Fortunately, here in Hawaii, we lucked out. There are more sane and intelligent voters than there are nuts. Also, it seems, some folks have long memories. Thank goodness,

I’m speaking about Duke Aiona. In the 2010 Gubernatorial election,  Pastor Ed Silvoso declared, “It doesn’t matter if the Republican or the Democratic win the governorship of Hawaii. Either one is  already in the kingdom.” He was referring to Duke Aiona, who ran as a Republican and Mufi Hanniman who ran as a Democrat.

Ed Silvoso also, in Mar  del Plata, Argentina, likened opponets to his movement ‘rats that would be killed when necessary.”

Duke Aiona, said at  Silvoso’s conference, November 7, 2009 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, “We’re one body of Christ, we’re one church , and we’re all here to disciple the nations, here in Hawaii and everywhere else, and I want you all to know that. May God’s grace be with the participants of the International Transformation Network Global Conferencd. Aloha from myself, Lt.Governor Duke Aiona to all but particularly Ed (Silvoso.)”

In that race, Duke ran as a Republican and Mufi ran as a Democrat competing in the primaries with Neal Abercrombe.

In the last, most recent election-11/2014-  Duke ran as a Republican and Mufi ran as an independent spoiler to destroy Ige’s chance of winning. Once again sanity reigned.

ITN-International Transformation Network- is that network of which Silvoso is CEO. ”ITN operatives have played a significant role organizing and inspiring Uganda’s legislators who have drafted, cosponsored, and backed draconian  an Anti Homosexuality Bill before Uganda’s parliament the execution of many HIV positive Ugandans…” The penalty for being homosexual in Uganda is life imprisonment.

ITN efforts in Hawaii were coordinated with an entity called Transformatio Hawaii of which Duke was  listed as Hawaii’s honorary chairman and member.

Happily, today, many remembered the association with a religion-political movement that beyond US shores, is brutally eliminationist. It’s goal is to bring its version of Christianity into all areas of society. Government, media, education and business.  Isn’t that just too too Republican?

On December 8, 2004, Duke proclaimed, “..our school will become God’s school, our community will become God’s community, our city will become God’s city, our island, our State will become God’s Hawaii…”

A theocracy is a social structure. Like a Monarchy, a democracy, a dictatorship. Theocracy being the absolute worst.


A government which claims to be immediately directed by God, and divinely blessed. The country tends to be intolerant either passively or overtly to faiths other than that recognized by the state. The country identifies itself and its laws within religion and religious doctrine. There is no legal separation between church and state, and citizens of other faiths are often excluded or hampered from participation or expelled. Because a theocracy is exclusionary, it can never be a democracy which requires inclusion without exception of all equally. It cannot be a republic because a republic requires the separation of church and state and equal rights to all.

Examples of theocratic countries include Israel and Iran.

…and Hawaii?





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