Nikki Giovanni said , “We love because it is the only true adventure.”
I think that’s true and the more true adventures we have in life the more love. Ot, the other way around, the more love we have in life, the more adventure.
Life is an adventure and I think we’d all do better if we loved every minute.
Think of all the things there are to love. The scroll is endless. We could start with a love of our home in the solar system, the Milky Way, the universe. If we only took a dozen or so pieces of this vastness and studied it, and learned from it, and loved it, the wonder of our time here would be beyond the ability to fathom.
Think of the of the night sky. Peppered with the silver ink of immensity, billions and billions of other galaxies, salted with solar systems and stars and planets and moons and comets and rings of rocks tossed in the pot of eternity like vegetables in a soup. We could taste its richness, savor its flavor and risk the secret scary stuff that might carry us off with the first bite.
Come closer to home. Our sun. It’s brilliance, it’s comforting or scorching heat. Out little planet–our home that spins– and the sun sets. And spins, and the sun rises.
Draw closer still. Our rivers and streams and lakes and oceans and seas and bays. Life there that breathes water like we breath air Waters so deep. So unexplored. For a kid to learn about creating and tending– and loving– a small aquarium full of fish could make of her life such an adventure all the love in that little kid’s
heart would bubble up and drown in glee. Toss in a baby squid and find out what a loving, interesting, interested little creature you met and knew and recognized. Who- maybe even- loved you back. I swear I had one once who always tried to climb out of the bubbling warmth of its tank when it sensed my presence. Honest.
Think of the plants, a zillion of them, trees, grass, flowers, shrubs, weeds, green stuff growing that keeps the air we breath fit to breathe. The scent of the rose, the stink of the stink weed The scratch and itch of poison ivy, poison oak. One could spend a life time just counting all these glorious living, breathing sprites, waving in a soft wind. Blowing away in a gale. Only to plunk itself down in another part of the landscape.
And animals! You could spend every living moment learning about the horse. Or the guinea pig, or the fox, or the lion or the bear. Kauai’s very own Robert Lewis Stevenson said, “The world is so full of a number of things I’m sure we should all be as happy as Kings.”
I think, to bring peace and love to the family of man, we should raise every kid with a living thing to know and love and care for.


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