I’ve written about my happy childhood. Missed one dread childhood disease-religion-but caught another. My generation was brain-washed into believing it necessary to see the doctor if it skinned a knee. I almost worshipped doctors. I was devout.  Doctors  were good guys. Nice guys. They loved little kids.

Fast forward to some of the wonderful adventures Bill and I had living it up as ugly Americans. Then the return to suburbia USA.  We came back to Hawaii relatively affluent. Brought home some beautiful things we’d collected. Bill had a good job and then- disaster- I had three major surgeries and our oldest daughter was in the hospital for six months. We had no health insurance. We hadn’t needed it when we lived abroad and we were innocents. We came out of that thousands of dollars in debt. We paid off every penny. Bill worked three jobs. I got a job. The kids sold  newspapers on the corner. All of us came out healthy so that was a plus

The financial recovery was stressful and difficult. I came down with something-forgot what-and of course, ran to the doctor and sat, it seemed, for hours in the waiting room. Finally two enormous bean counters came out and embarrassed me in front of all the other patients, “You can see the doctor if you  pay for the visit.” I had no money. I went home figuring I’d better lean how to get well and stay well.

That’s when I first ‘met’ Adelle Davis. Let’s Get Well became my bible. Linus Pauling and his take on vitamin C became my creed.  I ignored the disclaimers about the pair.  Dug in. I must have read a zillion books about health and nutrition. Still have them. It’s a very complicated discipline, but I got lucky. I discovered what worked for me.

I learned that each of us has different needs. What keeps me healthy won’t be the same thing that keeps you healthy and our own needs change as the situation changes. There are times when your body needs more C. I take 10 grams a day, ala Linus. It’s water-soluble. Your body discards what it doesn’t need. I found  I probably needed more  B to stay prime and learned never to take one B. It’s a complex. Brewer’s Yeast  is a natural source of all the B’s. Once again, as it’s water -soluble, your body takes what it needs and discards the rest. Dumb doctors say, if they examine your urine, “You have very expensive urine.” Beats very expensive drugs and there are no side effects.

I created what I called magic juice and magic soup using Brewer’s Yeast. I’ll share them with you.

Orange juice, pineapple, a banana, honey, a big scoop of Brewer’s yeast, a dollop of olive oil, blend and drink.Make it  suit  your taste. Takes some getting used to.

I make a tomato base- I love tomato soup- veggie and chicken broth, spices, olive oil, sometimes I do an egg drop thing, and Brewer’s Yeast.

I respond to every symptom. Go on a health food kick. Figure if they last more than two weeks, I better see a doctor. Hasn’t happened in over thirty years and that’s how I kicked the habit.


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  1. Great advise! Mahalos


  2. 100% right on. You are right, I do love it. I got to hear both Adele Davis and Dr Pauling speak at health conventions in the 1970’s. They are right.

    I only got cancer because I worked in a polluted environment and did not take care of myself. The docs cut it out and told me “change your paradigm or you will die.” I did change my life, went back to my roots and am better than ever.


    • Kathy, I haven’t been able to pick up your entire reply, but thank you. As you may know things have changed at the discussion site at TGI. So thankful. I was weary of being lied about. Write to the paper more often. Come visit me, too.I think you’ll like some of what I say. Also visit Kimo Rosen at www// We’re real people. You can see us. Fun spot. Peace and love Bettejo Dux


    • Got here, KATHY. So happy for you. Peace and love Bettejo Dux


    • Kathy loved your comment in the TGI discussion site. I responded. So happy to have you and Janet and Margaret mead on board. Love’ya Bettejo


  3. Thanks for revealing a little more of yourself to us all. A horsewoman? Fantastic! Every tough gal I knew (incl aunties and moms) were/are horsewomen! Time for me to get the barn built-I had a horse as a kid and I miss them.


    • Thank you KATHY, for reading and writing. Me and the Garden island. come in often. also be sure you read KIMO’S blog www// more stuff about us guys what live on kauai. Y kubd if have a zoo. Sure has feels like it recently. All the animals are bad. Keeps me busy and makes a mess of my writing. Come to the Forum today. Bettejo


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