So I don’t lose my blog while I’m getting SCAM ready, I think I’ll publish five hundred words day. Just to tease you. I’m not going to give the plot away. Here’s the first chapter. I’m sure you’re going to love it.

In the Zoo

“She was much prettier last time,” the woman in front of us said.

“Wasn’t so damn cold last time,” the man alongside her grumbled.

“Gets colder every year.”

“Ooops! Look out Hattie! Fall down in that and I’ll play hell getting you back on your feet.”

She was built like a shorter, chubbier, Art Buchwald. He was an underweight Peter Sellers.

The pond was frozen over. it was a thin layer of ice, but strong enough for the waterfowl to walk on.

Just as the lengthy procession crossing the bridge followed each other two-by-two, so the brightly feathered mallards below us on the surface of the pond, followed each other two-by-two. The ducks were more colorful, winter clothing has a tendency to be drab, but the people had a more interesting way of going. Ice had formed on the path, people slipped, slithered, and slid. The ducks, in contrast, walked sedately.

Only Father would have a garden wedding in the snow.

At the head of the overland trekkers was Father, of course, dressed, not quite appropriately, in a white tailored western suit, very fancy, very expensive, and hand-tooled purple-leather high-heeled boots. His silk shirt was ruffled down the front and at the wrists. He’d not worn his Stetson, at the bride’s request, but he did wear his father’s silver spurs and a long flowing white wig turned under in a sweeping page-boy at the shoulders.

He was a startling figure of a man, a swinging 20th Century Buffalo Bill with a dash of P.T. Barnum tossed in for good measure.

The little  woman at his side, pale as the snow and dressed in yellow lace, was a Dresden doll. She, as Father had announced to the numerous friends and relatives, was our sunshine. I doubt there was any of the real stuff this side of Waikiki.

The sky was a cold wet specter lying ten feet off the ground, descending, mischievously at times, to tweak one’s nose with icicle fingers. The Christmas tree forest, where the marriage ceremony was to be performed, appeared and disappeared in the fog, as did the entire wedding party.

It was a scene right out of an exquisite twelfth century Japanese scroll. Picture it, the arched, ornately carved bridge, the pond, a perfect oval, the staid column of ducks, the long line of people, the misty trees, the fog, all very classical and refined, yes? No.

We were at the tail-end of the parade of people passing over the bridge. The bride seemed to have an endless number of friends and acquaintance; we were in her territory. We, David and I, represented Father’s entire family. The street outside the Colonel’s, Father’s, petting farm and zoo, was lined for as half-mile in either direction with an assortment of automobiles as overbearing


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  1. Bettejo, belated happy birthday.. it’s a blog about nothing and everything. We are always looking for guest bloggers… Please consider guest blogging, Davis Danizier and Doug Dunn have both been guest bloggers in the past…


  2. Come read today’s blog. My new book SCAM, I’m getting it ready to publish but I’m going to print five hundred words a day here just to tease you guys. won’t give the plot away. You’re in it. You’re gonna love it. It’s a hoot. Send everybody. Love’ya bettejo


  3. How do I do this, KIMO? Very interested.


  4. Love your warm, personal writing style!


  5. I promise it’s going to get better. Taylor Camp. Hippies. One oif Hawaii’s great lawyers. Gypsy jake, who is probably KIMO. And, remember the Boo critter? Wait’ll she shows up…. RGGR is already part of he picture but I won’t tell…


  6. Bettejo –

    Looking forward, as always, to more excellent material!


  7. Also anticipating more of your insightful and well-written pieces, and seeing the final version of your book as it appears in print.

    You offer much of value.
    But you also seem to have quite a few people who don’t like you.
    Evil would not be threatened by that which is not a threat to evil.

    You also have many who appreciate your gifts.


    • Thank you guys, I love you dearly. With my detractor(s)..I always ry to consider the source. I think I’ve made the ‘right’ enemies. Sometimes I love to tweak their tails. I’ve always seemed to have a knack for bringing out the ‘bully’ in bullies. Can’t wait to see THE SCAM in print. Hope to have it out by Christmas. It’s so good to be ‘back to work.’ Although retyping is a bit of a chore. Love’ya Me


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