Been there, done that. I’m not bragging, I’m just stating a fact: I’m 84 years young. Suffer from glowing good health. Have no chronic aches or pains or ailments. Take no drugs. Think maybe I did something right. Don’t you?

Someone said, “Men plan… women, too… God laughs.”

So who needs him? Her? It? Them?

I’m a devout non believer. I don’t go to church. I think, on the whole, religion sucks. I don’t pray. When things go bad, as they often do, I roll up my sleeves and get to work.

What do you do? Does it work for you?

How’s your health? Are you overweight? How many pills do you take everyday and growing?

So far-84 years and growing younger-I think I’ve done something correct. Furious that ‘they’ stole the word right.

Okay, I’m being cross and I apologize, but I’m also fed up with people-some people-telling me, because I’m not a scientist, that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll explain. I think I am a pragmatist. I’m not afraid to try something that sounds totally silly.

An example. I read a piece by a rather befuddled professor, who told a story about an outdoor beanery-a greasy spoon-in the south. An observer, he noticed some strange contrivences pinned and clipped and hanging around the premises. On closer surreptitious observation, he noticed they were all the same. A clear plastic bag, some liquid-looked like water- in which three copper pennies weighted down the bag. Of a curious scientific mindset, he questioned the rustic who served a really good meal.

“Sir,” he said, “What are those?”

And the rustic, with a southern accent, replied, “They’ah fly repellents.”

“Of course. Consisting of?”

“A cleah plastic sack’ a’watah and three shinny pennies.”

“Does it work?”

“See any flies?”

The scientist cleared his throat. “Good fried chicken. I’m from up north, could I have the recipe?”

So okay I’m reading this, and like the scientist, I shake my head. However, as it happened, I had some clear plastic sandwich bags, some water, some pennies, some clothes pins to pins them up, and a few flies. Half my house is a barn. My beloved horse, Aristotle, lives in the bedroom-errr stall-next to my bedroom. Anyhoo, I filled some bags with water, counted pennies. Why three? Pinned them up. And guess what?

No flies.

Try it the next time you have a picnic.

I could go on. I take 10 grams of Vitamin C a day, ala Linus Pauling, and we all know what a fraud he was. At least so I was told by more scientificly evolved minds than mine. I also supplement my diet, ala Adelle Davis, who’s a phony, gone out of style years ago. Yet here I am, 44 years younger.

I could tell you Vitamin C stories you wouldn’t believe.

So what’s this got to do with the price of rice? Or the vast acres of GMO corn-86% of all crops grown in America-or my preference for good old- fashioned home grown veggies. Fruits. Eggs. Honey. Thriving bees. I mean why do I prefer real food, just like my daddy used to grow?

Who knows? Certainly not dumb little old me.

Here is the video link:

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