I am a writer. I  was Woman’s Page Editor of the Pali Press-a small town weekly on the windward side of Oahu-and wrote a column for the Honolulu Star Bulletin Advertiser when, years ago, the Sunday paper was a joint venture. I was a featured writer with Herb Caen and the Dulaneys.

I’m also an actress. Worked with the only professional group in Honolulu, the Magic Ring Theater, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

That was a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

I’ve been a political activist-list far to the left, a Peacenik, an Obama fan, and a rabid letter to the Editor writer since I arrived on Kauai some forty years ago. Also, I have been an out -of- the- closet non-believer long before it became popular

.I discovered the ‘discussion’ group at the Garden Island last year just about this time. I’d written a letter to the Skeptical Inquirer- Volume 28, No. 2. March/April 2004- which had been published there and then published at TGI as a guest column. I will publish it again on its first anniversary. I’m very proud of this letter. I think I described the Zeitgeist as well as any writer on this planet. The Skeptical Inquirer used two words of that descriptive phrase-Turmoil and Tensions-on its cover. I will use them all.

Anyway I came into the discussion group with high hopes and a sense of  new beginning. A blog, I thought, was kind of essay/column/letter that could talk back. My intent was not to turn it into a religious war zone, but what I met on this line-those who would talk back- were some of the most hateful, nasty, stupid and childish voices I’d ever met in my life. Anywhere.

The group was owned, controlled,  and bullied by a far right-wing militant/murderous religious gang who scared the pants off any reasoning mind who dared to enter their raging stormy waters. Why bother?  And then Hawaii found itself involved in one of the most frightful political battles it has ever been my misfortune to be involved or participate in.

An absolute horror of a man, Ed Silvoso, the leader of a group of off-the-wall fundamentalists who viciously proclaimed that homosexuals were vermin and should be exterminated, as should anyone who did not believe as his Kingdom of Dumbers believed. Then Ed made his secret known. He ‘owned’ both the Republican and the Democratic candidates for governor, and so, crowed this vile creature, no matter who won, he won…

…Hawaii, under the leadership of his holy puppets, would be the first christian state in the union.

That was all it took. I fought back. I didn’t bail. I was verbally beaten, battered, bruised, threatened, maligned  and libeled by these religious thugs but I stuck. I have a poisoned pen, which I used like a magic wand in the hands of an apprentice. I was told, sweetly by many, that it was rude to speak badly of any religious group. I was told by others, not so sweetly, to go to hell. I was told a lot of things.

This is all history, dear reader, I don’t think you can get behind the scenes in this battle royal and read the posts, but it may explain to you how I got here. And I’ll stay here. For the record, I chased Ed Silvoso out  with a stick. We had a fair election, a true Democrat vs.a true Republican,  and the good guys won.

No wonder ‘they’ used to burn witches.

But for a laugh, and a taste of my neat sense of humor, please check out my new book The Scam by Bettejo Dux on Amazon. A madcap romp through North ?shore Kauai in the 60’s.  “Lots of laughs and larcenous, licentious, and litigious characters. A delight for the mind and a tickle for the funny bone. Entertaining and improbably possible.” So says a delighted reader.


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  1. Hi Bettejo –

    It’s me, Emerald.
    What a lovely website!

    Love your blogs, and now this is just a great blessing of liberal riches!
    Thank goddess for a Blue State!


    • I found you. Hope you pick up on this. Sorry about the ‘nasty’ post. Got my dander up. Love’ya Bettejo


    • Try to ell PHIL. Make sure he knows he can reach me here. I’ll be here everyday.


  2. Is it possible to change the Home About to Letters from Kauai?
    Bettejo dux


  3. Can someone help me pout here? Why are many of the responses to my column ‘pending’? What does that mean? I would like to put my address on the dark blue line under my name. It would go
    BETTEJO https://bettejo.wordpress.com/ centered, of course

    at the bottom It would publicize wordpress as well as me. Many people come back at me and tell me it’s very difficult to reach my site. You show other attempts to enter with wrong addresses, so you know who they are, why can’t they be put through? Peace and love Bettejo Dux


  4. For Payback

    Here comes Peter Anston tail
    Flapping down the rapture trail
    Flippiity floppity Peter’s on the way.

    Take it from there, PAYBACK. Don’t tell Pete.


  5. Aloha Bettejo ~
    Good connecting with you … hope you’re doing well!

    A hui hou!


