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May 30, 2013

This entire column is dedicated to one of my favorite people on Kauai. Hawaii? The country?

A grey-haired bloke  who has a darling dog, a wonderful blog, always finds some way to haul Darwin into the gig and feeds me consecrated chicken soup on occasion. Two member of his ancient  family feed me matzoh during Passover and make me an honorary Jewess for the day. But not this guy. Next year, during Passover, I’m going to feed him a ham sandwich  at Costco and make him an honorary atheist.

This guy, whose name I will not mention, also tries to teach me how to use a computer. He’s kind of patient, I am a pitifully slow learner. A computer to me is nothing more than a glorified typewriter and typewriters can’t cut and paste, send pictures through cyberspace and perform other incredible feats.

He even bought me a telephone once,  but I’m still Peggy Evans, a character too dumb to dial.  I played her in Neil Simon’s first play, Come Blow Your Horn, in the Magic Ring Theater at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. That could certainly be part of  my When the World was Young column in the Garden Island Newspaper.  We’ll wait and see. Sometimes I think I have too many editors.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, my favorite person in all the world has to rest for four weeks after one pizza  session with me-at Costco- before he’s strong enough to  have another.

Also, come to find out, he was a leader in the pro Super Ferry fiasco in which I was a noisy-who me?-anti protestor. Further, he liked Linda Lingle-EEEEKKK-and insists atheism is a religion. We  disagree about GMOs and WalMart. More EEEEKKKS. He’s also constantly on my back about what to write about. Viagra?


But I did it.

Almost got booted off another site-’cause that Editor thought it too frisky risky for his readership. His readers, by the way, are mostly made up of no-namers, silly namers and name callers. Many of whom hate me. I’m their favorite kig-me-doll. Good for me.

On ‘blanks’ site, some of the best writers in the state, I think-mit pictures and real names-speak their minds. They’re  head and shoulders  above the crowd.

More than that, what I see is a group of independent  thinkers who express themselves well and who, if it came right down to it, could picket, protest, shout to the sky, wave signs on the street on opposite sides of any situation and remain friends. Cross over -verbally, physically-take a breath, share a drink and a wink and a smile , then pick up their signs, brush off their pants and get back to work.

When it’s all over, and one side has won and one side has lost, we remember we’re all in this together. Humans breathing the same air, drinking the same water, eating the same food (?).  Living on the same planet. In paradise. Lucky us.  Knowing how dull it would be if we all agreed.