I am moved and delighted today to express a sincere wonderment of the magnificent human spirit. Not only in America but also around the world.

What we have done at home in the reelection of President Obama is a victory for the human race. We spoke out as a people-to the party of the people-and we spoke out loud and clear with reason and intelligence. We silenced the party  of the rich and the powerful and the religious fanatics. We identified them. We exposed them. We forced them to face their silly faces and made fools of them.

Good for us.

The people of the world-especially the women in America-are demanding an end to the madness of endless wars for profit, bigotry, racism, intolerance,and patriarchal lunacy in the form of ancient religious beliefs that should play little- if any- role in the 21st century, We grew up.

We told the rich and powerful-the leaders of the most powerful nation on earth-that they are people, too. All of us are human beings. First.

As a peasant on Kauai-lucky me-I live in the greatest country, the greatest state, on the greatest island in the world. Let the world watch Kauai. We are a microcosm. We are the future. We are speaking out against over-development. We are against GMO’s. We are speaking out against the destruction of our public lands and parks We are going green.

We join hands and hearts in the house cleaning process that will allow our home-our planet-to prevail. We’ll keep the air fresh, the water clean and plentiful, the food nourishing, interesting and plentiful. We say yes to tax dollars  that benefit kids-their heath, their education, their happiness, their future. We say yes to tax dollars helping the poor and the helpless needy, to venerable seniors and those whose lives have been disrupted by disasters of any dimension. Natural, domestic or foreign.

We say yes to money spent on social needs

We say no to money spent killing and maiming innocent humans whatever their race, nationality or religion. We say no to sacrificing our brave young men and women on the ugly fields of battle.

I say: if the killing machine-wherever it might be-wants to play war games do so in virtual reality. If the navies of the world want to play war games let them do it in the bathtub. Think of the whales and dolphins that would save

I say, “Drink a toast to life and living things. Let the rest of them drink to money.”

Peace and love Bettejo Dux


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  1. Beautifully written! I hope the Garden Island publishes this, it’s heartfelt, true and something that needs to be shared. Good Job!


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