    • Do you live on Kauai? Your blog is very like Island Breath. I loved some of the articles. Hope you can take a moment and read Horse Tails. I’m hoping to do a series. I’ve know a lot of horses. The discussion group is just too awful but I refuse to turn it over to ‘them’. Will constantly remind them-as will EMERRALD and you and 3D, that they are total morons. Had to lighten up today. Peace and love ME


  6. Hi Bettejo, I’ve written to you before on your website and you did reply to me. When I wrote again I seemed to be in a limbo, maybe a pending zone as you mentioned. I don’t remember anymore. Before I write anymore I would like to see if this goes through to you and you can reply.
    Aloha from a supporter of The Freedom From Religion Foundation.


    • You got through here. Someone is trying to teach me how to release posts that, for some reason, are hung up. It makes no sense to me. Try Home and see what happens. let me know. Love’ya ME


    • Joyce, I’m back. I’m hoping to publlsh THE SCAM, my first novel, humorous, old Kauai and am publishing bits ans pieces in my ‘column’ as I go along. don’t want to lose my blog but must get my work out there. Hoping for publication by the Holiday Season. Hope you’re well. Come for a visit. Love’ya ME




    • Wendy, it’s so good to hear from you. Wish you could e here Sunday. It’s a promise, if I’m here next year I’ll have a tree house for you. Kisses to Teddy.


  8. Hi Bettejo, Loved your letter to the Garden Island today 8/06/12. Me, I’m a left leaning Democrat, animal lover, and a member of the FFRF. Hope this goes through.


    • Joyce, thank you for the reply. Please stay in touch. If you go the discussion site you can comment to my comment. Sigh. I think you’ll like it. We need your voice. Lpve’ya Bettejo


  9. Hi Bettejo, I grew up in Waimanalo and read with considerable interest your experience with the Pali Press. In the 70’s, my grandmother, Betty Ching, wrote a column for the paper called “Out Waimanalo Way”. Having left Hawaii in the late 70’s and as a new grandparent myself, I would be grateful to know if you have any history which might intersect with hers.


    Daniel (stikjocATyahooDOTcom)


    • I do not recall your grandmother, Daniel. Nadine Wharton was Editor when I arrived. I loved that job.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi, thanks so much for your reply…I wonder if you have any recollection of my mother, Lolly Kamealoha, who worked in the upstairs business office for a while?


  10. We have to meet. Love Gina


    • Soon, I hope Gina. Love to you, too.


  11. Bettejo, I’m not so savvy computer wise, and have had problems accessing your website in the past. Today, 4 comment emails showed up in my mail. I love what you stand for. Don’t let the non-progressives bring you down. Joyce


    • Did you try Bettejo on your search? It should take you there. I’ll see if I can find you a better way. You can check Amazon The Scam by Bettejo Dux Children of the Extinction also. I’ll be back good to hear from you.


      • Joyce, try Bettejo Dux. Find pix The Scam humorous fiction by Bettejo Dux. At the top of the page you can look for column, home, pix. At my column site—you call it a blog—you can find and read columns and leave a response there. I think I’m winning the war with the non-progressives. Love to hear from you.


  12. Glad you liked my Kubrick article! I am an atheist indeed; though when people ask, I tell them I’m a Secular Humanist, which explains my moral philosophy. I’m also a big fan of Dawkins (and Hitchens, Harris, Dennett etc). You have an excellent site here.


    • Who do you like best: Hitchens, Dawkins or Harris?


      • I don’t have a preference really; they’re very different people delivering very different contributions. I appreciate them all equally, but Hitchens is easily the most entertaining. I’m a meditator so I connect with Harris on that level as well as his secular scientific focus. Dawkins was the first atheistic intellectual aside from George Smith that I got into. The God Delusion is a much better book than the other two. How about you?


      • I loved Letter to a Christian Nation. “Our country now appears as at no other time in her history, like a lumbering, bellicose, dim-witted giant.”
        I also called myself a secular humanist. For a time a devout non-believer, but in my neck of the dark woods–Kauai—surrounded by those who worship–and become–the cosmic psychopath they ;invented’, I just state, flatly, “I’m an atheist.”Where are you? How did you find me?
        I’ve been called a ‘666’ and ‘spawn of satan-
        and sent to hell so many times sometimes I deliver the as.pizzas.


  13. Your letter is dated 2011! I received this in my email 11/01/2015. I, too, consider myself an Atheist. I own, “Letter To A Christian Nation.”


    • You know what? I thunk we are the best of the lot. Ny feed store man–I have a horse and lot of animals–says, “Atheis just love everything.” I think that’s true. You might enjoy me new ‘column’ The Provinces. Please stay in touch.


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