Michele Bachman

From the Voice of Reason

The Journal of Americans for Religious Freedom, 2011, N0.2 (115)

Michele Bachmann

A long shot, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman, seen as a sentimental favorite among elements of the Tea Party and Religious Right, which overlap. Her in-your-face demeanor appeals to true believers on the Far right.

Bachman has represented Minnesota’s sixth congressional district (the suburb and exurbs of St. Paul Minnesota and Minneapolis), since winning in 2006. She received a law degree from Coburn Law School at fundamentalist Oral Roberts University in Tulsa in 1976. Once a Democrat who met her husband while working with Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign, she moved to the right and became a Reagan Republican.

She is adamantly opposed to abortion rights and gay rights. In the 110th Congress she opposed a law that would have barred employment discrimination against gays and lesbians. She supported ban on foreign aid that included abortion, the so-called “Mexico City” doctrine.

Bachman ia fan of bogus historian David Barton and has enlisted him to teach on constitutional issues for her Tea Party caucus in congress. Bachman called Batton, a fellow Oral Roberts University graduate, “a treasure for our nation.” She supports his distorted and grossly inaccurate “Christian Nation” interpretation of U.S. history.

She is not alone among Republicans in this regard. Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee have expressed admiration for Batton.

If she runs, Bachman may do well in the first caucus state, Iowa, where she was born in 1956. Bachman appeals to a wide swath of the evangelical world far beyond her member ship in the fundamentalist Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

First of all we might take a look at the Oral Roberts University. They teach a branch of physics based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. ORU  also launched an honors program…Ptolomy and the Geocentric theory of the Universe and the Evangelical Center of Faith-Baseed Reasoning at ORU  also refutes gravity and offers a new “Intelligent Falling” Theory.  But the stickler is the law school from which Michele graduated. Herb Titus, a Christian attorney, who helped found the law school began his career promoting an ideology called Christian Reconstructionism–that is “Christianity is the basis of our law. That lawyers and judges should follow god’s law, and that failure to do that is evidence of a ‘tyrannical’ leftist agenda. Herb also claims that Obama isn’t a ‘real’ American worth-according to the Bible or the constituion-of being President.  this last bit of information come from Mother Jones in an article by Tim Murphy, July 12, 2011.

Furthermore, we must not forget tho close ties Michele has with the Fellowship Foundation, the infamous Christian mafia.

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  1. Bettejo –

    Another excellent blog!

    Yes, Bachman started out as a conservo-Dem working for Jimmy Carter and moved to the right, but remember that in the 1976 primary, Carter (governor of a Southern state, Georgia, which is not exactly a bastion of liberalism) was the most conservative among the Democratic field and was (and still is) an evangeical Christian and Bible-believing Sunday School teacher.

    But yes, even starting out as a conservative Dem, while Carter has since moved more the the left (or at least the center) Michele Bachman did move significantly to the extreme wacko right wing over the next 36 years.


    • EMERALD this is total insanity. I’m going to have to appeal to DAVE,I think he should be picking up, as I’m going to, the absolutely insane things written in that awful book. I’m just certain there are still enough sane Christians, Republicans, Hawks, whoevers to flush these loons down the john for good. More and more of us are going to pick up on this. Doonsbury for an example. it will come from everywhere as it should. We will be dealing with the most powerful force in America if not in the world. No matter what anyone thinks of Obama or the democratic party or the state of the union we’d all better get it together and bring these bastards down. We have no choice. Love’ya ME


  2. I agree with Emerald that this is another fine piece that touches on so many critical aspects of the attempt by a conservative faction of “Christian” extremists (who actually teach the opposite of that which is attributed to their nominal founder, Jesus) to use force of law to impose their theocratic tyranny on others.

    It is true that Michele Bachmann touts her legal credentials, but as Bettejo points out, those credentials came from spurious “institutions” of higher learning that are known to teach bizarre distortions of legal, historical, scientific and, yes, even religious theology.

    And the ties to David Barton further undermine any credibility. Barton has written and spoken extensively trying to rewrite American and Constitutional history, setting aside the reality that American was deliberately fashioned as a secular nation, with no mention in our Constitution whatsoever of including religion and, on the contrary, explicit demands that religion kept out of public policy and protected only as the purely private matter that it is.

    There is far more about all aspects of each of these points than can possibly be included in a brief response here.

    My own website goes into much more detail as to the specific ways in which evangelical “Christianity” contradicts and opposes Jesus’ teachings (notably in the articles on Bible literalism and the contradictions between Jesus and Paul), and how Christianity seeks to impose itself in modern culture and politics.

