, considered by many to be the beginning of the Dark Ages. Volumes have been written about these terrible times. Horror after religious horror.  Crusades. Holy wars. The Inquisition. Witch burnings. Plagues.

A small reprieve occurred during the Reformation when splinter groups broke away from Rome’s power. Enter Luther, with the help of Guttenberg and his moveable type printing, who tacked notices to  the church house doors denouncing the Pope and Gutenberg began printing, publishing, and selling the good Book- the only Book-preserved and left, metaphorically, standing.

One might argue that because of Gutenberg, people-it took them some two hundred years- learned to read again and a vigorous rise of sanity during the age of reason began only to fall off a cliff again during the Holocaust, a time when two European countries, Germany and Italy, both Christian, started another rabid decent into religious madness. Culminating, I’ll audaciously propose, in the modern-day rise in Christian fundamentalism in America and the coming to power of one of the most psychotic Christian Fundamentalist cults in the world, the Fellowship Foundation.