I saw tt first.  A southern state with the most homicides. Bad economy. Needs help financially. Perfect.

A meer $7,500,000 for 2,468 acres in an interesting terrain. An incredibly beautiful lodge that can easily be enlarged for wealthy  non participating guest accommodations. A dirt road gains entrance and it’s already known as a magnificent hunting site. Stocked with animals to hunt, we might want to move them. Then again, we might consider imposing high fines for anyone deliberately or accidentally killing a four-legged or winged creature.

I think we could probably accommodate one person per acre participation at twenty bucks a head.  We could pay off the debt in less than a year. We don’t want so many they’d be bumping into each other. We want them to hunt. So we could afford to do a 1/2 a person per acre and make it more interesting.

There are existing buildings on the  property that could be  cute shops. There are structures on the land suitable for voyeurs-no sexual intent here-that could be made safe. I’d like a safari environment but I think this property might be more inclined to an ultra civilized  Southern man hunting theme. No racism intended.

We could have  team game features  on occasion, limited to the number of players. No one to exit killing fields  until all their opposition is dead. We simply do not offer field hospitals. I mean if you’re hit and you’re down you’re dead.

Players could collect ears or scalps or Eagle Standards depending  on the theme. Weapons, of course would have to left at the door when they depart. Maybe, with small groups, the winners could celebrate at the lodge.  That would cost extra.  Better minds than mine at figures could do the math here. Obviously we’d have advertising expenses.  More jobs. More money.

We’d need staff: chefs, waiters, housekeepers. We could buy a really good hotel manager. We’d need ground’s men, patrolmen, guards. The killing fields could resemble a Jurassic Park set up. We certainly don’t want any of the participants secretly slipping over into safe territory. Murderous two-legged creatures may not be as large as raptors or Tyrannus  Rex but I think they are a few degrees brighter.

Maybe on occasion we could  safari into the killing fields. Non participants might pay a lot for this experience. They’d have to sign a waver.  Participants would receive extra credits, medals and such, for bagging beauties and old ladies.

I realize my financial skills- the ability to come up with the big buck-and my imagination are limited so help me out here. There’s money in it. Plus a simple way to reduce the population. To improve the financial quagmire. The jobless, homeless problem. Stop wars but continue to support the military industrial complex. We couldn’t, of course, purchase too many top of the line products. At least not in the beginning, but we could lease drones to non participants. We could also lease satellites. View the action from above in the bar or in the lobby

American ingenuity. We’re in a new ago, kiddies. We can do it.


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