Before I get into what happened the morning I woke up saying,  “I’m going to Sun Dance,” I think I’d like to talk about why.

It seems to me, if you check it out and pay attention, the first things to go when times are bad are truth and laughter. One of my friends and readers agreed but said, “There’s nothing to laugh about, ”  and I disagree. Truth I can only reach for and espouse, and it usually starts a fight, but laughter is a gift- a special human quality that’s there, always deep inside-for all of us to search for and discover. It’s a cliché I know, but it’s still more truth than fiction, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and I am a humorist at heart. I’d rather made people laugh than cry.

I’m thinking of that wonderful film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, The Bucket List. The joy and laughter expressed in that wonderful tale about two dying old blokes is priceless. You can also think of Aunty Mame and her experience during the Great Depression. Remember the line, “It’s your broker, he wants to say goodbye before jumping out the window.”? Don’t analyze it to death but think how it made us laugh even though there was nothing funny about the depression or jumping out a window.

Well, The Scam has that quality. The darling old scoundrel, Colonel Charles Warren Skinner and the husband of his bride to be accept the mess they’re in and come up with an answer that’s a giggle and a half and that’s what we need right now.

On the down side: all of us are aware of the mess we’re in today. Broke, out of work, homeless, kids going hungry, drugs, crime, all the social horrors that go go along with poverty.  Lost  in a wretched economic entanglement-wars and awful natural disasters- we find it difficult to carry on. We’ve almost lost hope. The world wallows in misery. Us, too. As all of you know I’m not an ostrich. I live in the real world, but I can find laughter and so can you.

What’s the answer?  Sun Dance and Robert Redford, of course.


Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES.  What if this talented, generous  nature-loving man man could see what we see? The Scam, a tale that’s a ‘delight for the mind and a tickle for the funny bone’ as one of my readers put it and a perfect movie.

Everyone loves to make  films on Kauai. We’re a perfect location. Natural beauty from the mountains to the valleys to the ocean white with foam and the movie industry is a big industry.  A clean, fun, industry. ‘They’ make films here, just up the road at the National Botanical Garden, about dinosaurs. About pirates. Well, how about a film made on Kauai about Kauai? Put people to work. We need a sound stage. We need your great heart, Mr. Redford.  Your great  talent.  We need your help. And, I think, making The Scam is a perfect way to begin  a new and beautiful 2012 relationship.

It’ll be a big hit. It was banned in Boston.


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