Now the meanest Editor is telling us what to eat. Spam? EEEKKK.

This morning he had a picture of the ugliest  food I ever saw. He’s a good photographer but he  doesn’t know how to make a plate of food photogenic. I’ll bet even his dog  wouldn’t lick that dish.

I’m coming from many long years of Adelle Davis.  Lets Get Well. Let’s Cook it Right. Linus Pauling’s Vitamin C and the Common Cold.  Dr.Roger Williams Nutrition Against Disease. I have dozens of  books about the importance of nutrition. If anyone wants I can give you a list and you can order them-used-from Talk Story Book Store.

The two first authors, Adelle Davis and Linus Pauling-one of the brightest minds on earth- were vilified. Obviously because the medical profession was scared to death if people learned they could stay well and heal themselves, the bucks in their pockets would diminish. No  money in good health.  Plenty money in drugs and knives, hospital stays and office visits.

The pharmaceutical houses own the medical schools and, today  not one orthodox doctor- I know of , anyway- has a clue about nutrition. They’ve got a pill for every illness known to man and some pills for diseases they haven’t  invented. And every one of those  pills has a side effect for which they can prescribe another pill. Soon your medicine cabinet looks like the local pharmacy on steroids and, worse, your natural immune system is as screwed up as the minds who prescribed them.

But, hey, doctors are  great for setting broken bones. Committing heart surgery, too, if you’ve got the big bucks. They practice such procedures on the poor.  An aspiring heart surgeon  needs a heart to practice on so he can eventually sell his skill to the rich.

Don’t envy them. Someone said,”When my doctor tells me I need a new heart, do I really need one, or does he need a new yacht ?”

We’ve come a long long way from my editor’s icky  recipe-and Spam-and I have a lot of nerve talking since I’m just learning how to cook and couldn’t take a picture of strawberry shortcake that would be a visual delight.

Never the less, I would love to share some of the nutritious, delicious things I’ve learned to high-tech cook. I’m also going to suggest you  go out and buy a Vitamix-and I’m not a Mormon-and learn to make soup. As a liquid, it’s easy to digest and whatever nutrition is in the stuff you toss in that machine gets in your blood stream pronto with little energy expended.

Bake a potato in your microwave. Cut in half  and toss it in the machine. Saute in olive oil a clove of garlic, half a small onion, some sliced yellow squash, a carrot or two and anything else handy-create and improvise- toss them in, too. Salt, pepper,herbs, a dash of Worcestershire helps. Think color. Think taste. Then splash a couple cups of water,  use  bouillon and the magic ingredients: generous spoonfuls  of Brewer’s Yeast and Wheat germ.

Turn machine on as directed, it’ll heat up.  Drink.  Enjoy.

Hell, you could even toss in a little Spam.


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  1. Bettejo, will run this in dakinetalk tomorrow, Thirsday 04-04-13


    • I can’t find it. No big deal.I’ve got to find a way to respond directly on your blog. Hope you like the new column a World Without Books Love’ya bettejo


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