Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t be beautiful at any age. There’s nothing more beautiful than glowing good health and, if you’re young, you can grow ‘towards it’, and, if you’re older, you can maintain and be proud of having got there. This is definitely a do-it-yourself project. Start right now, you can’t start any younger.

Also, don’t let anyone tell you that choosing to be as attractive as you can be is vain or narcissistic-which seems to be the buzzword among many women haters. I’m always amazed and bemused at these strange creatures. Their voices seem to surface as they grow older.

Not all men, mind you-I love men-just a few cranks. If we’re all a product of our past experience what do you suppose happened to them? I kind’a think if they’ve not had a loving experience with their mothers, their female teachers, or little girls their same age or in their classrooms, this unfortunate happenstance boils stinky toxic.

It has been my experience that they are usually- mostly, often- either over-size bullies or under size geeks. Unattractive. Over weight. Stiff, stodgy, sick and sad looking. They glare. They seem to think a smile would broke da’face. All of them-all of them-with an overwhelming thumping killing machine  dimension. Odd fellows. Fortunately they are few in number. When you encounter one-wherever- always smile that glowing smile, always be sassy and shyly strut your stuff.

Oh, I am so wicked.  You can be wicked, too.

But I digress.

There is something extremely healthy about knowing you look pretty good. Classy. Smart. Attractive. You glow, from the inside out. You smile, because you can. Little kids love you. Strangers you meet, on the street, in the shops, at the Post Office, smile ‘cause they just can’t help it.

So here’s my secret for the day. You know how I push Colette- my Vitamix-and the magic stuff, Brewer’s Yeast and Wheat Germ, Vitamin C and soups and smoothies… and, of course, my teachers, Adelle Davis and Linus Pauling.

But there’s another ingredient I always push, Olive Oil. Have you noticed? I even put a shot in my smoothies. The list of benefits is almost endless. It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, ease the pain of arthritis, and lower your blood pressure. Use of it also seems to defy the aging process.

Use it instead of butter. On and in everything. Try to find and buy the best extra virgin, cold pressed, Italian grown  oil you can. It’s expensive but so is heart disease and arthritis.

Use it on your skin. One great secret: how often have you heard, “Women when who wear make up, at a certain age, always get that ‘caked’ look.” I’ve heard young girls say that. Well, splash some olive oil on your face and neck and shoulders and whatever else will show-remember your shoulders are the last to go and don’t forget behind your ears-then apply makeup. It works.

Here’s to a long, happy, healthy life. Glow, baby, glow.


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  1. Fabulous article!! You are so right about about taking care of yourself and it really does start from the inside out. I have an all natural facial regimen, when I started using it I was able to stop wearing foundation. The best compliment I ever received was from a little 4th grader at my son’s school. She looked me dead in the eye and said, “you are really pretty”.


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