tt’s raining in my neck of the jungle. I can practically watch thick furry green moss grow up the trunks and branches of the trees and over the rocks and walls and stepping-stones. At the garden centers you pay more for lava moss rocks than you do for just plain old   rocks. Here, in my very wet valley, clouds heavy with rain slide- big fat slugs- down Mt. Kahili’s eastern slopes and all I have to do is haul rocks home and let them do the green thing by themselves.

Out in my jungle the most incredibly brilliant orange fungi sprout and drink like exotic weeds on rain drops big as dimes and nickels. I don’t get pennies from heaven here, I harvest a lot of  loose change falling from the sky’s deep pockets. The little orchid -white heads of Walking Iris twinkle like holiday lights on the bank and jungle floor. Lawai fern, taller than the kid’s ears, shake water off their backs like  dogs shake fleas. Open on three side to the outside my jungle studio was meant for a  grown up kid who grew up in the woods.

The sun is out for a moment but I’m hunkering down, waiting for the next downpour. I can hear it coming. Walking. Trotting. Running. A thundering head long gallop with the wind up its tail and its mane in its eyes, straight for me to cuddle through. At least the house will stay on an even keel and the computer will keep dry. My puppy, too. She’s sleeping at my feet.

When I’m not thinking about my column on a rainy day, I’m thinking about Soup. A big hot cup of nutritious, delicious Soup. Soup. Soup. Beautiful Soup, Soup of the morning, beauti-FUL SOUP. Did anyone else grow up with Louis Carroll? How many guys have a cup of Soup for breakfast? I just glanced into the jungle and a Cheshire cat grinned down at me from a branch.

I make quantities of Soup stock-chicken or veggie-in the winter  like the French. Just as Adelle Davis taught me years ago when she jumped  off a shelf. Let’s Get Well. Let’s Cook it Right. Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit. Do you know she sold more books than the Bible? It was a better time.  She told the truth about the American food industry and was vilified for it. What a surprise. She and Linus Pauling-Vitamin C and the Common Cold- saved my life and the life of my animals many times. But she didn’t have a Vitamix.

I do. I toss stuff in and whistle while I whirr. Green peppers. Carrots. Onions. Garlic. Ginger. Potatoes, red and white. A dash of this. A dash of that. A tablespoonful each of Brewer’s yeast, rich in the B vitamins, and wheat germ.

As I slurp, a squall that shivered me timbers just waltzed by.

I learned the art of digression from James Thurber. Soup and rain and puppy dog’s tails are the order of today.

On Kauai.


2 Responses

  1. I have soup and toast every morning, every monday I add the skinleeschicken breast whitemeat from a costco roteissure chicken to a bunch of fresh vegatables, enough for 7 days of breakfastr and a couple snacks! Soup! next year Souper bowl at my house!


    • We sound like kindred souls. Love’ya Me


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