We left the Roman Emperor Constantine- 325 years after the birth of the barefoot rabbi- who won the battle of Milvian Bridge and called the Council of Nicaea, their number is unknown- where they worked out a new religious dogma: a Trinity composed of a heavenly Father, a Son and a Holy Ghost who were by divine sanction, one god.

The son- that poor barefoot rabbi again- was the Son of god because his mother- the little Jewish girl- convinced her husband to be, the old carpenter, that god was the one responsible for her delicate condition, one for which, in those days, according to the monotheistic and irascible Yahweh, she could have been stoned. With Constantine and the council’s imaginatively reconstructed  tale  the rollicking, frolicking Pagan gods and goddesses were replaced by that very difficult one and only god-the Father of the Son with the help of the Holy Ghost- the one with so many rigid rules and regulations cast in stone- a  great  COSMIC PSYCHOPATH was born.

Watch him evolve.

During Constantine’s reign the first religious persecution of Pagans began. Under his son Constanius’ reign, Christians began vandalizing ancient Pagan temples, tombs and monuments and an age of religious tolerance vanished.

It was also decreed that Roman Emperors became Popes, men on earth with a direct line to the Holy Monster they had created and they became pretty holy monster as well. A history of these men is a fascinating study.  A contemporary monster, Pope Pius XII, Hitler’s Pope- just named a saint- is a perfect example of  one of this Holy Terror.

These most powerful men did fine until the collapse of Rome when things got difficult.  A brief moment of CO(S)MIC relief took place in 550-604 when Pope Gregory the Great had  fun writing about miracles, relics, demons, ghosts, angels and guess what?-the end of the world. From 897-1049 many Popes were imprisoned, starved and killed. During these difficult times, for the most part, only Monks in monasteries could read and write and that they did, copying over the years, revising as they went, words from the Book.

During this time, when centuries of history got swept under the rug, things don’t go well for the new church. Christianity took a nose dive  and don’t come up for air until the 12 century, considered by many to be the beginning of the Dark Ages. Volumes have been written about these terrible times. Horror after religious horror.  Crusades. Holy wars. The Inquisition. Witch burnings. Plagues.

A small reprieve occurred during the Reformation when splinter groups broke away from Rome’s power. Enter Luther, with the help of Guttenberg and his moveable type printing, who tacked notices to  the church house doors denouncing the Pope and Gutenberg began printing, publishing, and selling the good Book- the only Book-preserved and left, metaphorically, standing.

One might argue that because of Gutenberg, people-it took them some two hundred years- learned to read again and a vigorous rise of sanity during the age of reason began only to fall off a cliff again during the Holocaust, a time when two European countries, Germany and Italy, both Christian, started another rabid decent into religious madness. Culminating, I’ll audaciously propose, in the modern-day rise in Christian fundamentalism in America and the coming to power of one of the most psychotic Christian Fundamentalist cults in the world, the Fellowship Foundation.



7 Responses

  1. Another insightful, clever presentation of Christian history packaged in a very tasty form!



    • i just took another approach. My closing argument–the Fellowship Brief–tee hee- will be out soon. it wasn’t easy and I’m sure anyone could have done a better job but I tried. I didn’t even mention King James and what he did to the irish. To say nothing about a few hundred thousand ‘witches’. I’ll take a swing at those horrors every chance I get. They’ve not only turned Christianity on its head, they would destroy our country.Very sick folks and they’re thick in the Islands. On Kauai. Love’ya ME.


      • WWWJD?

        Which witch would Jesus drown?

        (Or hang, or burn – fireboard – at the stake….)

        Somehow I just have a hard time seeing the barefoot rabbi dressed in a starched collar, sitting in a hardwood pew, plotting his vengeful acts of torture against the sinners.

        But that’s just me.
        Not sure pixies would have fared much better….


      • Me, either, EMERALD.

        How would he do watching elephants and clips of Young Frankenstein? We certainly know who the religious right Bjduk/rggr/nut/GerOsw is, don’t we? Paranoid believers…which they all are… never escape the bonds of insanity. Love’ya ME


      • It is amazing how the TGI letters message board has deteriorated.

        It looks to me like the conservatives have simply given up even the pretense of a mature conversation. Sad.

        Perhaps their strategy is to simply destroy the forum. Kind of a “Gresham’s Law” principle applied to discussion of ideas instead of currency. Just as “bad money drives out good,” so also juvenile, immature babbling drives out intelligent conversation.


      • I’m still lost as to how to respond. Did leave a message. We’re here DDWiz. More will follow. Remember, there are many who read who have not posted. Scared, and who can blame them? They’ll start showing up. Wait and see. The loons will go home and suck their thumbs. Every time they open their mouths they prove what idiots they are. I’m going to keep on punching them until they squeal. The other day one said, “Atheists, why don’t you leave us alone?” the next time it happens, I’ll say, “Okay, I’ll answer as a human.” We’re winning this war, wait and see. Love’ya ME


      • Check out all the brights in today’s Forum discussion. We’re making it happen DD. Love’ya ME


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