We’re in for a bad time.The struggle to protect freedom is a constant worry to those who love our country.What’s most disturbing is the obvious inclusion of a dark politically religious undertone ‘the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American power’, as Jeff Sharlet wrote in his bestseller ‘The FAMILY’.  it’s time to confront the Christian Mafia and the ‘murky, menacing men’ who run it. More cult than religion it rears its ugly head like some primitive beast risen from the grave to hound and confound. Barbara Ehrenreich insists we read the book but ‘not alone at night’.  Heed her advice.

So powerful and insidious is this family of Nazi  cultists it strains the senses  to acknowledge its existence. But there is no denying Sharlet. He’s a fine writer, a respected journalist, editor, researcher and historian. His elegant ‘passionate, principled, and powerful’ expose  has won praise from thinking people around the world.

Shake your  head.  Hide from the truth. This is the year 2014! Truths like these don’t belong. The Age of Reason can’t have died. We won the Second World War. Twenty million people died to defeat Hitler, and, surely, in the 21st century, mankind has evolved beyond the need of a mythical creature to rule and control us. A creature created with vile purpose by men of little or no worth other than the ability to use tricks of propaganda, learned at the hands of masters- Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels- to bring it to worldwide fruition. Dead men whose design and structure of social control was too psychotic to last, became the foundation of The Fellowship Foundation’s existence.

“I thank heaven for a man like Adolph Hitler, who built a front line of defense against her anti-christ of Communism,” Frank Buchman, a foundation architect and close friend of founder, Norwegian bornNazi sympathizer, Abraham Vereide, says it all. The close ties of this group to the men who run our country goes beyond any sense  the reasoning mind can apprehend.

Infused with the foreign policy of George W. Bush, confused with the teachings of Leo Strauss, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz, bemused with misty musty prayer cover-breakfast meetings, secret cells-and an army of dimwitted evangelists preaching and teaching absurdities baffle the mind.

Some of their beliefs are so foreign to the American dream it’s a wonder they’ve been able to attack, let alone breach, the wall.  Hidden beneath Machiavellian lies it’s a wonder we’ve been able to hold on to any  truths we hold dear. Their mind-set abhors the very idea of separation of church and state. America is to become  their theocracy. No taxes for the rich, and no taxes for the church. Endless wars for god and profit. No use for public schools. America’s children are to be home schooled with books written by them. Darwin out. Creationism in. Kids  brainwashed to believe these lies with cult style tactics in cult style camps. They preach an economy so twisted it has the dismal science of economics standing on its head. Poverty is a punishment of god. Greed is a virtue.  It’s a cult so deeply entrenched in misogyny one can  pity for the simple-minded chattel who fall into its maws. So homophobic one worries about the safety of those with other sexual preferences.

And they’re thick on Kauai.



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  1. I hope tomorrow I can do the FELLOWSHIP BRIEF. Wrap up my case. Go have a beer. Love’ya bettejo


  2. I should probably list my sources and books you can read. bettejo


  3. Bettejo –

    You are so right on with this! Jeff Sharlett’s book, and much other info released during the past year, shows the danger of the Family, the “C Street” Mafia and how they have infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. government thru the pro-Nazi RepubliCON extremists with a religious/elitist agenda.

    The only thing I’d add would be to point out that while the RepubliCON establishment was busy supporting Adolf Hitler (and that was a far more genteel brand of Republicanism than the extremism we see today), we must not forget that it was not only Americans who took Hitler out, it was Democratic prez’s FDR and Truman, and FDR had to overcome much RepubliCON obstruction prior to Pearl Harbor!

    Very good one!


    • There was so much I had to leave out. The close ties of the Bush famiiy to the Nazis. The oil connection. Joseph McCarthy. J. Edgar. Ray Cohen. Anyway, I tried to do it with 1500 words. PHEW, what audacity. The one thing I really wanted to bring out was the comment “…the godless communists…” What kind of a mind set put a religious spin on this? This critter in the sky determined that communists were godless? Total lunatics anyway I’ll try to keep the ties focused on the powerful religious angle and will list my sources and references. I’ll try to wrap it up today. Love’ya ME


      • Yes, Bettejo, some excellent points.

