Super Ferry Rebound


Here we go again. I’d like to spend a moment or two on the subject. I’ve lived on Kauai for forty-five years and sailed our channels many many times. The Kaiwi Channel between Oahu and Maui. The Ka’ie’ie Waho Channel between here and Oahu. Been seasick too many times to count and that was in an open boat. I could sit on deck and throw up.


  • “Apr 18, 2005 Just a note that the channels between the Hawaiian Islands are the worst in the world and great care and planning is necessary for a safe sail.”


My guess would be that those who support this ferry idea have never sailed or motored or kayaked or canoed or dipped a toe in any of these Channels. Our Channel, Ka’ie’ie, other than the Alenuihaha Channel–great billows smashing—it is one of the fiercest channels in the State. I’ve never sailed the billows—which racing yachtsman called, “Ali as in jolly, Nui as in phooey, Ha Ha as in crutch”—but I’ve been out in the middle of Ka’ie’ie when it reared up. Out of nowhere. Twenty-five foot seas and winds like spooky wind/wild horses on a rampage. If my husband had not been an excellent yachtsman, we’d never have been heard from again.


I’d like to talk structure. The Super Ferry is nothing but a dolled-up troop transport. It also comes in handy to move Stryker tanks, and we need some of those in Waimea to protect us from terro*ists.


This vessel is completely enclosed. One is locked in a space full of people, many of whom-first timers in the channel-will be vomiting. There WILL be vomiting, and vomiting is catching- for certain- in an enclosed area. You can’t escape. There’s nowhere to go. Should a fellow passenger vomit on your shoes or in your lap it’s not going to make for a pleasant three-hour journey. Even if you’ve taken seasick pills.

Passengers on a voyage from Oahu to Maui called it the ‘barf barge’. The thing had to be scrubbed and scraped and stink refreshed after docking before any one could make another voyage. Most passengers refused ever to board one of the things again. Ever. They flew back home and waited for their cars to return.

I have a dear friend. A super ferry fan-never been to sea, claustrophobic and diabetic-who would probably die. Or wish he could. One thing I know, he’d never do it again.

We need a ferry. A slow boat from island to island. With an open deck. Maybe cabins. A dining room and bar. No cars. Or troops. Or Strykers. How do you think people got island to island before there were planes?

Great tourist attraction.

Think about it.

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  1. If your referring to me as your adiabatic friend, it’s false. I lived in Alaska 25 years and traveled the roughest seas that make Hawaii look like child’s play…


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