The uber Nazi, Tea Party, Fellowship Gang

It has come to me, as if in a dream, that in 2012, when Newt Gingrich is elected Republican President of the United States, he will have a coalition of the uber Nazi, Tea Party, Christian Fellowship fellows. It will be a most difficult group to pull and hang together but, with reason and sanity working for and with them, a political, economic and religious group will evolve.

So, I moved to the future and put myself in the picture.

It’s 2012. I, as a convert and Fox media talking head and right-wing columnist, interviewed the most prominent members of the faction. I spoke first with the Uber. At length-or for as long as the  master race’s new leader’s mind  held focus-we talked. I queried. He answered.

“Uber Meister, seig heil, I’m honored,” I said. He looked down his prominent proboscis and squinted.  He looked as grandly groomed and polished as a portly bald, brown-shirted Nazi mit Adolf Hitler mustache could look from the shoulders up. His jaws waggled imperiously. He was a sight all patriotic Americans seated, squatting, kneeling before their twinkling shrines welcomed into their humble abodes.  “Now that you have at last come into power what will be your first move?”

“To rid America of all people of color. This is a white Christian nation, held too long in the hands of  racial and religious inferiors.”

I nodded, overwhelmed by the power in his voice, the venom in his eyes. “When will that begin?”

“Immediately. We’re rounding up now. Dead of night stuff. You know,” I nodded. I’d done my home work. Secret files and all. “They will leave peacefully or like cattle in a boxcar.”

I put my hand to my heart, sighed, and raised my right hand in salute.  “You do-did-that so well last time. Free at last. Free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last.”

“You quote me. Words of wisdom are never lost.”

“Our ousted leader and his family…” I held my breath.

His mouth twitched.

“…and Jews?”

“Those that don’t convert. And many who do,” his eyes narrowed.

“…and then…”

“..down the line. I’ve a list. Useless space hogging seniors. Females who can’t reproduce.  Cripples. Handicapped. Egg heads. Trouble makers. Useless dregs.”

Overcome by the splendor of the moment I exploded with words. Also, it was a moment in which to secure my place in this worthy order. “…Torch light parades. Tinkly sounds of windows breaking. Book burnings. I just love book burnings. Haven’t missed one. Weiner schnitzle on a stick. My children love it.”

He reached over and patted my knee. “How many do you have?”

“Four. All boys. They were born with M24’s in their hand-thanks be to God and all  the good German male sperm donors-.and one on the way…”

“A girl this time,” he gruffed.  “We need breeders. You are a fine example of pure Arian blood.” He ruffled my blonde perfumed head. Gazed fondly into my Prussian blue eyes.

“I’m interviewing Tea Party leader next.”

“You are wise.”

When the slender Tea Party female entered, he brushed past her without a glance. My stock in the future rose.


4 Responses

  1. My Dear Bettejo —

    So nice to see you back behind the keyboard!

    Back to your rabble rousing self!
    I know Kimo, Doug, TFB and many others who are solidly behind you will be glad to see you reenergized and stirring up trouble (for those who need it)!



    • Wish I was on Wall Street. Just met this awful uber Nazi on the discussion site. Decided to have fun with it. Wait’ll you meet the Tea Party ‘Lady’. Love it when I can have fun. SCAM is going to be a great success. Movie. The works. Have a great idea-with a friend-about doing a web site where Kauai writers can advertise. Sell their stuff. So much talent here. Glad to be back for a moment. Looking forward to Sundance. Such darling clothes. Everybody with snow or ski clothes is showing up at the gate. I’m going to stalk Robert Redford and give him an autographed copy. Perfect role for him in book. Love you Me


  2. Bettejo is back! Bettejo, you’ve been gone too long (almost two months!) but good to see you are back and as feisty as ever, going after Karl Rove, the Teabaggers and the religious wackos who want to burn us heathens at the stake!

    Looking forward to a preview of this project you’ve been cooking up!
    Love to see how you comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable!


  3. Yes, I agree with my friends that it is nice to have Bettejo back and filled with as much humor and insightfulness as ever.

    And do keep us all posted as to the advances on your latest projects!


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