        Not being on the island as much as I’d like, I can’t speak to the local presence that you have mentioned in the past without real specific documentation, but certainly your excellent points about the national presence of the takeover attempt by the theocratic elitists who want to impose their religious tyranny in conjunction with an economic elitism for their own enrichment through exploitation of cheap labor by working poor in a way that is directly opposite to everything Jesus ever (allegedly) taught, but I’m sure the renegade “apostle” Paul would be so proud.

        For more on what Jesus taught, and how modern evangelical Christians (via Paul’s oppositional doctrines) stand in stark contrast, see further comment at:

        Certainly any connections that can be documented between the Nazis, Bush, McCarthy, Hoover, etc., though much has been written about conservative (anti-communist driven) support for the Nazis prior to the onset of the Second World War.

        The right-wing obsession with “godless communists” is no doubt a reference to Karl Marx’s famous (and not inaccurate” statement that “religion is the opiate of the masses” — the tool by which the elites placate (numb) the impoverished majority that creates their wealth for them.

        Of course, Marx’s comments were an irrelevant aside to this economic theory; one’s chosen superstitions are not germane to economic principles. In any case, as has been pointed out by others, Marx also supported the end of slavery and public schools before they were generally popular, but today those who agree with him on those points are forgiven their leftist, subversive tendencies.



    • Am doing a lot of red penciling. I’m an editor who needs one. Dull day in bedrock, Lihue, today. Rainy, too. Love’ya ME.


      • No matter how good a writer one is, or how proficient an editor or proofreader of others’ work one may be, one always needs another pair of eyeballs looking over one’s own efforts.



      • I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. How to wrap this up? How to get here? Well, I’ll either figure it out or I won’t. I tell you ‘brain exhaustion’ is as tiring as swinging a pick and a shovel. All I seem to be doing is shuffling papers. Well, I’ll see if my subconscious mind can pick up on this. I’ll wake up tomorrow with an answer. tee hee Sanity, inelligence, reason by osmosis. Which books shall I put under my pillow? Yours. Jeff’s. Madsen’s. Maybe I should try and organize this mess-literally hip deep in it- I’m surrounded by books, notes, articles…on and on. Love’ya ME


      • Really trying to clean up, tighten up, and straighten up COSMIC. I think it gets better everyday. i don’t know why I seem to think there is an important time factor involved. Read Gene Lyons’ column this morning: Obama must fail. He must not. Going to spend moment today to connect Romney to the Fellowship. Love ya ME


      • I would certainly be curious about any link between Romney and the “C Street” “Family” group that Sharlet writes about. I find that to be untenable but, if true, would really be a bombshell.

        The “C Street” Family consists of Evangelical Protestants. Romney is a Mormon. While these two groups are able to fashion uneasy political alliances such as in opposing equal relationships for the GLBT community, theologically and, in many cases, politically, the Evangelical Protestants and Mormons have great distrust for each other (Evangelicals even refuse to accept Mormons “The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints” as Christian!). In fact, one of the problems for Romney (and Huntsman) is that many Southern Evangelicals have indicated that they will not vote for a Mormon for president under any circumstance.

        Looking forward to your piece when it is ready (I’m patient).


        P.S., did you see the “guest blog” Kimo hosted from me on his “dakinetalk” blog page?


      • Checked it out. It seems, as far as I can gather, the christian fundamentalists are opposed to Romney. Therefor I think he’d be a great candidate. Like ed silvoso’s dreadful gang here in Hawaii during the gubernatorial election, the religious fanatics would be the group that split up. It’s difficult to hold them together. There’s the Palin loons. The powerful Fellowship cult and some other fundamentalist groups that might not be able to hold. That, of course, would work in Obama’s favor.

        The Dems ,may be angry and confused but at least they don’t have the religious dimension to deal with.

        Last night I went to bed with a red pencil and did a lot of house cleaning. I think it’s important all thinking people recognize the danger these people represent. It will help hold ‘us’ together, I think.

        Taking the day off. Love’ya ME


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