    From the master article on the first page, one can scroll down to links to the specific pages discuss specific aspects of these issues.

    It is important that we honor the history of our Founders who rebelled against the trannies of both religion and artistocrat elitism, and resist the modern Tories who seek to return to Puritannical oppression.



    • To simplify, the articles on my site most directly relevant to the current piece by Bettejo would be:

      Bible contradictions and flaws, which addresses specific problems with trying to apply ancient myths to the modern world (and includes some of the horrific teachings Bettejo refers to):

      Paul vs. Jesus: how Paul undermined and opposed Jesus and set the stage for the modern evangelical viewpoint that gives lip service to Jesus as god, while stabbing his teachings in the back:

      Christianity and Culture: addresses both cultural and political aspects of the modern efforts by “Christians” to intrude into domination of others who do not share their superstitions:




      • Dave, how in the world can one delete the ‘bad’ stuff from the good book? i don’t understand the role Paul played. i do understand the role of the Pope and the Catholic church. i do understand the years when-for the most part- only monks could read and write. I think to attempt to use the bible as a point of historical understanding or interpretation will not work. Wipe out the Old Testament. Rewrite the New Testament, removing all mention of god and the virgin and satan and hell and ‘voices’ and baptism and the holy father and heaven and the works and what has one left?

        One must completely dismiss the written word of the Old Testament. Think of King James and thou shalt not suffer etc etc. He wrote that in. That book is filled with additions such as this. To my mind the whole thing must go. it is a book of fiction. Bad history. Lies. Horrors. Ending with the ghastly Roman death of some poor guy. Two thousand years of this bloody grissly horror tale is 2000 years too many. How, in the telling, retelling-filming!! ugh, reenacting!! ugh– of such horror could one not expect such horrors as Michele and the christian mafia to emerge?

        As long as anyone can quote chapter and verse and claim that any part of it is the word of god, man cannot prevail. that book is anythiig but a good book.

        Peace and love bettejo


      • Dear Bettejo — one does not need to delete the “bad” stuff from the “good” book. If one believes in a messianic Jesus (I no longer do), one can sift the chaff from the wheat merely by accepting the Bible in the same way that the early Christians did. There were many varied and differing compilations of gospels and epistles (letters) and every local congregation was different.

        It was not until more than 300 years after Jesus’ death that the Catholic church, newly formed out of all the differing (and bickering) congregations, decided to establish a universal (catholic) compilation. Sadly, their compilation edited out the gospels of Peter, Thomas, Judas and Mary Magdalene that did not conform to their patriarchal agenda of male domination.

        Today, if one is a believer in Jesus (but not in the renegade “apostle” Paul), one can accept the gospels of Matthew, Peter, Thomas and Mary Magdalene (all of whom actually knew Jesus) and reject the letters of Paul or the gospels written by Paul’s followers who never met Jesus.

        For those like myself who do not believe in any of the ancient mythologies, but recognize that there are bits of wisdom in all of them, the key is to simply look for that which is good and decent and uplifting, and which teaches wisdom and compassion, and disregard that which is mean, cruel, degrading or demeaning to anyone, whether it be slaves, women, minorities or foreigners. And for those like myself, the same standard is applied in examining the texts sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and Muslims, accepting that which is rich in wisdom and compassion, and repudiating that which is not.



      • Dave, I’m rereading the Mind of the Bible-Believer by Edmund D. Cohen. In his introduction he states “The terrible truth is that, when one really gets to know the bible, the social views implicit in it are by far more retrograde than those of any contemporary politicized Evangelical.” He goes on to say…”…response to the retrograde social views and inconspicuous personal misery being spread far and wide by the new conservative Evangelicals.”

        We witness this today, in spades. Cohen speaks of the Evangelical Mind-control system. This book was first published in 1988, long before the truth of the dreadful religious right goings on in Washington became common knowledge. Device 4: Assaulting Integrity Device 5: dissociation Induction Device 6. Bridge burnings Device 7. Holy Terror.

        I really have an issue with the word “awakening” it is a religious right term…it’s more an issue of ‘growing up’ becoming adults, human beings free of all religious nonsense. I don’t know that we can do that. Particularly as things get worse and more and more poor miserable people turn to the religion and god as the only answer and solace there will be ‘hell’ to pay. the whole thing makes me just want to go back to bed and hide under the covers. I get angry. That doesn’t work. I’m going to have to cool off. We can only change things one person at a time, I hope there are enough of us left to continue the ‘good fight’.

