“Here’s a toast to health and happiness, let the rest of them drink to money.”

I’ve never had a thing about money. As long as I could pay my bills, lead the life I chose, and stay healthy, I was happy. I had to work at it, it didn’t come free but that was a pleasure, too. Surrounded by books, animals, and a husband I adored, I set out upon life’s journey. I loved to act. So I acted. I loved to write. So I wrote. Money had nothing to with it. As far as a career in acting or writing, I was as close to Hollywood or New York as I ever wanted to be. Happy  The Scam made it to New York, though.

My husband said I was  perfectly well equipped to live in the 15th century, so I had to find out about that. Turns out it wouldn’t have been a healthy, happy time for me to land in at all. No, not at all. Witch hunts and burnings were the rage. Fun and games. And  I discovered the book Malleus maleficarum- the Hammer of Witches- was one of the first books ever printed on the Gutenberg press 1485-86.

“All wickedness,” said the Catholic inquisition authorities, “is but little to the wickedness of women. What else is woman but a foe to friendship, an unescapable punishment,  a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, domestic danger, a delectable detriment, an evil nature, painted with colors…Women are by nature instruments of Satan…”

That certainly doesn’t sound very happy or healthy to me, so I think I’ll just skip it. Hard to do- though-if you’ve been following the Garden Island Forum discussion site lately. So many posters-all of them of religious bent or right wing-play the gendercide game. it’s a game they’ve mastered. Can’t resist going on. Health and happiness on Kauai can wait. Hopefully it will  be there when we get back.

In 1980, Ben-Yehuda, wrote “it was to become the most influential and widely used handbook on witchcraft…its enormous influence was practically guaranteed, owing not only to its authoritative appearance but also to its extremely wide distribution…The moral backing had been provided for a horrible endless march of suffering, torture and human disgrace inflicted on thousands of women.” I think it resurfaced in 2008 when Palin had her exorcism. It’s quite the rage on the Forum discussion site. Toned down, maybe. Not exactly identified but alive and well and that’s not healthy.

Well, I don’t keep it on my shelves and as long as I remember that health and happiness are, quite often, an inner human expression, I can toss the madness out with the holy water.

Still, you must be physically and morally healthy and strong to confront this 21st century madness. Stand on your head. Worship the  scented plumeria.  Listen to da’birdys sing. Talk a walk on golden sand. Dip your tush in sparkling water. Bask your butt beneath a happy sun. Trust your feet on jungle paths and mountain trails.  Screw the bucks and the witch hunts…

That’s what simple folks do. On Kauai.


5 Responses

  1. ;D) We also like to hang out with our four legged companions here on the cosmic hamlet of an Island I call Kaua’i!

    If you do what you enjoy for a living, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!

    Bettejo will also be seen every Wednesday’s at http://www.daknietalk.blogspot.com


    • So great! Love’ya. Good conversation yesterday. I’m thinking f the $20.00 column publication. Be sure you bring yours
      along. I’ll have a singed book for you.


  2. Will you let me know what column you will be using? I just had to edit this one. Anyway do let me know. So proud to part of your gang. Love’ya ME


  3. Do you think we could think of another description? I don’t how happy I am with ‘colorful character’. I liked my sassy description: A laugh and a half, a pain in the ass an incurable romantic with an irreverent twist. You could even say I describe myself if its too ‘thick’ for you. tee hee Love’ya me. Obama looks so intellectual. Love’a ME.


  4. I actually copied and pasted your amazo”about the author” to use in next weeks column. I would like to run this one!


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