As a devout non-believer, you’d probably be surprised to know how many ‘believer friends’ I have. Religious? Many and varied. Astrologers. Tarot Card readers. Spiritualists. Love them deeply. Pal with them often. None of them attempts to convert me and all are tolerant of my non belief.

I don’t attempt to non convert them, either.

Was an honorary Jewess for a day at a Jewish friends’ house last Passover. I love Matzos.

Do you know there are 313 religions and denominations in America? Many quite lovely. A few, certifiably insane. I’m very unfond of the fundamentalists, but that’s okay, they are very unfond of me.  We have a mutual unfondness.  I’m reminded time after time  imemorial, that I’m going to that hot spot. A place I don’t think exists, but know to spend all eternity in their heaven with them would be he**.

I like the idea there are four Gods. A benevolent God. A distant God. A critical God and an  authoritative God.  I’d prefer a benevolent God, just haven’t found one. Actually I think I’d prefer a Goddess.

So what’s that to do with numerology?  In my life, for the past few weeks, I’d have managed better had I been quadruplets. Everything seemed to be happening all at the same time.  All of them priority items. Must be dones. Now.

Has this ever happened to you?

It took effort, it took stamina, it took several sitting downs with myself to figure how to solve the problems. In what order? What was top priority today would be on the bottom of the list tomorrow. My new book, Children of the Extinction, ended up sadly on the bottom of the list every time. I miss them.  But I get closer every day.

Well, one of my best friends- I adore her-explained that because I was a Leo-a sensitive and Mars was in retrograde whaatever that is- I was in for a roller coaster ride. Big time.

Retrograde turned out to be a  real astronomical observation. Mars appears to be going backward in the sky, if you’re a sky watcher.  I don’t think that made me feel better.

She also believes in numerology. I think they go together. So we sat down and went through all the numbers I have.  SS , two checkings, one saving.  driver’s license, debit card, phone, birth date, name, and when we added them all together-since it was a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9-it complicated things,  She wouldn’t let me pick a number, any number, so we added all the numbers together, factored them down, and ended up with a nine.

According to her, nine is the height of vibrational frequencies? It represents success, intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. I’m supposed to recognize my own internal attributes and extend these abiilites out into the world to make a positive influential difference.

I liked that better than the Mars retrograde thing.

Being a creative writer, imaginative, fun-loving,  tolerant, I’ve decided to try the numerology trip for a week. Wanna join Me?

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