Kimo Rosen

When asked my ancestry I say Asian. Both sets of my grandparents are from Russia and since Russia takes up one-third the land mass of Asia, I am Asian.

Forty six years into this life and finally I find out I am ASIAN.

Japanese like new things, therefore they throw out a lot of STUFF.¬†Garbage night is my favorite night in Japan. Every two weeks they collect the non-burnable trash. People throw everything away, TV’s, CD players, fans, rice cookers, toasters, tape and CD collections. Nintendo players, washing machines, everything. I have picked all the above out of the trash the locals look at me funny, but so be it! This is pack Rat Paradise…

I finally have time off after a rigorous two-month marathon of teaching. They have a national holiday called Golden Week, although ir’s only four days long, two of which are on Saturday and sunday.They call it a week?

The United States of America is truly the most glorious country in the world. Upon my return to America I will get on my hands and knees and kiss the ground.

Being in Japan Teaching English has made me hit the books. Japan has turned me into a bookworm. Japan truly is another planet, but since I made my bed I must lie in it. I am learning the ropes, since I am in the public eye.

Sometimes I go bananas however most of the time I feel like a million bucks in seventh heaven. I am dying to turn over a new leaf and possibly tie the knot, however since I like to make it easy many women would freak out. Once in a blue moon I would like to vanish in thin air while someone rolls out the red carpet and wines and dines me.

Currently I have a sweet tooth and munching some Japanese pastries since I work out and pump iron I do not feel guilty…work is challenging and many times I am dumbfounded trying to learn the ropes of society. However I work so long and hard that I sleep like a log every night.

What really take the cake is thinking English makes sense. Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I proceeded to tell my boss to quit beating around the bush and give me a helping hand and that he should have a heart of gold and follow in his father’s footsteps…get the picture?

P.S. currently it’s raining cats and dogs…

P.S.S. I just killed the pastries and they were out of sight.

G-d Bless america. the Red, White and Blue…..

Until we meet again, J.R. (E.T. Sensei) (Simon)


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