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Clean up your own act before preaching to others 
In response to ************* letter (TGI, Oct. 9),

*****, as an outsider and observer in the realm of religion, I think the problem lies with the fundamentalists in either of the three major religions: Christian, Muslim, Jews. 
I think it’s rather condescending of you to say “We should love Muslims. Most of them really are nice people.”
As a devout nonbeliever I could respond, “Most Christians are really nice people.” “Most Jews are really nice people.” “Most Muslims are really nice people.” 
However, every fundamentalist I’ve ever come into contact with was hateful. I think you have a duty to your gods to “clean your own house” before you start indulging in ad hominem. Remember, we are in the Middle East, their house, murdering innocent men, women and children. As a devout nonbeliever I do not find this very loving. 
Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

Bettyjo Dux is her usual hilariously hypocritical self. She states, “Every fundamentalist I’ve ever come into contact with was hateful” and then immediately launches into a venomous diatribe against ad hominem attacks! The irony is thick today, dear readers

Ms. Dux – We are in the middle east for several reasons, least of which is that for over 30 years terrorists from that region comandered our ships, planes, and people with the intent to wiipe out Americans for a prime spot in their warped heaven. Nothing we did from afar stopped the terrorist path of American anihilation. With the world trade centers destruction and the loss of more lives than Pearl Harbor it was clear we had to engage the enemy. Unfortunately, an enemy that hides behind women and children showing their utter lack of respect for their own women and children. As Osama bin Laden said: “We will win because you believe in life, but we believe in death.” Your death Ms. Dux.

I think your comment says a lot: “However, every fundamentalist I’ve ever come into contact with was hateful.” 
This is a hateful comment that is filled with rank prejudice. I am surprised TGI would print your letter. However, I don’t mind that they did. I kind of like free speech. I think the readers can see pretty clearly who has hate issues. 
You also said, “we are in the Middle East, their house.” It is only “their house” because they stole the land by force 1400 years ago and eventually eliminated everyone that disagrees. The Middle East and North Africa were the heart of Christianity for 600 years before the Muslims took it all away by force. Some of the worse genocide ever was just 100 years ago with the Armenian Christians. ISIS is now committing genocide again, and no doubt wants to do it on the scale of the Turks with the Armenians or Hitler with the Jews.
I certainly am not defending what Obama is doing over there. Just dropping bombs from the sky is not a good approach. 
However, radical Islam is on a mission to conquer the whole earth and eliminate all infidels. They did it very successfully in the Middle East and North Africa. They eliminated the infidels from their own land so successfully that you and others now think it is “their house.” They are still doing the same thing in Central Africa and other places. 
They clearly have a decent chance of doing the same thing in Europe, as their Muslims populations are surging. They will certainly try to do the same thing in America, at a later point in the future.
I wonder what you think about Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, etc. Should we have stayed out of Germany because it was “Hitler’s House.”?

All who read these forums have seen the depths of your hateful observations of religion. Sure, there are nice Muslims and mean Christians. Here is a big difference though – when Muslims become “radicalized”, they tend to beome more violent. When Christians become “radicalized”, they tend to sell all their stuff and go off to some God-forsaken hell hole of a country to serve. Since you are such a devout non-believer, you have no absolute basis which to call anything bad or good, and no right to condemn anyone’s behaviour..

I will add that it is humorous that Bettejo is criticizing me for Obama’s mishandling of Iraq and ISIS. She must know that I did not vote for Obama (who had, essentially, a empty resume).

She probably voted for Obama herself. Now she is blaming it all on me.

Keep up your health, Bettejo. You make things interesting and even humorous.


P.S. Obama never served in combat, never ran a business, etc. He grew up under the tutelage of a left-wing mother and a card-carrying, Communist grandfather. He knows how to spout rhetoric that attracts some voters. But, he hasn’t the foggiest notion of how goods are produced by business or how the country can be kept safe. Now, his administration is facing real problems like ISIS, Ebola, and border problems. He is completely at a loss regarding how to actually solve real problems in the real world.





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