        My search is for truth and human wisdom. I read Calvin and my hair stands on end. Think I’ll go talk to the ‘kids’.,I think, sometimes, they make better sense and are more intelligent that half the people I encounter. Thank you guys for being there. Love you guys ME


      • Yes, Bettejo, I would agree with the assessment you cite, that “The social views implicit in i[the Bible] are by far more retrograde than those of any contemporary politicized Evangelical” but only with the proviso that you are making that assessment by the contemporary morals and ethical standards of our modern times and the civilized values that have evolved over the intervening millenia.

        The the standards contemporary to the times in which the various books of Bible were written, they are extremely comparison in relation to others of their era. But sadly, they remain fixed, static, rigid and the unbending “inerrant, infallible word” to those who believe they are the words of a mythical sky deity, and as the world has evolved around them, they have lagged into cruel and yes, very retrograde, standards of social oppression.



      • Feuerbach: “My purpose…is to transform theologians into anthropologists, lovers of god into lovers of man, candidates for the next world into studentts of this world, religious and political flunkeys of heavenly and earthly monarchs and lords into free, self-reliant citizens of earth…I negate the fantastic hypocrisy of theology and religion only in order to affirm the true nature of man.” From Lectures on the Essence of Religion.

        Love’ya ME


  3. Excellent comments in support of freedom of and from religion; a blow against the economic conservatives who seek to exploit the gullible superstitions of the religionists.


    • ..and deliberately make people more miserable. The more miserable they are the more they will flock to god and religion for answers and respond politically as directed by the demagogues. . There are enough really ‘bad things’ going on without creating more. I understand how great guys like WHEEE simply can’t accept the truth. It’s scary. It often seems beyond resolution. Beyond any attempt by the voice of reason to resolve or deal with. I’m just so happy I’m in Hawaii.

      One wonderful bright spot- before I go eat worms- did you happen to see the video of the guys that saved the young female humpback in the Straits (Sea?) of Cortez? Just too wonderful. The whale’s role in the rescue is incredible, too. I’ll check it out so you can get there. It will make you very happy. Love to all of you. ME


      • Okay it’s on youtube. Spellbinding Humpback Whale Rescue. video.

        So beautiful. Love’ya ME


  4. A very happy birthday to a very special, classy lady!

    I would like to also extend a public greeting on the TGI letters page, but I do know that you have some rather unsavory bullies who don’t appreciate your many gifts and I do not want to see them use the occasion of your special day to promote their campaign of harassment.

    I seek your feedback in advising whether or not you would like me to offer such a post.


  5. I also join in wishing a very happy birthday to one of the brightest illuminaries in the Kauaian constellation!


  6. Bettejo –

    It’s your BIRTHDAY!
    Oh I hope it is the best birthday ever.
    As you can see, all the bright people are the ones who love and appreciate you!

    Many birthday hugs!


    • You’re darling but don’t push. I won’t make 81 until the 15th. Sigh. Just renewed my driver’s license. Had to buy new driver’s glasses. Sigh. Easy renewal. Picture still looks good but they said i grinned too big. Asked me to fake a ‘small’ grin. The ‘bad guys’ what are ‘down on me’ look sillier and sillier by the minute. How did you guys find out it was my birthday? Trying to work this on line publishing thing out is just not my style. I can write but I don’t understand the ‘business end of it. Still THE SCAM is such a cute book, it’s worth the effort. Would make a darling film. Here on Kauai. If you want to ‘play’ woith TGI it’s okay with me. Should be interesting to see if they’ll print it. Love’ya ME


      • Dear Bettejo — Your Facebook lists TODAY as your birthday, so all your Facebook friends got a notification of your special day!

        Check your Facebook page! Myself, DDWiz and Kimo all posted birthday greetings there.

        Is your Facebook page wrong????
        But see, you have friends you are thinking of you!


      • Well then, if it is not your birthday today (hey, I just followed the Facebook addicts…), then, as the Mad Hatter would say…

        “A very merry UN-birthday, to yoooooo!”


      • My birthday is the 15rh. The lady who set up my Facebook account got it all wrong. I’m thinking of printing five hundred words of SCAM every day as a column. it will be a teaser. I think you’re going to love the book. Does that sound like a good idea? Anyway, I have to type the entire manuscript again. Lost all the computer saves. Tthankfully I print all my work.
        Settled with an on line and started in. It will be kind of boring, just typing but that’s what I’ve got.
        I’ve had a lot of help, I’m hopelessly stupid when it comes to tech stuff but I am on my way. sugh. You’d have loved this morning. Rain. and two thrush came down to play with the kids. Did you like the Opium Wars reference? I skim over the top of stuff. You guys delve deep. Love’ya.


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