Don’t you think we are all a product of our past? Did you have a happy childhood? Did you love your parents? School? Other kids? Activities?

I think, in many ways, I was lucky. As an only child who came from a happy home, I was probably indulged. Spoiled I was told as a young adult by a few friends and  frowning relatives.  But I always replied,  “Perhaps. But it all came out as love.” I was a beloved child. I’ve  never seen anything wrong with that.

One could argue I was born with an over-healthy ego and that might work, but, again, I see nothing wrong with it.  One nice thing about a healthy ego a child rarely finds itself in a situation where it has to put down another kid’s ego to feel secure. I was born with and nourished by  what I’ve always considered  gifts: the gift  of belonging, of being wanted, of being loved. I was always-still am-very happy being me and during the aging process-81 full years of it- no one was ever able to mess that up.

I was never saddled with inferiority or the fear of God. Hell and damnation were concepts to which I was never exposed.

My parents were not religious but my father sent me to a Catholic school to be raised. I boarded for awhile and had forty of the greatest mothers a kid could have. Once again I was indulged. I could tell wonderful stories about teachers who competed with each other to see which one could send me out in the world best prepared.

The secret to that? They all adored my father. He worked in a very classy floral and decorating shop just down the street from the school. Very handsome and charming, the little nuns, in pairs, would enter the shop shyly to say hello to ‘Jerry’. My father always gave them each a rose which, I think, they slept with.

I wasn’t allowed to attend Mass or take catechism but I’d sneak in to church that forbidden temple.  I sat in Catechism class, with  always a catechism-the forbidden book-on my desk and knew it forward and backward. When a Catholic kid couldn’t answer a question, a little nun would say, “Let’s see if our little Protestant girl knows the answer.”

I always did and that didn’t make me popular.

But not being popular worked for me, too. I didn’t-don’t- need that label to make me happy, either.  I guess I was just born happy.

My mother said I was born with ‘my tongue tied in the middle. Wagging at both ends’.

All my readers can feel fortunate. If it weren’t for paper and pen and now ‘the screen’ the whole world would be deaf by now.

These ‘gifts’- I didn’t create them- have never failed me. Even on Kauai. Even now.

Here and now it’s  rocks or roses, but the rocks never hit and the roses never faded.

I’ve a light heart as a grown up kid on Kauai.


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  1. Bettejo, are you inrereated in being a guest-blogger every wednesday, we can jusrt recycle one of your great columns from your blog! Classic Wednesdays with Bettejo Dux!


    • Yes. I’d love it. Let me know your choice so I can go back and see if it needs editing. I’m sure having a time trying to respond to your wonderful entries. Somehow i just can’t get through. It says my screen name and password are wrong but I only have one. Love’ya ME


  2. I finally quit putting it off and ordered my copy of “The Scam” from this morning! Looking forward to a good read!

    The book can be ordered at:


  3. Davis, I keep trying to leave a glowing response to your pieces on Kimo’s site but the crazy machine won’t let me in. I’ll figure it out. Until then know I love everything your write. Forgive my typos. Kimo said he would let me know which ‘column’ he’d like to publish ev
    ery Wednesday-I just love it-but I’ll try and edit them before they’re printed. KIMO, am I to appear tomorrow? Or next Wednesday? Love’ya ME


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