Segments of my new novel, THE SCAM. At last a funny book has come to town and Kauai is the location. Scroll down to IN THE ZOO and read up.

“Condemning our land?”

“For a park.”

“They can do that anytime they want. Why the hanky panky?”

“This is just speculation, Karen. Ty believes us. It’s got to be a frame. But who? Why? The land is the only thing he’s got going. He figures if they can prove they’re condemning a filthy hipped-up drug scene it’ll look better all the way around.”

“Keeps the good citizen in line, eh? If he keeps his nose clean his land won’t be condemned.”

David nodded. “Something like that. And there’s always the question of money.”

“They’d rather steal it?”

“They’d rather steal it.”

“is that all?”

“No. It gets worse.”


“The media.”

This time I nodded, remembering the woman with the flash.

“According to the radio we’re the Manson family of Kauai. They’re having a field day. I’m a mad scientist. You’re a kook. We’re growers. Addicts. Pushers.”

“Baby boilers.”


“Can’t we sue?”

“They’re careful to leave themselves out. It’s all inference at this point.”

“Go on.”

“I made the front pages in the morning papers.”

“In your cute little shorts?”

“We even made the Editorial Page. Slow day in the islands. You made the inside pages, Ma, sorry. Maybe next time.”

“Next time? I’m going straight.”

“Karen, there could be a next time.”

When the phone rang, I jumped three feet. It was long distance. Collect. Before I could tell him we’d changed our minds, he began, “I don’t have much time, Mrs. Holt. But it’s all there. It’s coming through. Can you give me more time?”

“Of course,” I sighed.

“If I double the manpower I can move faster. Are you in a rush?”

“How long the way we’re going?”

“Maybe a week. Maybe more. Maybe less.”


7 Responses

  1. Bettejo and Emerald, would love you two to be guest bloggers on my blog. check it out if you haven’t recently.

    send me a photo a short 2-3 line bio and a blog 200-500 words give or take. Aloha, Kimo


  2. KIMO, i want to do this. Don’t know how. Can you take the picture of me at Kilohana in Facebook and use it?. I’ll go through my stuff and figure out what I want to send you. Then I have to figure out how to get it to you. Cn’t i just say, take this one?

    love’ya ME


  3. Yes, I can take any photo of your FB page, the one of you in the chair?

    Would love to have you has a guest blogger anytime, in fact I have one blogger every Monday for inspirational Mondays and a professional Novella writer every Friday Michael Herr for Aloha Friday’s

    If your good and I know your better than good, you could have one day a week for bettejo!


    • I think a lot of us (well, except for the loony fringe) appreciate Bettejo’s talent and would like to see more of her work circulated more broadly!


  4. Emerald, you too can be a guest blogger if you want… Doug and Dave have done it…. Aloha, Kimo


  5. KIMO, When I wish work today, I’ll get back to you. could I use some of my old stuff? i really have to hump it to get SCAM ready. It’s exciting but a bit scary, too. Love’ya ME


    • Be sure you check out my ‘column’-you guys call it a bloig, today. too cute. Retort to our uber nazi loon TECHNY. Book going swell. just prep now and sending it off. Darling new clothes to wear to Sundance. Love you. Kim you can publish it if you like. It has a PDF. Give me your address and I’ll send it on, if you like.


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