The great sadness about the THUMPERS , to me at least, is that we should have to be bothered with them at all. This is the 21st Century for goodness’ sakes. I think our country is most riddled with this problem. As Sam Harris said in his Letters To A Christian Country- which we are not, by the way-all of us in our country can see and respond to the mess in the Mid East but we can’t see it here. It’s as though we have a blind spot.

Certainly, within all the religions in the world, variances occur. Diversification is the rule. Usually diversification is good. Diversified agriculture works best. Diversified ideas and thoughts, scientific theories, are always interesting. But, unfortunately, almost all religions, certainly the major ones, seem to have a terrible master monster-of their own making-at the tiller.  It orders its faithful crew -each and everyone one of them- to right the sails, set the course,  read the spinning compass, make weigh through the storm.

Okay. We’ve been there. We’ve done that and it gets boring having to say it over and over. It’s like the record got stuck and there doesn’t seem to be a way out of this mess that’s just about to sink us. The boat in this sea, the blindly faithful crew and  the innocent passengers-that’s us-are all going down with it.

If we get rid of the monster at the helm, will that help?

In diversified ag, we can mix oranges and grapefruit and lemons and maybe plant some veggies or herbs at their feet. Let free range chickens roam. But most sane ranchers and farmers don’t nuke the planet. In science, scientists can quibble and squabble over whose theory is the correct theory but they don’t  sink the ship of reason when they disagree.

The answer to that is easy.  Take command of the boat of fools.



There’s only one ship in this vast sea of humanity and we’re all on it. If we want to continue the shipwreck metaphor we could say to the crew, “We don’t need sails or a tiller. This is the 21st Century. On  the bridge is a wheel and an engine and fancy modern gadgets that will see us safely into port. It happened while you weren’t looking. And there’s a helmsman-that’s us-ready to steer.

So get your silly asses off the bridge, mates, before you drown  us all and sink the ship.

I think, in modern cruise ship there are always more passengers than crew. So let’s mutiny. Every time the great invisible voice from the tiller screams an insane  command and the motley crew jerks on the wrong ropes and sets the poor boat listing, take command. The ship of reason rides again. Hey, there’s a metaphor.

It isn’t often passengers mutiny but it isn’t often passengers are better equipped to navigate than the existing crew and master. We need a captain. We’ve got many. We might sink anyway, but at least we’ve given it a try.

You with me, men?


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